3 Months Old!

August 30th, 2007


This past week I found the world’s easiest baby sling making instructions on the Maya Wrap website. Bill is now officially the Coolest Dad in the World with his HeMan sling. You should hear the other men in the neighborhood ooh and ah over it. I have a coordinating sling that features SheRa, the Princess of Power. It isn’t comfortable to use for a long time but it makes the quick walks, chores, etc a lot easier.


My name is Zork. I come from Planet Bumbo.

Um. Since we reached the 3 months stated on the packaging, we tried putting Katya in the Bumbo. She is not quite ready to hold her head up that much.


Every baby loves to look at pirate flags. I totally want to make a baby book of all pirate flags.

In other news, baby and I have been just working on getting better this week. Plus Mom had a mystery infection which landed her in the hospital for a few days, so Katya and I did some daily plant watering and cat feeding. Mom’s home now, thank goodness, and seems better.

Also, I found the Yahoo Group for local moms that are super fruity (granola-y?) like Bill and me. I think I’m going to a play group next week.

Sick But Photogenic

August 25th, 2007


I *told* you I was sick…


Often seen, rarely photographed: our baby’s smile! Katya’s such a good baby. She was moaning A LOT in her sleep last night and is still sometimes smiley when awake. Very chatty, too. Now if we could only figure out for sure what she was telling us…


Katya stares at one of her favorite things of all time: light coming through the plantation shutters.


August 24th, 2007

I never expected that it would be so fun to suck snot out of my baby’s nose with the bulb syringe thing. And I can hardly believe that it made Katya relax and fall asleep instantly. Far out.

First Mom got some mystery infection, then I got a quick but powerful flu bug, and now Katya is coughing and mildly pathetic. We’ll see if Bill can make it through healthy–I doubt it, as the not enough sleep he’s been getting takes place in between 2 coughing people. (Sorry honey.)

I wanted to post this photo though. I got so overwhelmed by all the choices/sizes of baby slings on the market that I started researching how women traditionally just tie their kids on them in various countries. Here’s the first way we’ve done it:


Yes, it is safe. No, it isn’t amazingly comfortable, but it is safer/easier than throwing Katya over my shoulder to walk down the block to Mom’s or to the mailbox.

PS Babykins weighed in at about 11 lbs 8 oz

2 months 3 weeks

August 20th, 2007

This week I have been doing cloth diapers 1/2 the time–whenever it seems like it will not make me crazy. I really like it when it is not making me crazy.  I expect that it will increasingly seem sane as I get the hang of things, and also probably get more of those fancy diapers for when we go out.

Here Katya is modeling her dad’s favorite diaper cover:


The doctor confirmed that Katya’s little digestive system is getting better. I still think she might be sensitive to something else I eat, but not enough to make her colon bleed, so it isn’t horribly urgent that I figure it out now.

We’ve also been working out! Sometimes we do a little yoga together, which mostly means I do yoga over her. Katya likes it when we sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and I move her hands to the various body parts. Most days she also does some pull/sit-ups by holding on to my fingers. Katya also likes to practice standing up. She is getting stronger every day! Katya is getting lots of practice holding her head up in the front pack position in the Moby Wrap, and you can see the results.

In general family news, we had bizarre leaks/flooding where not-exactly-clean water bubbled up through the holes around the bolts under our toilets. Then when the plumbers came the problem had disappeared. All is well except I still have some more obsessive mopping to do.

My Baby Pees 11 Times in 3 Hours (minor TMI)

August 14th, 2007

Well, I’ve officially gone through some weird tranformation into mommyhood, because I can’t stop gleefully thinking about how my baby’s poop turned mustardy again after over a month of various kinds of weird green poops. A lot of doctors & their websites say anything from yellow to green is normal, but Dr. Sears says green poop is a sign of gut imbalance, and since adult poop turns greenish when our stomachs get upset, that makes sense to me. Plus her poop changed shortly before she started pooping blood. So while the lab work hasn’t come back yet, I feel like this proves that the dairy was the problem, and it finally cleared my system. Woo hoo! Of course Katya’s reflux is much worse this week, and keeps waking her up from naps, but now that we’ve figured out the other thing we can get her meds for that.

