12 week ultrasounds

December 30th, 2006

We are actually at 16 1/2 weeks, so baby is further developed and the size of an avocado. I love avocados. Also, hummus. I really, really love hummus right now. Anyway, below, baby is on its back. The face is facing up on the right and you can see a nice strong jaw bone and cute little nose.


Below: Baby’s First Obscene Hand Gesture. (aerial view) It was crazy active, flipping and kicking all over during both our ultrasounds. Bill thinks we’re getting another little athlete but I think it just really, really hates the ultrasound waves and was trying to hide.


No kicking, only quacking

December 29th, 2006

Pregnancy does the most bizarre things to your body. Today at the end of lunch a funny noise came out of the right side of my stomach. A few minutes later it happened a few more times. I looked up at Bob and asked, “Can you hear that? Doesn’t it sound like a duck in my belly?” and he just started laughing really hard. I had no idea my body could make that noise. (In case you were wondering, I had carrots and hummus, followed by mushroom-flavored rice noodle soup. I ate the same thing the previous day, but in opposite order, and no quacking. Please feel free to try this experiment yourself at home and let me know if you can duplicate my results.)

I also am apparently officially showing in a even-people-who-have-no-reason-to-suspect-I’m-pregnant-can-tell way. Or many people notice, anyway. A coworker’s grandma, when introduced to me yesterday, smiled right at my face as she said hi and then looked down at my belly. It was weirdly like having a guy talk to my breasts. Also, when I was helping an elderly lady (12 great-grandchildren!), she asked me, “Dear, should you really be leaning down ?” I thought it was a cutely outdated thing to say and assured her that I couldn’t carry much but I could squat down to get things off the bottom shelf, no problem. Cute? Needless to say, yesterday was the day when I was waddling by the end of working 6 1/2 hours, and then practically crippled at the end of the night because we wandered around the Orange County Museum of Art for a whole 45 minutes. I am going to have to start exericising a lot on my days off.

Speaking of the museum, possibly the cooled thing in the California Biennial show was Binh Danh, a Vietnamese immigrant who has been doing amazing “chlorophyll prints”– all-natural photographic exposures on leaves. The pieces at OCMA were on woven reeds and had a Swamp Thing theme, along with what I believe is his normal focus on people involved in the Vietnam war. The following link is to an earlier show, but a better website:


Merry Spiny Christmas Tree Worm Eve!

December 24th, 2006


Bill found one of these last weekend during our latest tide pool adventure. In all the years I’ve been going out to the Laguna tide pools I’d never seen one before. I am so lucky to have such a festive mate.

Baby’s first picture

December 23rd, 2006


Oh yeah, so now that I know how to upload pictures, maybe I should share the ultrasounds? Here is Spawnerello/a at 9 weeks. (We are currently at 15 weeks and it is 3-4 times longer now.) 12 or 13 week ultrasounds to follow once they are properly scanned.

The Secret Language of Babies

December 21st, 2006

Priscilla Dunstan rocks. Check out this video of her talking about the different kinds of cries that little babies make. The video clips of the babies fill me with glee. I hope and pray that this will be helpful when I get one of my own. Can any of you parents confirm that this sounds right to you?


Just click the blue link that says “Listen to the secret language of babies.”

Beginning of baby & end of holiday retail (almost)

December 19th, 2006

Welcome to the still under development blog of a currently still under development 3 1/2 inch long fetus and its host organism mom. Prepare yourself for earth-shattering revelations such as Week 14 = The Commencement of Bile Production. (Allegedly occurring as I type!) Just please don’t remind me that something the size of a small rodent is living in my belly. Am I excited, happy, and even relieved to be finally having a baby? Yes. But this sure is much more of a full-body, multi-symptomed, 24 hour a day science experiment than I expected. I will lovingly spare you many of the details.

Spawnerella (or –rello, as the Great Ultrasound of the Sexing and Head Measuring is yet to occur) will be sharing blogspace with its soon-to-be stay at home mom. It seems silly to have a separate blog for myself when in 6 months everything I do will involve the baby anyway. So:

My third Christmas season working Big Retail as the children’s specialist at the bookstore is WELL underway. (I actually had to sign the back cover of the new employee conduct handbook, agreeing to the terms within which included NO BLOGGING ABOUT WORK believe it or not so the store remains nameless. Speaking of which, this rewrite also curiously eliminated the rule that you must wear “appropriate undergarments.”)  I have to say that despite the run of the mill stress/exhaustion/desperation/crankiness on all sides, I have really been loving people. People are cool. Particularly:    

  • The kid named Badger (still not sure about the parents who did that)
  • The 11 year old boy who is researching Norse mythology as he is writing some myths of his own
  • The old couple wearing the matching skirt/pants of large white/green/red plaid
  • The 5 year old who loves tanks more that anything because I was able to sell his uncle that Tanks of the World adult bargain book which made me giggle every time I walked by it
  • All the parents that jump in and try to help me give suggestions and
  • All the parents who happily spends of tons of money to keep their voracious readers in books (I do whisper to them which series are likely to be at the library, but our library system is fairly limited)
  • Conversely, all the parents of kids who aren’t into reading who keep trying different kinds of books
  • The customers who say nice things to/about me every day when it is busy, especially the guy I overheard on his cell phone saying “I’m at —-. There’s this lady in the kids section I’ve become rather fond of. “
  • The regular customer with the collection of high-heeled sneakers
  • The school librarian who insisted that I read what is now my favorite non-fantasy upper-elementary novel of the year, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life – highly recommended even for adults
  • The lady who had a really, really hard time understanding that we do not use a catalog system and therefore I can’t automatically know where something is by looking at the ISBN
  • My coworker Bob, who eats lunch in the break room at the same time as I do and can be counted on for daily stories ranging from The Three Mile Wide Fairy Ring to Why It Is Actually Horribly Boring to Work in a Nuclear Missile Silo to How to Attach Strange Army Surplus Gadgets to Your Camper in Interesting and Useful Ways.



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