Four Months Old

September 30th, 2007


Only four months old, and already having to fend off the paparazzi during what should be quiet private time. Poor Katya. Her awesomeness truly is both a blessing and a curse.

This is the week that I believe my baby will have doubled her birth weight!

Can you IMAGINE doing that in 4 months?!?!?!? If I started today I would be 270 pounds by February first! I would weigh as much as Bill and a big dog put together. 🙂

Firsts in the last week or so:

  1. first bib
  2. first pants
  3. first overalls
  4. first size 6 mos clothes
  5. first time wearing a zipper
  6. possible first real comprehension that she has feetkatya-4-mos-sm030.jpg
  7. first book signing. We saw both Mo Willems of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus fame and Jon Sciezka, who wrote lots of funny books like The Stinky Cheese Man.  
  8. first laughter. OK she had her first laugh a while ago, but then we didn’t hear it again for a long time. Now she is laughing regularly all of a sudden. Probably the best moment of my whole week was when Katya saw her polka-dotted feet and started cracking up.

Who ARE These People Who Size Baby Clothes?

September 21st, 2007

Seriously. Katya is wearing a few 0-3 mo things still, some 3-6 and some 6 mo. I think Katya is a little over 13 pounds at almost 4 months. I’m not sure because although I REALLY want the digital baby scale at Baby R Us I have resisted so far. 🙂  Her legs are so long that as it gets colder I’m having to look for pretty big sizes of footie outfits. I just tried to pull most of the 0-3 out of the dresser and replace it with 6 mo stuff that might fit, and I saw that many of the 6 month tags say 12-16 pounds. This is so crazy. I checked the government weight charts, and an “average” baby, in the 50th percentile, weighs 16 pounds at the beginning of 6 months. Meaning your average or above average size kid is growing out of these clothes the day the tags say they should start fitting. Tiny skinny babies in the 5th percentile for weight weigh about 12 pounds 12 ounces at 3 months, and 16 pounds at 10 months. So, basically, the sizes for everyone are based on the babies that are considered underweight.

That’s all I had to say today. No *actual* baby news. 🙂


September 19th, 2007

Woo hoo! I fit into pre-prego pants today! In fact, for the first time (except PJs) I am wearing all non-maternity, non-nursing clothes! I never was really hung up on getting back to the same size/shape but it is just so nice to have more clothing options again. Here I just bought a pair of in between sized new pants a month ago, figuring this would take a while, and they are falling off of me.

Katya is VERY into Brown Bear, Brown Bear these days. The best baby moment this last week was when she was playing with Mom and drooled a long string of drool right down Mom’s shirt cuff. Mostly though Katya has been fussy and very tired during the day. Something is bothering her. She will chew on my hand hard for as long as I let her, so maybe it is the beginning of teething.


The weirdest thing about this week is that I used the digital recorder to record Katya hiccuping while I sang to her, and when I played it back, I sounded really good. Certainly many of you recorded yourself singing at some point in your life to hear what you sounded like to other people. I never sounded good. In fact, I have always had such a weirdly limited range or something that I never can sing all of the Happy Birthday song without stopping at some point. Apparently singing the same songs hundreds of times a week is paying off. Yay, parenthood!

Potential Halloween costume, if I can find a larger size:


15 1/2 Weeks

September 14th, 2007


Bath time! Do not fear, there is a saddle-like thing that juts up between her legs to keep her from sliding down when I am taking the photo.


This was a first today. Katya whacks these toys a lot but never holds on. Today she grabbed hold of the monkey and held on for a long, long time, shaking it. I was watching to see if she got mad about it being stuck to her hand. Sure enough, about a minute after I took this she started crying and I had to pry her hand off. Bad monkey!

More Milestones

September 13th, 2007

In the last week, Katya, for the first time,

  1. laughed (I think)
  2. blew a raspberry
  3. sucked her thumb on her own without help or encouragement (making INCREDIBLY loud slurping noises)
  4. started pulling her knees up a lot–what strong little abs she has now!
  5. noticed her feet

She is very big. Oh so big. Probably 13 lbs after this last growth spurt. The 0-3 month dresses still fit, but look like shirts.

We have been running errands/visiting like crazy this week. One day my Mom and Katya had this 20 minute cooing conversation in the back of the car that was absolutely hilarious.

Also, I went to my first meeting of the OC Babywearers Yahoo group. Very cool. I got to try different kinds of baby carriers. I want to get something that I can use to put Katya on my back.

Photos next time–gotta go hang with Bill.

14 1/2 Weeks

September 9th, 2007


Hey, whatcha doing in there?


Baby’s favorite things for snuggling (other than Mom and Dad): Amby Baby hammock, Nuk pacifier, and Yellow Blanket.  

Sleep has been a challenging thing this week. Katya needs to be back in bed within 2 hours of getting up or she gets very cranky/fussy. Sometimes it is just 1 or 1 1/2 hours. She has a new overtired cry that sounds like “Eng.”  I try to get Katya in bed by the 3rd yawn. But even then, she sometimes needs lots and lots of help actually getting to sleep. I can now sing our favorite lullaby (Tender Shepherd from Peter Pan) while reading.

Katya is very into sticking her tongue out and chewing on blankets suddenly. I think I mentioned last week that she is into pulling blankets over her head. She doesn’t really know how to get them off though so we have to fix that pretty frequently.

I know I will think of the other things I wanted to write as soon as I publish this. Hmmm. I read some good parenthood memoirs this week, called I Sleep at Red Lights, about triplets, and How My Breasts Saved The World, about nursing. We went to the play group I mentioned before, which was awesome, although Katya doesn’t really play that way yet and it is still a very alien social environment for me. The host is a raw foodist and made some AMAZING raw icebox pie, inspiring me to fantasize about learning how to make some raw bake goods. I made some of that Greek lemon-broccoli soup for the first time and it was just ridiculously good. Oh, there’s Miss Baby. Gotta go.

New Baby Interests

September 2nd, 2007
  1. Dad’s orange mug–whoa! Look at that thing move!
  2. Chewing on Mom’s finger while in the sling
  3. Drooling on said finger
  4. Our new book with giant photos of baby faces
  5. Whacking said book
  6. Any book that is of a song (mainly Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I’m a Little Teapot)
  7. Pat the Bunny
  8. Ceiling fans
  9. Using brute force to bust out of the velcroed swaddle blanket
  10. Spinning around in the office chair
  11. Watching lights twinkle on the modem
  12. Rolling on to her side to sleep
  13. Pulling blankets up over her face (yes we are careful about this)
  14. Red and white striped stuffed fish
  15. Lower lip trembling
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