I was also waiting until the blood thing was cleared up to use cloth diapers at least part of the time. This morning after I fed Katya I put her in some cloth diapers with covers that I got as handmedowns. And you know what? SHE PEED 11 TIMES in 3 HOURS. Madness. Of course I nursed her half of that time, first just to eat and then to get rid of hiccups and then to try to help her get back to sleep. I’m thinking of getting more of the fancy kind (see 1 or 2 posts ago) because when she wets in regular cloth diapers in her bed, it seems to keep her from going to sleep or going back to sleep. Then diaper changing REALLY wakes her up. The pocket kind wick moisture away from baby, and can hold a few little pees. It helps that we’ve got this potty routine down well enough that Katya has almost all her poops in the potty, so the washing isn’t as icky. (I hold her over the potty when she wakes up, finishes eating, gets home, comes out of the baby carrier, seems like she’s straining, etc.) Katya actually had 4 of those morning pees in the potty, along with some poop.

We’re Baaaaack

August 10th, 2007

In case anyone wondered, our own little piece of the internet had to be shut down for a few days because our neighbors were leaking on us in that particular corner of the house. All is fine and undamaged. I enjoyed my break from the internet. I’m a little addicted. I had so much free time without it! Well, almost, anyway.

Miss K had more blood in her diaper today, so we went to the doctor and are having a bunch of lab work done. Woo hoo. Leave it to Kaiser to wait until the 4th time she has blood in her diaper to spend money on tests. I’m going to be mad if it shows something we could have dealt with a month ago. Katya’s reflux is getting worse too and clearly bothering her. She’s crankier these days but still such a good baby. I swear she smiled when I was swaddling her tonight. Bill thinks she is getting attached to her swaddle blanket.

2 months 2 weeks: Naptastic

August 7th, 2007

Um. Not much to tell, just new photos to share. Katya is more fussy and we thought it might be because of not enough quality sleep. Bill also thinks she may be teething early. We’ll see. Meanwhile I am spending much of the day either trying to get Katya to nap, holding her while she naps, napping with her, reading books about naps, or not leaving the house because of an ongoing or impending nap.

We have been reading some pretty long stories together at the awake times. Katya makes lots of meowing/squawking noises, which increase in intensity until 3/4 of the way through a book I will be checking to make sure the reading frenzy doesn’t end in tears. 


 Today Katya sucked on her pacifier so hard and long during a nap that she got a bad case of the dreaded Paci Face.


We tried a new kind of fancy cloth diaper. The jury is still out.


These last ones are sort of self-explanatory:



2 Month Doctor Visit

August 3rd, 2007

Miss K is 10lbs 6oz, an exciting 13oz gain from her last visit about 13 days earlier. She is 23 inches long now, which places her in the 90th percentile for height. All looks well. We are delaying the start of Katya’s shots a wee bit so the visit, while exhausting for our little person, was not severely traumatic.

In other news, I finally met the other woman on my block who has a new baby. We took the kiddos out for a walk this morning. I’m pretty excited to have a good influence workout buddy. I’m not anxious about getting back into my old pants ASAP but I sure would like to have more energy and not have to ditch my entire old wardrobe. Katya seemed to enjoy being out in the sun in her Moby Wrap and hilariously floppy hat. She and Shane, who is 2 weeks younger, seemed to not notice each other at all.

2 months, continued

August 1st, 2007


There, photo-posting working again.


Look how cute my baby is holding her daddy’s finger!

Did I mention that Bronwen also ate the Indian food we had that we couldn’t eat because it looks like baby poop? What a pal. (Betcha didn’t realize that was why we don’t like the spinach stuff anymore!)

Also, I learned that celebrity animals can have their own seats on airplanes if their human companion provides a cushion to put on the seat and some sort of restraint device that makes the seat belt work for them.

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