She’s Here!

May 31st, 2007

We just got home from the hospital a few hours ago. Miss Katya Noyes (middle name yet to be decided) arrived at 2:15 pm on May 30th after much excitement. She was sunny side up, among other things. I can share more about the birth one on one. I do have to say that one of the few good things about 19 hours in labor with no pain meds is being able to say afterwards that you were in labor for 19 hours and you didn’t take any pain meds, so I’m saying it. Also, they pulled her out the last few inches with a baby plunger. Bill insists that I clarify and tell you that it was a vacuum, as if THAT sounds any less crazy. I feel ok. Baby seems less traumatized by the whole experience all the time. We got a big high five from the lactation consultant at the hospital. Bill has been a rock star labor coach and master burper. Life is good.

Vital stats: 7lbs 4oz at 2  weeks early. 21 inches.

We have gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, all in incriments of less than 1 hour. Not tired but the sane thing to do would be to go to bed now. I promise photos within 7 days.

Local folks, this Saturday evening is a good time to come over to see the baby while pretending to actually celebrate my birthday. 🙂 Call first.

Going to the hospital

May 29th, 2007

My water broke. No contractions but we want to make sure baby is ok. They will probably induce. We’re having a baby!

Don’t call us, we’ll call you!

Or post on here.

37 Weeks

May 24th, 2007

Today the baby is considered full term! Somehow she would be early but not considered a preemie. Apparently I am having tiny practice contractions that I variously did not notice, thought was digestive pain, or thought was the muscles just being achy from sleeping funny/holding the baby up. Nope. Some of that for sure but the doctor showed me yesterday that my belly felt hard one minute and soft the next – contraction! That didn’t hurt a bit.

So now the big last minute errand-running and shopping begins. I think aside from house cleaning/organizing projects I will feel totally ready within the week. We would be OK now but I would certainly like to get a haircut, get my car waxed/tuned up, have received ordered diapers/extra car seat base etc. I finally decided to go with mostly cloth diapers, which has caused a flurry of research. The new velcro diaper wraps make them super easy.

Still no real clue on the middle name. I guess if all else fails we can add one in later–it’s only the first name they really fuss at you for. Still taking suggestions, if anyone has more.

The Complainening

May 20th, 2007

This morning, I was reaching up into the cupboard for a plate, sucking my belly in and congratulating myself on how long it been since I burned my belly on the frying pan even though I make eggs every morning, when I burned my belly on the frying pan.

Also, now that I have giant swollen monster feet, I only have one real pair of shoes left that fit, and they are light pink. Plus one pair of orange flip flops. Useful colors. I have zero maternity clothes in light pink. And a number of maternity tops I can’t wear now because I don’t have shoes that look ok with them. Plus more and more of my maternity bottoms are too tight. I wear some of them anyway and they give me a stomachache.

Also, the swelling is making my feet itch so much they practically hurt, several times a day. I have to run right from the shower to my Heavy Foot Moisturizing Station on the couch.

Also, we’re supposed to meet friends for lunch, which is good, but I can’t figure out anywhere I can eat on my stupid low sugar, low salt, low carb, high protein doctor-ordered diet. I keep thinking I’m doing pretty well, finding reasonable restaurants and ordering the smartest thing for my diet. Then  I test my sugar after we eat out and it is not high enough to be a real problem but just too high enough to get my doctor on my case. Plus, there is an off chance that I could continue to be diabetic after this, or get Type 2 soon. And I want a boba drink. Bad.

There’s more, but it is boring. And good things the last week too, but I have the annoyance, and they will have to wait. I have to go moisturize my feet now so I can go out in the world as a somewhat functional human.

Free Museum Month with BofA card

May 17th, 2007

I don’t know if anyone else banks with Bank of America but I wanted to make sure folks knew about this:

You can get in free to a bunch of museums in CA, NY and PA for the rest of the month with your bank card. Plus you can bring a friend. Most notable in this area is the Science of Pirates show opening at the Discovery Cube May 27th. We’ll probably go that day if anyone else is interested.

In other news, we are still open for middle name suggestions. Also my grandfather is much, much improved although he does not believe it. Oh, and we did this awesome infant safety & CPR class last night. Apparently in Sweden kids stay in rear-facing car seats until they are 4 years old.

