29 weeks

March 31st, 2007

Not much to report here, and I’m sorry, far away folks, that we’ve had no photos lately.

Bill says my stomach is so big now I could fit my head in it. I think there is some sort of leap of logic there that does not work.

My glucose test (for gestational diabetes) came back 139, 140 being too high for most doctors, but Kaiser wants to see 130 or they do more testing. After much negotiating I am now taking a slightly less henious test than usual Wednesday–12 hour overnight fast, get my blood tested, then I drink the glucola, and then get another blood test an hour later. They wanted me to drink 3 sodas and get 4 tests but I said no. I think this will be fine. Anyway, weirdly enough the main problem with gestational diabetes seems to be a baby that is too big, not the more frightening prospect ever.

Mom and I had a super fun long morning of going to garage sales this morning. It was the first time since I got pregnant that I felt like getting up that early. I got a huge shopping bag of baby stuff for 15-50 cents a piece. Yay! I have simultaneously surrendered to the pink thing–I’m tired of pink clothes already, but it’s so easy–and started enjoying baby clothes. Aside from the mounds of pink, today I got a Halloween bib that says “I Love My Mummy,” a hooded blanket with a reindeer head hood, and newborn booties that are pink suede cowboy boots. The lady said she got them at Saks and her grandbaby was so chubby they never even fit! We also checked out Children’s Orchard, the huge local children’s resale place. Some things are bizarrely cheap, everything is in really good condition, and it’s a whole 5 minutes away. I feel better knowing I can make a quick run out there with the baby if I need any clothing later on.

Baby definitely gained a good half pound in the last week or so, and now I feel her in multiple places at once sometimes. There has also been a bit of a heel or elbow pushing out repeatedly in the same area. I have been doing a quick prenatal yoga routine every day, and so am actually feeling better than a few weeks ago.

Hospital #2 Has Mini Fridges (not stocked with tiny bottles of liquor)

March 17th, 2007

We just got back from our tour of Irvine Medical Hospital, which is a non-Kaiser hospital with a Kaiser labor/delivery contract. It is so close and pretty and the parking is close and easy. I am very excited about the mini fridge in the recovery room, since I am on this HUGE veggie juice kick and want to be able to have some before/after labor. Plus, each labor/delivery room has its own whirlpool tub! We are still not totally sure we want to go there. I know it seems nicer partially because our tour guide was really cool, as opposed to the cranky lady at Anaheim. The various childbirth educators I’ve talked to do think that Anaheim, with midwives working there, is more receptive to/cooperative with the Bradley natural childbirth stuff we’ve been studying. Ultimately, the most important thing for us is that we avoid unnecssary procedures. Irvine has a higher C-section rate, although Bill is wondering how much of that is elective, since it’s a ritzier area–I’m going to try to find out. We also need to figure out who exactly the obstetricians/midwives in either place are. It’s a little while until our next prenatal visit so we’ll put the research on hold until then. I feel better about our options though.

I also won the best door prize! I got so flustered when they called my name (pronounced Alex Noy-yez) that I got my big belly caught in the little fold over desk thing, bumped into Bill and made him spill his coffee. Then when they asked my due date I started saying April, because the last 3 women were due in April. Then when I told them June 14 I wasn’t totally sure about that either. I had been so convinced if I won anything it would be the belly cast (I have done so many plaster casts with kids that I never want that slime on me again) or something like that. But I won the Babys R Us black (oh, so unisex!) diaper bag stuffed with stuff. Bill is very excited about the yellow receiving blanket with a fuzzy chick on it. Now we can practice our swaddling on the stuffed animals! I am especially excited about now not needing to buy a diaper bag (not sure I was going to anyway), travel changing pad, and baby window shades, something else I sort of wanted but might not have gotten. There are disposable changing pads and mini wipe things that will be nice to have for backup. We also have a good starter supply of newborn disposable diapers, probably all we’ll need if the baby is big or we go for the diaper service–we got a good coupon for that too! Same with bottles. We’re not really planning on using them so we have enough to get us started in a pinch if we need to. Thank you bottle fairy! I’ve been hoping you would show up! Believe it or not, we got lots more samples of things too.

