And the Baby is…..

January 24th, 2007

probably a girl.

They can’t/won’t say for sure until it comes out, and my brief internet research leads me to believe that there is a 3% chance she was wrong.  Which is fine, since all we really want is a healthy baby with fun non-gender specific colors/designs of accesories anyway. Any of you who secretly want to drive me crazy can go ahead and start buying Disney Princess stuff right now. We did get a good look on the ultrasound (no printed picture, although I’m not sure I’d post that anyway) and it does look more like the girl ultrasounds I saw online than the boy one I found.

Bill says he is excited about doing wacky little girl hair, but terrified about the whole dating issue. Also, after 2 little brothers, girls are alien. I say, at least they don’t pee in your face. I guess I’m relieved because I would have been happy to have a boy, but I was nervous that I would have ALL boys, and now we know that won’t happen. It’s nice too that my geographically closest friend who will have a child about the same age is also having a girl. Plus, Bill’s mom has hoping to have a girl baby for, oh, 33 years.

We did get a bunch of other pictures printed out, some of which we will post in the next week or so. The very good news is that everything looks good: 5 fingers on each hand (not a must, but a nice thing to have in life), good ribs, stomach visible, heart looks good, 2 eye sockets, strong jaw, and lots of healthy movement. We haven’t heard back about a screening blood test we had a few weeks ago, which is good news. The radiologist still has to look at the measurements taken today, and all kinds of things can still go wrong, but so far, this baby rocks.

Oh, also, the kicking I thought I was feeling was punching/head-butting.

19 weeks

January 18th, 2007

Last week, baby’s ears allegedly started sticking out. Here is what I lifted from about this week:


Your baby weighs about 8 1/2 ounces, and he measures 6 inches, head to bottom — about the length of a small zucchini. His arms and legs are in the right proportions to each other and the rest of his body now. His kidneys continue to make urine, and the hair on his scalp is sprouting. If your baby is a girl, she has an astonishing six million eggs in her ovaries.

This is a crucial time for sensory development: Your baby’s brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. While you may think your womb is a quiet place, it’s far from it and your baby may be able to hear what’s going on now. What’s he listening to? The main sounds are blood moving through your vessels, digestive noises from your stomach, and your voice. Some women like to talk directly to their babies, but even if you don’t, your baby can still hear you as you talk to others. Research shows that he’s learning to distinguish your voice from others and he’ll soon show a preference for it. Studies have shown that when a pregnant woman speaks, her baby’s heart rate will decrease, indicating relaxation.


I now feel squirming once in a while, like fish swimming in my belly.


January 15th, 2007

Is anyone reading this? If so please leave a comment. You can click on “no comments” or “1 comment” or whatever under the title.

Stepped on a needle and Bill had to get the needle nose pliers to pull it out of my foot, it was in there so deep. I have decided the sewing idea was moderately dumb. Am currently in the middle of ordering more maternity clothes online. I will say this for maternity shopping: there are pretty much only 3 inexpensive stores, plus 2 more that are worth shopping for sales. It’s only taken me an hour to look at more or less every option at every store online. Plus I spent a few minutes at A Pea in the Pod online, which has hilarious things like Seven maternity jeans on sale for $149.99.  You know what else is fun? Looking at the accessories at maternity shops online. Did you know there were maternity scarves and shoes and purses? Neither did I!

Exciting Pregnancy Dreams

January 14th, 2007

Between the hormones and the waking up more often to go to the bathroom and the sleeping longer, I have been having great dreams. This week I dreamt I got up in the night and there was a salamander swimming around in the water glass I keep in the bathroom. I also had a dream that Bill was going to take me to a very romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant where the famous dessert was sets of those yummy scented Mr. Sketch markers. You wouldn’t eat them, just sniff them, and they would be yours to take home. You could choose from 3 sets: the standard box set, the standard set minus black, or “Kentucky,” an 8 marker set with 3 shades of blue and 3 shades of orange. It was called that because the restaurant had originally been in Kentucky.

I have also been having wild sewing fantasies this week. Mom got the sewing machine tuned up and I’m almost finished with a sock monkey for baby Klara. I am thinking of making a pair of sock elephants to flank our great new vintage reprint circus elephants poster over the couch. Yesterday Bill roamed around Jo-ann Fabrics with me, and when he saw the monkey rock band flannel he got kind of into the idea that I could start sewing some clothes too. I’m just so sick of looking for clothes with fun prints, especially maternity stuff, that I think it’d be easier to figure out a few patterns and make my own. Especially sundresses! For years and years it has been bizarrely hard to find long casual sundresses. It doesn’t help that I don’t like floral prints and most of of them are flowery. Soon I will be able to make them sushi print instead. 🙂

Uneventful Prenatal Appointment

January 10th, 2007

No ultrasound today. Our next is on the 24th, the big fancy high definition one where we probably find out the sex. Baby’s heartbeat is at 140 beats per minute, right on target, and sounds like a metronome.

Otherwise I just napped and did a whole 20 minutes of Dance Dance Revolution (without hopping) today. Yesterday was insane. In preparation for a big mucky-muck visit at work I did/fixed 30 displays in the time it usually takes to do 6, and then I spent 2 1/2 hours combing the mall for maternity clothes that fufill a number of criteria which seemed sane when I started. I have decided that in my next life I will have fur or feathers and will not need to deal with this nonsense.

Amazing Apricot Lentil Soup

January 8th, 2007

I tinkered with this recipe from and now I can’t stop thinking about it or talking about it.


  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 2 or more cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 cup dried apricots – measured whole, then chopped
  • 1 1/2 cups lentils
  • 6 1/2 cups stock and/or water
  • 1 can chopped tomatoes
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme (I left this out and it was fine)
  • salt to taste
  • ground black pepper to taste
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice


  1. Saute onion, garlic, and apricots in olive oil. Add lentils and stock. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer 30 minutes.
  2. Stir in tomatoes, and season with cumin, thyme, and salt and pepper to taste. Simmer for 10 minutes.
  3. Stir in lemon juice. Puree 2/3 (they say 1/2) of the soup in a blender, then return to the pot.
  4. Eat!  

Very delicious with wheat bread with roasted garlic spread!

Alive and Kicking

January 8th, 2007

Thought I felt kicking for the first time yesterday morning–did after dinner again today. The feeling was hard to distinguish from painless gas bubbles moving around (another daily joy of pregnancy) except it doesn’t seem likely that gas would cause the same popping/poking out feeling in the same area repeatedly and somewhat rhythmically. I’ve read that after dinner is often the best time to monitor fetal movement later on as it is often the most active time. Also, Lady Kenmore was sitting in my lap for the first time in over a month, doing this crazy loud purring that sounded almost like growling. Considering how much the sprogling (my favorite new word from Gaby) flips around during ultrasounds, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was freaked out by the cat. “What the @)*# is that! Get it off me!” {kick, kick}

According to

alive and kicking

Also, alive and well. Alive and alert; living and healthy. For example, John’s completely recovered; he’s alive and kicking, or You’re quite mistaken; our lawyer is alive and well. The first expression, sometimes shortened to live and kicking, originally was used by fishmongers hawking their wares to convince customers of their freshness and has been considered a cliché since about 1850. The variant originated in the 1960s as a denial of someone’s reported death.

Sushi Made Out Of Lint

January 7th, 2007

Check out “lint sculptures.”

Definitely the best thing at Santa Ana Artwalk this month.

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