Middle Name Contest!

May 13th, 2007

Come up with a great middle name for our spawn and win…something which is yet to be determined! I would like to find a great person from history, or even the Torah or myths. We considered what Mom had wanted to name me, Athena–goddess of wisdom and craft! but the story of her conception is a little creepy. Sorry Mom. And the only person  I can think of thatI really admire for a variety of reasons is Jimmy Carter. (WHY? His neverending work for peace, his amazing, incredibly effective efforts to reduce/eliminate horrible third world diseases, Habitat for Humanity…I could go on and on.) Unfortunately, Bill, while not being a Jimmy Carter-hater, feels strongly that “Jimmy Carter” is an unacceptable middle name for our little girl. Who do YOU think is worth naming a kid after? Don’t worry about compatibility with the not-yet-officially-finalized first name.

In other news, my grandpa here had surgery on his carotid artery on Wednesday and it seems that it led to a minor-to-medium stroke on Friday. It’s not like TV where half of his body is floppy or paralyzed, though one side is weaker. (Also: my windshield wipers stopped working on one side of my car at the same time! Very weird, though I reluctantly am willing to admit that there is probably no connection.) Grandpa is sometimes easy to understand, when he says common (to him) phrases like, “Hey Alex,” or “I feel lousy,” but when he tries to formulate new sentences they mostly sound like backwards talk. It is suddenly very clear to me that many, many people throughout history who were thought to be possessed by the devil actually had had a stroke. We think that he will be transfered from the hospital to a rehab facility tomorrow. Bill and I are taking care of their dog for a little while to help out. Max is awesome because A) when we took the leaf out of the table after brunch he had to sniff it for a while to figure out how it suddenly got smaller B) similarily the exercise ball worries him and I’m not sure if he knows whether it is animate and C) he was so excited to mark his territory on his first walk here that the last 7 times he lifted his leg on trees and such nothing was left to come out but he kept doing it anyway.

Speaking of brunch, that was the best part of my day by far. Bill’s family, Mom, and Grandma came over, and an hour after we ate all of us except Grandma tested our blood glucose levels using my little meter thing. It was amazingly fun, in a delightfully weird way. I can’t believe my in-laws asked me to squeeze blood out of their fingers and thought it was fun and cool when I did. 🙂

35 Weeks

May 11th, 2007

Our latest doctor’s visit Wednesday indicates that everything is going well for mom and baby. The swelling I’ve been having is normal. I just need to keep up both the rest with feet up and the mild exercise. The new doctor we’ll be seeing from now on is nice, although Bill says it makes him nervous how she smiles so hard all the time. We sort of agreed that I have a mild case of gestational diabetes, which will likely not be a problem as we normally have a healthy diet. I am starting to see that when I do eat junk, restaurant food, or a lot of simple carbs in a meal, my sugar is almost too high or just plain too high. The doctor is trying to get us to induce at 40 weeks if the baby doesn’t come by then, since diabetes can cause the placenta to age faster, but we said not unless something in particular indicates that it is medically necessary.  Everything looked good on the ultrasound. Her head is straight down now. (I can believe it, because it certainly feels like I’m getting some headbutting down there sometimes. Ouch.) The new doctor said, yes, she is 99% sure that the baby is a girl. Baby is now allegedly 5 pounds and just over 18 inches.

We took a class on breastfeeding at Irvine Medical and it was FASCINATING!  I am really excited about their lactation consultants. Not only do they come to your room during your hospital stay, but they are then available during the week for you to call or drop by pretty much forever after that for free. I read the 2 big classic breastfeeding books already and I learned way more cool stuff from this lady. A few interesting things, off the top of my head:

  1. If you drink carrot juice or eat a bunch of brocolli, your milk will be tinged orange or green!
  2. The flavor of the food you ate comes through in your breastmilk, which gives it a lot more variety than formula. THEREFORE, breastfed toddlers and generally way less likely to be very picky eaters than bottlefed toddlers.
  3. A newborn has a stomach the size of a marble.
  4. Right after birth, and for several days after, a new mom’s chest heats up to 155 degrees to keep the baby warm.

