Tushy Bum Bottom

January 26th, 2008

We saw the pediatric GI specialist. And she said (drumroll please) “Your baby clearly has a food allergy!” She looked at lab results for blood tests done months and months ago, and said there was a weirdly high level of something that indicated an allergy. It’s so nice that nobody told us that before. I would have done all this diet stuff ages ago had I known that. The doctor said that the little spots of blood we see most often are from the anal fissures, and not even internal. She also said that it’s probably a lymph thing or something like that, because babies with ulcerative colitis aren’t this big and happy. We may get some scope-y thing done in a month. Bleh. She said worst comes to worst, just keep breastfeeding and ignoring the blood and it will go away.

The doctor also said that Katya can be physically fine until at least 9 months with no table foods, but we should introduce them sooner so she doesn’t run the risk of hating the texture of food for the rest of her life. WHAT?!?! That’s such a load of bull. I did research and only some really damaged/sick kinds have a window of opportunity for introducing solids. Although it is not my plan, lots of kids are totally or almost only breastfed to 1 year and are fabulously healthy. I think the implication was, start now or you may never be able to wean her. I am really not concerned that my baby will be nursing in high school and refusing all other foods because they are not milky in texture. We will start when I figure out what is wrong with my baby, or Bill can’t take it anymore, whichever comes first. Meanwhile, we will give her vitamin drops for part of the month before/after shots.  

So, meanwhile, I have been recording my food/Katya’s tummy problems most of the time for almost a month. I knew something we loved and ate all the time had to be at least part of the problem, and now I have a sad suspicion that it is brocolli and cauliflower. Oh, little trees, how I love you. Brocolli is one of Bill’s favorite things in the world too. Katya had an angry tummy the 2 nights we had pasta with cauliflower this week but not the day in between when we ate something else. I feel really bad when I realize that when she was just born we ate the prewashed & chopped bags of brocolli from Trader Joe’s almost every night, and she was up half the night crying from the gas. Por, poor baby. As soon as her tummy feels better I will do an experiment where I eat a lot of tomatoes without the cauliflower, to make sure it wasn’t the tomato sauce. I just added tomatoes into my diet this week. I don’t have much hope for that being the issue though since she had the same problem after I ate brocolli a couple of other times this month. Once I figure that out I will reintroduce corn. We are going to Tucson to visit my dad’s side of the family on Feb 7th and I want to be able to eat out easily. All the convenience/restaurant food in the world seems to have corn oil or corn starch or corn syrup so crossing that off the list will be really freeing.

 In other tushy news, I took all the leftover new baby money people gave us and bought more fancy cloth diapers, in anticipation of our trip. So, if you were one of those people who gave it to us, thank you! Photos will show up at some point. There’s a nice cow print one.

Also, I got my preliminary acceptance letter from the Diaper Free Baby Mentor application I submitted months and months ago, and now have to decide if I want to follow through with that. Hmmm.

First Shopping Cart Ride!

January 19th, 2008

Tonight in Trader Joes! Thank goodness for that excitement because without it I probably would have cried about how few groceries I could buy with this stupid diet. Corn syrup, corn starch, soybean oil, soy lecithin, and soy sauce lurk in the most unlikely food products. I’m ignoring citric acid out of desperation but avoiding lemon juice. Plus tomatoes, that’s a real problem with soups and Indian food. I added wheat in yesterday though and so far so good. Next I think will be tomato or almonds.

Milestone Wannabes

January 17th, 2008

Today, I had Katya on her tummy with an array of Exciting Things around her, just barely out of reach. She wanted the eggs wisk. Oh boy, did she want it. She could touch it with her fingertips but not grasp it. So of course she wiggled and fussed and wriggled and turned herself a full 360 degrees around. (No, she didn’t roll over–she rotated on her tummy.) Then, FINALLY, she was close enough to pick up the egg wisk. Yay, Katya! Except…she no longer seemed to notice that it existed. I smacked the wisk on the ground a few times to get her attention, and she grabbed it, and was happy. And it was good.

