Smoky But Totally Safe

October 24th, 2007

I’m starting to get a lot of emails so I thought I’d do a nonbaby post.
We live right on the other (south) side of the San Diego fwy (merges with Santa Ana) from Mission Viejo, south of Lake Mission Viejo (on bottom edge of map). Closest burnt area 10-15 miles away, and the area still burning seems to be on the far side of the burn area from us, if that makes sense.  We can see it at night and the air quality is mildly icky but we are in no danger. 1 friend in Siverado Canyon and 1 in Trabuco Canyon are evacuated. The 2nd may lose her house, the 1st I don’t think so. Modjeska Canyon, which sustained a bunch of burning, is home to my childhood favorite wildlife sanctaury. I think it is farther northeast than the burn area. I really really hope so. BTW it is named after Helen Modjeska–if nothing else you have to see this photo.  She was supposedly such a great actress that she once moved people to tears just by reciting the Polish alphabet!

We’re staying inside a lot to keep out of the smoke.

The Klutz Family Outdoes Themselves

October 15th, 2007

I was so proud that Katya was holding the pacifier so well, and then she stuck it right into her own eye. And then, I told her I wouldn’t whack her when I put her in the carseat this time, but managed to anyway. She got me back by accidentally scratching me horribly while nursing and absentmindedly pulling my hair out. Later, I was trying to put her sweater on while holding her, and she was wiggling. In desperation I tried to pull the sleeve down with my teeth and bit her finger instead. And so on, and so forth.


All of a sudden Katya is developing so much, and is so needy all of a sudden too. She is grabbing our faces, and glasses, sticking her little fingers up our noses. She is lying on a quilt on the floor more and more just looking around. She is actually picking up toys and eventually getting them in her mouth.


She is yelling at the toys bolted onto her swing because she can’t get them in her mouth. She is shoving both her hands in her mouth. She is noticing her clothes and trying to pick the pattern off them. Katya is trying so hard to do so many new things that she gets so, so, tired and worn out. She doesn’t want Daddy, she want Mommy. She doesn’t want the pacifier, she wants Mommy. She doesn’t want her bassinet, she wants Mommy. Fortunately, I like her a lot. I have been “wearing her down,” putting her in the front pack specifically for her to sleep. I’m done for now with the endless trying to get her to sleep in bed. I usually don’t care so much where she sleeps and it sure seems to matter a lot to her.

This week I got really excited about making baby leg warmers from women’s knee socks. Katya models:


In other news, Bill got rid of his beloved Sharky (Lancer Evo) and got a new Infiniti G35. It is cool because it has a camera in the rear bumper, and when you back up a screen on the dash shows you what is behind you.

Four Months, 1 Week: A Friend is Born

October 6th, 2007


At 9:59 on the night of the second, Evan James Condon was born to our good friends Jennifer and Sean. (You might know her as my matron of honor.)                   He’s the best elfiest little baby with big gorilla toes ever. He was 9 lbs something and over 21 inches long. I think Bill tried to spike his hair before the above photo.


We also had a nice visit with Grandma Michelle and Uncle Andy last weekend. Plus Jen Hamori and Klara visited this week, but I didn’t take any photos. They did bring awesome handmedowns though. Thanks guys!


In other baby news, Katya is suddenly able to deliberately grab things and pull them in and out of her mouth. Yesterday was the first time I had to tell her not to put something in her mouth. She also can now release a toy that she has grabbed. No more getting stuck to Mr. Monkey! Katya hasn’t rolled over again, but she is more into just lying on her back on the floor and checking things out these days. Her cooing vocabulary is expanding. We don’t understand most of it, but she is making a lot of new sounds.

The other organizer of my new elimination communication (baby pottying) group was in the local newspaper. OC needs an official Diaper Free Baby Mentor to have an official DFB group, so I just applied. We’ll see what happens with that. I’m not really an expert but I feel we’ll pretty competant at this point and I’d be happy to spread the word. Currently Katya has at least 75% of her poops in the potty, some days all of them. Bless her little heart, usually I manage to potty/change her right after she already peed but she’ll squeeze out a drop or 2 more for me. I know it’s just conditioning but I feel so loved.

Katya Rolled Over!

October 1st, 2007

On her 4 month birthday!

A bewildering experience for the little one.

She hadn’t had official tummy time for weeks, since carrying babies upright in slings/other babywearing things accomplishes most of the same goals. So she was suddenly VERY ready.

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