4 More Reasons Why I Love My Husband

February 20th, 2007

1. Bill says the exercises I’m doing seem to be helping since I am now rarely walking “like a duck using a walker”

2. When I tried on my bikini to see if it still fit, he started laughing and told me,”You look like you swallowed a beach ball! You look like you got drunk at a pool party, and someone stuffed a beach ball down your throat when you weren’t looking! I mean that in a good way.”

3. Last night I had a dream that I popped out 3 babies one day and 2 the next. It took me a week to realize that meant I had quintuplets, and then I freaked out. When I woke up, I told Bill and mentioned how that would financially ruin us. He said, “Seriously. I’d have to start selling cocaine. Ideally, I’d make a lot of money really quick and hide it somewhere so you could keep the nanny if I got sent to prison.” (For those who don’t know him that well, he was TOTALLY kidding.)

4. Whenever I am driven crazy by some horrible parent at the store I ask Bill what he would have done if it was his kid, and his solution often sounds more reasonable and effective than what I had been thinking.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14th, 2007

My gift of love to you is links to my 2 current favorite weird stuff sites on the internet:


http://www.engrish.com (above picture is of baby bibs in Japan)



Though the pictures vary in quality, there is a really good one at least every other day or so.

Yes, that is a bread helmet.

BabyRUs (Registry)

February 11th, 2007

I was very afraid of today’s registry-starting trip to BabyRus, considering how amazingly rude, loud, and miserable pretty much all of the parents and children were last time I went into ToysRUs. It turns out that not every store that ends in RUs is a circle of hell. Believe it or not, we were there for several hours today, and not a single person screamed – not even me!


It’s hard to believe, but I went through all the stuff Mom already got at garage sales, and we don’t need any more clothes for the first 6 months, and jammies/onesie type things for 9 months. We also already really don’t need any toys, especially considering I have been collecting sock monkeys for 10+ years. I am really grateful to all my friends with kids who have helped me put together a shopping list. We are still doing research to figure out which brand of bottles, car seat, diaper trash can, and stroller–other than jogging–to get.

As far as beds/bedding go I think we have determined that we don’t have room for a real crib, and that narrows down the options considerably to several things that have special sized bedding. (Our useless, larger second bedroom has one wall that is mirrored from floor to ceiling and one that is a sliding glass door, which would probably be just fine but actually could kill one of us in a strong earthquake.  Likewise the 3 bookshelves that live there. Plus, there is no door to close between that and the master bath, so the shower would wake whoever was sleeping in there up and fill their room with steam. So we’re hoping to move when baby is about 6 months, and then reassess the bed situation.) There’s this funky baby hammock called the AmbyBaby that is one alluring option. This is not a hint, folks, but if you are interested in freaky new baby technology, take a look:


Bill has been very sweet about calming me down when I get kind of worked up about all these decisions. I think we decided to start with disposable diapers and then switch to cloth if it seems sane for us.

Today we also went to a special Valentine’s Day Love in the Sea event at the Ocean Institute. We learned about 30 seconds of an albatross courtship dance. Did you know that they mate for life, and live 60 years? They will also fly up to 6,250 miles to get food for their chicks. I have a new appreciation for the albatross.

22 Weeks

February 7th, 2007

Good news from our appointment today:

  1. Baby’s heart rate is great
  2. The last set of ultrasounds were carefully studied/measured and nobody found any bad signs
  3. The triple screen blood test showed low likelihood of a variety of genetic defects
  4. My uterus is 23 inches–I think that’s circumference. Far out!
  5. My weight gain is in the healthy range- 15 pounds if anyone is wondering

Not bad, but still less exciting news:

  1. The aforementioned weight gain is aggravating the old injury I have in  the arch of my right foot, and so it has been declared that I am no longer allowed to walk around the house without shoes on. Ever. I guess I will get some of those walking clogs that always confused me before. Support slippers. Geez.
  2. I have to take a routine test next month to screen for gestational diabetes. This involves chugging a florescent orange bottle of Glucola.

Babycenter.com says:


 Your baby now looks like a miniature newborn, checking in at 10.9 inches and almost 1 pound. Her skin will continue to appear wrinkled until she gains enough weight to fill it out, and the fine hair (lanugo) that covers her head and body is now visible. Her lips are becoming more distinct, and the first signs of teeth are appearing as buds beneath her gum line. Her eyes are developed, though the iris (the colored part of the eye) still lacks pigment. Eyelids and eyebrows are in place, and her pancreas, essential for hormone production, is developing steadily.

Babycenter is so dead on. It also said my belly button would be getting really flat (check!) that my feet might be spreading (apparent check!) and that it was time to take off my rings if I was having swelling at all (did it last week!). No stretch marks so far, though, which is nice.

