Happy New Year!

December 31st, 2007

Ah, parenthood. Here’s how we roll these days:

We went to a little kid New Years Party, hosted by a member of the local attachment parenting group. It started at 4 but we managed to get there around 5:30, since I had to eat my turkey and zucchini first, and Bill had a client call at 4. The host said they would do the countdown around 7 pm. Kayla, a two year old friend, gave Katya lots of pets, while her mom repeatedly reminded her not to squish the baby because “sometimes hugs scare babies, remember?” Katya pet her back. Ethan, another little guy in the group, educated me about the proper names of different kinds of trucks. A big nursing chain reaction was set off when Kayla started nursing, Katya noticed and made baby monkey mouth at my chest, and then Ethan looked up from the train table and said, “Baby naynay.” “Yes, the baby’s nursing,” I told him, at which point he requested “naynay” from his mom and tugged at her shirt. The cutest thing was that he popped off a minute later to check to see if Katya was still nursing too.

Maybe 10-15 minutes later our host brought around News Year stuff, very carefully selected: hats with no glitter, as it goes everywhere, and bicycle horn/metal grogger noisemakers, nothing that goes in the mouth so the kids don’t get each other sick. I spun a grogger in front of Katya a few times, and then she started crying really hard. We tried to calm her down, but the noise was making her really upset. I suspect our hosts may have sped the festivities up for her sake, because at 6:15 they had all the kids count down in the kitchen. Meanwhile, it becomes apparent that Kayla has cut her finger on her grogger. Furthermore, she strongly objects to the band aid. We give in and make the rounds saying goodbye. I try to distract Kayla by telling her that the baby wants to say goodbye. Kayla says, “No band aid! No band aid!” Katya looks at her and starts to cry again. I tell her that when I was a teacher we used to draw faces on our band aids. She objects to this face drawing I have suggested. As we make for the door, there is much adult discussion about what else you can draw on a band aid. When we reach the door, I realize I forgot the diaper bag in the other room. Miraculously, we get Miss Baby home and asleep by 7 with not too much trouble. She is fine for about 45 minutes, when she wakes up crying. She then wakes herself up 4 more times in the next hour by making weird little cries in her sleep. I have absolutely no doubt that she is having noisemaker  [typing interrupted by loud, awful baby scream out of the blue, which makes me jump and scream] nightmares.

I know you all have been missing baby photos, so here is one of Katya in a cute outfit from my cousin Sara (actually my 1st cousin once removed). Please note the thing growing on my husband’s face. Also, Miss Katya got too long for my favorite bunny outfit, so I had to take a photo of her in it before I packed it away. That’s one angry bunny!



 Happy happy 2008!

The Scorched Earth Diet

December 29th, 2007

Well, Katya is still pooping blood sometimes, and our pediatric GI specialist appointment was bumped back until January 21st. So I decided to go on the Dr. Sears Total Elimination Diet, which Bill has dubbed “The Scorched Earth Diet.” Nothing but turkey (or lamb, but I won’t eat that), pears, rice, millet, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and green and yellow squash for up to 2 weeks. Hopefully not more. I’m hoping her nasty green poop turns yellow again like when we eliminated dairy, so I’ll know when I can add foods back in. Then I can ad a new thing in every 4 days.

It sounds dreadful but I’m pretty excited. I have some Iron Chef feelings about this: Scorched Earth Challenge! There are SO many rice products out there, and I’ve never ever tried millet. Bill keeps trying to tell me that it is for birds. Plus I have been craving sweet potato fries for a while. Yum. We stocked up on a bunch of stuff tonight, and while I need to pick up a few more things, I think I will be able to start tomorrow. My only concern is that is going to be hard to not eat out. That’s especially a shame since we like to take Grandpa out. Oh, and I don’t want to lose weight. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Some Very Good Holiday, and Some Very Bad Too

December 26th, 2007

Well. There are a few reasons I haven’t posted in several weeks.

One big thing that happened was that we made a seemed-like-an-emergency-but-wasn’t-so-much-in-the-end last minute trip to Phoenix last week for 2 days. Katya, Mom and I visited cousins. We had a great time. Katya was fantastic the whole time, and aside from a few “WHAT is that feeling in my head?!?” looks on the plane, was totally OK with all the travelling. She impresses me constantly.

We returned on Thursday, and then Friday my grandma died,  my mom’s mom Norma Darch who lived locally. She loved Katya more than anything and I’m so glad she lived long enough to have some time with her. We knew that this was coming, and while I’m a little sad I’m mostly just happy for her that she had such a long and interesting life.  86 is not so shabby. My grandparents were married for 65 years. They lived in Iran for a while in the 70s, these cute sort of stereotypical loud middle-aged Jewish people, and my grandma always loved to say “Hello, how are you” to Persian strangers in Farsi. She worked in the Pentagon during WWII, which I always thought was awesome. When her kids were young but in school she stayed home and painted every day. Into their 80s my grandparents went on cruises around the world. There’s a lot more I could say, but I’ll just leave it at this: she was a really sweet grandma, and I will miss her. I know this is goofy cropping, but here’s a picture of her with Katya.


My grandpa’s alone now, and while he was always wandering off to putter by himself, I expect I’ll be over there a lot more.

More about Katya and the holiday later.

Photos, as promised

December 12th, 2007


These are from the Ocean Institute in Dana Point. Sandi and I are in/under this tank that you climb under so it feels and looks like you are in there with the fish.



Apple Scented Poop!!!

December 10th, 2007

We gave Katya a slice of green apple to gnaw on Saturday (the 8th), and she decided she liked it. We gave her some more Sunday. Sunday she also had one spectacularly apple scented poop. It made me want to give her apples every day.

 Sandi is visiting from West Virginia by way of Taiwan. I will post a cute photo or 2 from our visit soon.

 Bill is watching really stupid reality TV right now. We have discovered that both he and Snoop Dogg love to vacuum.

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