Also, Katya has been making some noises that sound like she could be trying to say “up.” She sometimes says “uhhh” or “puh puh” at appropriate times. We have been saying “up” almost every time we pick her up for the last month or so, which makes it a good candidate for first word. Except…she doesn’t seem to be excited about saying it, and I think it’s a coincidence. Maybe she’s not thrilled about speaking because EVERYTHING that comes out of her mouth is very clear to her, but I don’t think we can count this. Babycenter.com, which makes me very angry with the things it says about baby feeding, weaning, etc., but seems good re: milestones, says that babies may say “mama”-type stuff as young as 4 months but most kids don’t get first words until around a year.

Hawaii in My Baby’s Mouth

January 16th, 2008


There are 4 teeth erupting one right after another, like a row of volcanic islands. You can see the one on our left is almost all the way out and the fourth one down is just barely cutting through the gum. She had a teething fever for a miserable day and a half but I think we’re done with that now.  She got a few shots right around then too so that didn’t help. Speaking of which, she was 19 lbs 12 oz fully dressed!  (Also: we have new penguin sheets!)


Thumb chewing is totally THE hot thing to do around here these days. (Check out how Katya is holding Bill’s shirt while he changes her. She had been chewing on it a moment earlier. SO cute!)


Also, not baby related but… This is the brain hair clip I made Angie for Christmas. She is in med school. Angie made a cute hat for Katya but I haven’t gotten to take a photo yet. It has been INSANE around here lately and I have not taken many pictures at all. Max the dog is staying with us for one. Katya and I have enjoyed walking him a lot more than I expected.

I Give Up!

January 11th, 2008

Katya pooped blood again! I think it was because extra teething spit irritated her still angry insides, and she was straining a lot. I know something was helping with the diet, but come on! I am starving! So, I freaked out last night and made rice and beans with green salsa. My new plan is to avoid all the common baby sensitivity/allergy foods: shellfish, eggs, soy, anything with caffeine, tomatoes, citrus, wheat, corn, and nuts. And of course still no dairy. I will start adding them back in gradually. It sounds crazy but I think I can maybe eat some asian food out now, and I can make my favorite lentil soup. Any other ideas? I am really burnt out on hummus from before this diet.

7 Months!

January 9th, 2008

Well, the Scorched Earth diet is at least partially working, I think. Somebody’s poop is looking healthy again. I added sunflower seeds back in to my diet. I’m kind of hungry. I will start on avocados next.

New baby stuff in the past month: 

  1. Katya cut a new upper tooth 5 days ago, and at least 1 more is on the way.
  2. Last week Katya noticed Bill’s tattoos for the first time. She started petting and whacking at them, trying to figure it out. It makes me want to have a bunch more kids to see how long it takes them. )
  3. Katya wanted to write in her blog for the first time, too. She says: ei8hth  0o-m     ommmmmmmmm7t k  nn n m   nx0gnbm         j  yi j iv nvc6tgtttggtgf5d5t6nbvnbnbnbn b90bujbvv
  4. Katya has discovered banging one object on another.
  5. She now flings a toy she is done with instead of dropping it.
  6. Katya has discovered hair and is fascinated with it.
  7. Also new and WONDERFUL to Miss Baby: my pajama buttons and birds flying overhead.
  8. She actually SELF SOOTHES a tiny bit. She chews on her thumb with it in the corner of her mouth.
  9. Katya has rejected the pacifier.
  10. Also, new babies! Welcome to Aiden, born to Paul and Tammy, and Ivan, spawn of Dan and Gaby. You 2 are so stinking cute.

The last month has been very difficult. Now Grandpa is in the hospital, for one. As the water started to pour out of the baseboard and electrical outlet in my living room after midnight Friday, soaking the emergency legal paperwork I had started to fill out earlier in the day, I had some Book of Job feelings. Bleh. Thank goodness for my amazingly cute, mindblowingly good natured baby and husband.

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