Other good news: Mom is not going to have the surgery we thought might happen this summer, so she won’t have to miss out on any baby time. Yay! Also, we got a new digital camera, so I’ll be able to post photos again soon.

Miscellaneous Good Stuff

May 2nd, 2007
  1. Music and Lyrics  We went to see this at the dollar theatre, so I think most of you will have to wait to rent it. But make sure you do. The opening credits/scene of Hugh Grant in a classic, campy 80s pop video alone is worth the price.
  2. Thoroughly Modern Millie  Hot date weekend! We went to see this Saturday at the South Orange County High School of the Arts (which I previously did not know existed) at Dana Hills High School. I would encourage anyone local to think of seeing their productions. The kids are really talented, and aside from the one or two inevitable glitches, the production was the most professional I’ve ever seen a school do.
  3. My neighbor, vacuuming bees The family whose patio  backs up against ours has a colony of bees building a hive in the air conditioning vent over one of their sliding glass doors. We stopped going out on the patio during the day and very nicely went over to make sure they were taking care of it. The teenage girl who answered the door said, “We don’t know why they are there!” and claimed they called an exterminator. Well, the next day, Bill saw the dad crack the sliding glass door a little and start vacuuming up bees. He’d suck up 4 or 5, then 4 or 5 more would come out to attack, etc etc. It’s sad but kind of hilariously funny. As long as this doesn’t stretch out for a month, because there are a LOT left out there today and I would like to repot our topiary before the baby comes.
  4. Realizing that even dumb science can be fun, and somewhat useful So, I have gone back and forth on this gestational diabetes thing. After the morning-long class at Kaiser, I was taking it a lot more seriously. They make a big deal about how if your sugar is too high, the baby will be hypoglycemic and will need to be kept in the NICU. Plus, somewhat mysterious Really Bad Things can happen to the diabetic mom if she gets dehydrated, which made me a little hysterical since they were saying at the same time that I can no longer drink any juice or most soupy things or eat popsicles.                        It took a couple of days to adapt the slightly weird dietary guidelines to something I could use. (WHY is peanut butter a protein, but unsmushed nuts are a fat?!?!? and yogurt is in the dairy category, but cottage cheese is a protein?!? I’ll just count those as interchangeable, thank you very much.) We did some excellent shopping at Trader Joes, and I have stuck to their diet for 6 days now. I have tested my blood when I wake up and 1 hour after starting every meal, and it has only been high once. Bill has a friend at one of his clients who has Type 1 diabetes, and he suggested that that reading was probably high because I couldn’t wash my hands after eating fruit and the juice was probably still on my finger. This guy also laughed hysterically when Bill told him what my blood test results were that made them declare me gestationally diabetic. He probably knows more about diabetes in general than most doctors, and he said that my fasting and 3 hour tests, the ones that were normal, are the tests that would really indicate a problem. Also, it turns out that there is a more reliable test for diabetes that measures something other than blood sugar, but it is very expensive. Uh huh.                    So now I am not worried, but instead am enjoying being my own private science experiment. Bill, who loves nothing more than putting on the heart rate monitor of whichever relative we end up visiting at/taking to the hospital, is really quite upset that he can’t test his blood because the results record in the computer. He thinks I should eat a really sugary, lousy meal and then test myself, but having quit the junk cold turkey it doesn’t appeal to me. My new plan is eat a little bit more like I want, and then voila! an hour later I have confirmation of whether or not it made my sugar go up too much. I don’t have to worry, because I get instant feedback.  I even (horrors!) started sleeping in again, after being cowed for a few days into never, ever letting more than 10 hours go overnight between my evening snack and breakfast. Turns out my blood sugar is maybe 5 points lower in the morning if I do, and that’s just fine. I appreciate the structure of having to eat certain amounts of nutrients within certain time ranges–that was what I needed to do anyway, and it is doubtless keeping me sane (aside from the first few days) and healthy now that I am home all day.
  5. Lots of Baby Shower Love—Thank you to everybody, especially to Jennifer and Nicole, plus Vanessa and Megan for organizing my earlier showers. I may add photos/info at a later date, but just wanted to acknowledge that quickly now.
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