Off to the tide pools. Forgive me if there are weird typos. I haven’t figured out the new spellcheck on this yet.

The Somewhat Boring Dawn of a New Trimester

March 14th, 2007

So. Since last post we went on an awesome vacation. Bill posted some photos on his blog which I haven’t linked yet, but which is listed on the main Blogger Monkey page. Will post more at a later date if I find the time and energy.

I’m at 6 months now, just starting the third trimester, and unfortunately I’m feeling it a bit. I didn’t really believe it would happen but I am getting a little spacier/slower than normal, doing things like losing my car in the parking lot. My ankles are a little swollen all the time, I wake up achey, my back often twinges, and I’m feeling a bit run down already by the time I leave for work in the morning. Fortunately, my old foot injury isn’t bothering me any more. Plus, my new schedule does allow me to sleep in and eat a big, healthy, high protein breakfast with fresh squeezed fruit/veg juice, which is lovely, and certainly helps me maintain my energy. It hurts a bit to walk by the last hour of my work day, and then I can’t do anything at night that involves more than going somewhere else to sit, so I may cut my day shorter again soon. Coworkers and regular customers keep saying, “I can’t believe you’re still working!” but I can’t imagine spending the majority of the next 3 months sitting on the couch. I can’t imagine functioning carrying much more weight, though, either. I’ve gained at least 20, maybe 25 pounds already and the baby is only probably a little under 2 lbs so far. I’ve also GROWN OUT OF SEVERAL ITEMS OF MATERNITY WEAR. There should be a law against that.

Speaking of baby, babycenter.com says she can now open and close her eyelids. She is likely to be sucking on her fingers and getting hiccups, just a few at a time. She is sleeping and waking at regular intervals, which I pretty much already noticed. She is awake when I’m not sometimes–Bill has put his arm around me at night when he’s come to bed later, and she’ll be flipping around while I sleep. A very exciting thing is that she is now very likely to survive if for some reason she was born tomorrow. Her lungs are mature enough to function with some help.

I didn’t post after our last prenatal visit because it was boring. The baby hates the doppler heart monitor, and was kicking HARD, but her heartbeat was strong. Today I had to chug a little bottle of doctor-provided Glucola, pleasantly similar to orange soda, and then go in exactly an hour later to get my blood tested to check for gestational diabetes. No results yet but I’m really not concerned.

We are almost done with an 8? 10? week series of Bradley Husband-Coached Natural Childbirth classes. They make me feel like we will be reasonably prepared. We have been watching live, real time birth videos. Red Asphalt has nothing on these movies, and yet they are also hysterically funny. My favorite is the one when the baby’s head is out and the mom starts yelling, “Get it out get it out get out!” I think for Bill it’s a tie with the one where the mom had 5 family members/friends/attendants touching her on different parts of her body, and one of them said, “This is why I became a sister-in-law!”

The downside of taking these classes and knowing mostly folks who have had babies at home/in birthing centers lately is that we were mildly horrified by the hospital tour we did last night at the Anaheim Kaiser hospital.
I deleted a bit of griping because I called the education office and they seemed to think I had not been given good information on some things. It sounds like that might be our best bet, aside from the long drive. We may be able to get around some policies that seemed set in stone by just getting a doctor’s note, more or less. Anyway, now we’re going to tour the Irvine hospital this weekend too. Plus we’ll look into having our childbirth instructor assist, and/or switch to having our prenatal appointments with a midwife.

There have been pleasant surprises, too. Jennifer, my friend from elementary school who teaches in Irvine, aka the matron of honor with the long hair, is also expecting now. She is 11 weeks along now I think, due in early fall. I was able to give her a whole bag of clothes already, and am looking forward to having children the same age. Likewise, many handmedown baby gear fairies have popped up lately with maternity clothes, a swing, and promises of more on the way like a crib and car seat. We are very grateful. I care less about the money at this point, though it really really helps, and more about just not needing to obsessively decide which one of these items to buy, and whether we need one in the first place. The swing especially gives me hope that I may be able to keep juicing and cooking quick healthy food. I heard this weird rumor that it is dangerous to have a baby strapped to your front when you are chopping things or cooking on the stove top.

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