This coming weekend we are making our first brave trip into BabiesRUs. Mom and Grandma did a reconnaissance trip last weekend. Grandma said she had never seen so many pregnant women in one place in her life. Man, this whole 2 million things you need to buy for a baby thing is stressing me out. The money it costs is manageable but the 8 million decisions are driving me crazy. Time to look at more tidepool photos.


Thank you for the sweet comments

February 5th, 2007

They make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Check Out My New Favorite Book Sites

February 3rd, 2007

I’ve been mildly obsessed with this site for the last week or so.  I’d been dragging my feet about buying Secrets of the Baby Whisperer even with my employee discount because I KNEW it would show up at one of the Friends of the Library bookstores. Then, I saw that it was up for offer on this site, and that if I posted 9 books I was willing to part with, I would get 3 starter book credits and I could get it for FREE! I found a surprising number of books I didn’t need to own anymore, considering how many bags I’ve donated in the last 2 years, and Mom gave me some to post too. Now I’ve sent out 10 books and someone else is sending me an AWESOME William Wegman board book that is out of print. I’m pretty excited about leaving the book store with a bunch of credits built up on PBS.  If anyone wants to try this, give me a referral. My screen name is bioluminescence. (Attn Miss Julie: the one catch is you can’t swap old Advance Reading Copies. Oh well.)

So then I was telling Bronwen, my favorite librarian-in-training, about this, and she said I had to check out librarything.com . I think you should, too. The idea is that you can catalog your personal library online. But the more exciting feature to me takes advantage of the database of everyone else’s collections. In the Library Suggestions part, you type in a book you liked and several lists pop up:

  • People with this book also have
  • Books with similar tags (ie 20 century, American, gay, humor, essays, short stories, etc etc)
  • and then the mysterious Special Sauce Recommendations

And then right there on the page there are links to online bookstores and your local library system!!!! I requested 3 books immediately.

21 Weeks – Photos of Weird New Life

February 2nd, 2007


So there is the belly last week. I am not sticking it out. Also, I needed a haircut. But there you go. I hope to post weird belly button pictures soon. I love to lean backwards and stick my belly out until Bill yells, “Stop! Stop! Don’t make it pop!” I’m not scared of the belly button popping (and to be fair, Bill isn’t grossed out by the idea of it happening naturally either) but I think I would like to stay this size of pregnant, please. It is very manageable, not too uncomfortable, and I am only a little bit weirdly hot sometimes.

The baby just started getting measured from head to foot instead of head to rump, so it–heck, I guess I should say she now–is allegedly 10 1/2 inches. Normally they are moving 50 times an hour by this point, although you can’t feel a lot of it.  There are several distinct kinds of movements now, including one full body flail that is disturbingly seizure-like. Some are so strong and sudden that sometimes when I am relaxing on the couch or in bed it makes me jump. Last night Bill looked up from his show to yell, “Yeah! That’s my baby girl!”

We also started Bradley Husband-Coached Natural Childbirth classes last week. Not much to say about that yet, except

  1. We watched an awesome old video about bad nutrition causing a huge number of bad things in pregnancy in which eggs were referred to as “golden nuggets of protein”
  2. I am trying, as instructed, to eat 90-100 grams of protein a day and it is hard (an egg is only 6g)
  3. Our instructor is a middle-aged, slightly heavy amateur competitive figure skater with trophies all over her living room
  4. The only student she’s had in the last 15 years who yelled at her husband during labor was off her multiple personality meds for pregnancy and reverting to her 4 year old personality while giving birth
  5. This whole childbirth thing is seeming a lot less scary

Speaking of new arrivals, the photo below is of Bill’s middle brother Andy and the sock monkey I finally finished for Bill. His name is Llib. I hope I am spelling that right. In case you can’t see, Llib sports record eyes, a pierced nipple, and cute flexed feet.


Also in the Photos of Weird New Life category: GIANT KEYHOLE LIMPET!


We had a phenomenal visit to the tide pools last weekend. I had only seen one of these once ever, down in a deep crevasse, and we saw 3! One was black on the “soft” part around the base, which I poked and is actually pretty firm. I do not understand these critters at all. The tiny shell seems sort of ineffective, as they clearly can’t retract into it. And when I say tiny, I don’t really mean tiny. This thing is bigger than a doughnut, about 7 inches long. 

5-inch-sea-hare-2-crop.jpg red-sea-urchin-crop.jpg

Also new and exciting: our first, ridiculously cute juvenile sea hare (about 5 inches–see “bunny ears” on head on left end), and our second or third sighting of a red sea urchin. They are eaten in Japan. I have to wonder if that is why we never seem to see the same one twice, and if that is why this one is trying to hide behind a shell.

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