2 Months Old!

July 31st, 2007

Bronwen was here for a week and just left. It was very cool to have someone else here long enough to see Katya growing absurdly fast. When Bron got here, Katya could still fit in the newborn, up to 10 lb diapers, and a few days later they obviously were too small. Bronwen and Katya had a lovely time together. Bronwen was a very good sport about Katya repeatedly spitting up into her cleavage, and, alternately, sticking her feet down her shirt. I already miss her Bronwen-ness in general and, of course, having someone here during the day to hold the baby when I go to the bathroom and help schlep baby stuff to the car.

More of the same this past week or two: lots of new experiences (wedding, Shakespeare in the park, etc) that Katya slept/ate through, mostly oblivious. My favorite baby moment was glancing over at Bill and Katya during Merchant of Venice at the exact moment that she was in mid-barf and had a solid foot and a half long stream of milk coming down from her mouth. It was at least a centimeter wide, too. It took me a long, long time to stop laughing. This week, Katya also became much better at holding her head up. She started taking more very long naps in the Amby hammock, which make her less fussy in the evening when we can manage to be home at nap times. Plus, suddenly Katya can sit in my lap while nursing. She is so long.

On the Alex News front, I got results back this week. I am officially not diabetic. Yay! Also, I am reading a book about being a flight attendant. Did you know that “celebrity animals” (ie, ones that has been on TV) don’t have to be in a kennel in the cabin? Me either.

I have a very nice picture of the girls that I am trying to upload and I can’t make it work. Grrr. Photos will follow later.

7 1/2 Weeks

July 22nd, 2007

Cutest outfit (not to mention cutest changing pad) EVER:


Katya is starting to swat at her toys


and just barely starting to smile at us. Saturday I went out while she was sleeping, and when she woke up she cried with tears for the first time and also left her first ever phone message! For me! It went something like this: “Neeeeh neeeh heh heh heh NEEEH!” This week also heralded the beginning of the really angry baby crying, which features the quivering and wavering screaming. Bill said she would calm down and then she’d look at the spot on the couch where I usually nurse her and she would start crying again. My little girl is figuring things out! She didn’t even try to nurse on the guy without the breasts!

We also set the Moby up like a front pack today. It was a big hit. Katya can both sleep and nurse in there.


Speaking of sleep…here is the sleep-deprived mommy who has been bouncing on the exercise ball for over an hour.


Katya is awesome but she DOES have allergic ulcerative colitis, which adults get pain meds for, so she gets a little wacky in the evenings lately. It should be 1 1/2–2 1/2 weeks until all the dairy clears my system. Hopefully she’ll be fine then. Either way, my legs are getting STRONG.

Doctor Doctor

July 19th, 2007

Went to a new pediatrician today because Miss K has had blood in her poop twice this week. I know you’d love to hear more but I’ll leave it at that.

Good news: A) I really like this new doctor. B) Katya is gaining well. She weighed in at 9 lbs 9 oz.

Bad news: I have to stop eating anything with any dairy in it because she probably has a problem with milk protein. OF COURSE after trying to minimize my dairy for the past few months I bought a bunch of stuff at Trader Joe’s last night when I was hungry and cranky. I highly recommend the Yogurt Dill Indian chips. Sigh.

My 6 week visit went well. I just need to do another blood test to check for the diabetes. I didn’t bother going this morning because I ate a lot of chocolate last night. 🙂 It’s a good thing I did, since it’s milk chocolate and I have to avoid it for possibly a whole year now.

6 1/2 Weeks

July 15th, 2007



My Baby Is An Awesome Baby

July 14th, 2007

Right now Katya is napping a nice long nap in her Amby Baby hammock/bassinet! For the first time ever! Woo hoo!

Also, yesterday she wet herself on the changing table and her belly button filled with pee.

5 1/2 weeks

July 9th, 2007

Baby Katya has continued to sleep through many new experiences. I think Bill’s favorite baby thing this week was overhearing some lady at Santa Ana Art Walk who saw my Moby Wrap tell her friend, “I thought she had a dog in there!” 


Watching the bubbles screensaver on Dad’s computer.


 “What’s a cute baby like you doing on a play mat like this?” (No, she doesn’t know that’s her.) 

Check out the pink cupcake onesie! Like our wedding cake!




Doing some sort of Mom’s In The Shower Hula.

Katya loves the shower sound and always sits quietly in the seat after her breakfast.

5 weeks!

July 5th, 2007


Yesterday Katya wore her first hat. OK, I know we have entered the realm of milestone minutiae, but it was a pretty big deal to her. She also ignored her first fireworks.

The BIG thing that happened yesterday:

I was just finishing changing Katya’s diaper when she started screaming bloody murder. Someone was pulling her hair really hard! I had to pry her little fingers open. She had no idea it was her. It’s awfully hard to control things that you don’t really know you have.  I was laughing so hard I worried that Bill would hear me and think I was crying hysterically because I broke the baby.

1 Month Old – My Baby’s Growing Up!

July 1st, 2007

Yesterday was Katya’s 1 month birthday, a day full of milestones. She went to the beach for the first time (verdict: too cold), had her first blowout poopy diaper (managing to get poop on MY underwear–she is so talented), sucked on her first pacifier (not counting the one she spat out immediately at the hospital), AND we explained to her that she is Jewish. We also introduced Katya to the Gymini a few days ago, which has led to a sudden HUGE increase in the amount of time she can happily spend being awake but not touching an adult. It just got much warmer here, and she’s quite the space heater like her dad, so that is pretty exciting for me.

Also, yesterday, I napped for 2 1/2 hours in a room where there was no baby. It was heavenly. Plus the pacifier is magically granting us more sleep time, as it helps her fuss less when she is gassy. Oh, to think that I resisted it.

We had a fun visit at Jennifer and Sean’s Friday. Right when we were getting desperate enough to take her to the post office to get weighed, we discovered that they have a digital scale that goes to the 1/10th of a pound.  We were able to estimate that Katya is about 8 1/2 pounds, a good place for her to be. I swear it feels like she gained most of it in the last week. We did, however, establish that she is still significantly smaller than their cat Kiki.


Unfortunately, it was a big week for entertaining but unattractive photos. Here, Katya lovingly tolerates showing off one of Bill’s favorite baby outfits. (Oh, and if you look closely at the straps of my top, you can almost see the hooks that make it One Of My New Favorite Things In The Whole World: the breastfeeding tank top. I have much love for whoever thought of that.)


And here, you can see Katya’s new preference to hang partially out of the MobyWrap, sometimes while zombified.


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