I Love It When Mommy Shares the Cool Vibrating Thing

February 26th, 2008

Bill wants me to tell you that it is a toothbrush.

My Baby’s SO Smart

February 25th, 2008

A day or 2 ago Bill was wearing his Tickles the Tapeworm shirt. There is an unhappy face on the stomach that looks like this: :  ( . Katya was staring and staring at it. Then, suddenly, she looked down and pulled at the front of her pajamas, to see if there was something like that on her!!!!!

We have just discovered that if you say “guh” to Katya, she says “guh” back. Often this is preceded by a whiny noise I can’t spell. It seems to mean “I love you,” or something like that but broader, like, “This makes me happy.” I used to say “I love you too,” but now that we say “uuuhh guh” back, it really tickles her. She was cranky the other day, and then when we both told her that, she got all smily.

Also, if Katya is lying down, or sitting up, and you hold your hands out in front of her in the right way and say “up,” she will grab your fingers and pull herself into a standing position. Then she smiles really big like she’s proud of herself. She still isn’t crawling, but if you give her hands to hold on to when she is standing up, she will take steps towards things. We saw a little toddler girl creeping around the edge of a both at a restaurant and Bill thinks Katya was watching very closely to figure out how to do that.

Scariest Baby Photos Ever

February 18th, 2008


Werehusband with “drunk” baby.


“Ghost town” in Tucson

 In other news: Katya is very into “clapping,” which she does with limp hands and an up and down motion.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14th, 2008


Eight Months

February 3rd, 2008


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