Almost 10 months

March 25th, 2008

Miss K was 20 lbs, 14 oz and 28 inches long/tall at our appointment last week.

Katya is starting to turn the pages of books! I put a board book called SPLASH!, which features photos of babies bathing/swimming, in front of her potty so it would be available for bath time. Little did I know that this would begin the “Again! Again!” phase of our parenting. Katya grabs it pretty much every time she is on the potty, and SHE DOESN’T PUT IT IN HER MOUTH, which is huge for her. She wants us to read it AGAIN! I quickly added Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Now that I am reading that 3 plus times a day I think maybe I’ll put more shorter books there though. It is a joy to see her face reflected in the mirror while I read to her. Her eyes are bouncing all over the place! Plus she has such a beautiful smile.

Also: she is starting to scoot backwards a little!

It takes a little work to keep dog toys from the baby and baby toys from the dog.

Nine and a Half Months

March 15th, 2008

New favorites:

  1. Chewing on straps
  2. Tags
  3. Buttons
  4. Saying “ba ba ba ba ba”
  5. Max the dog
  6. Holding up the sheet to look at the penguins
  7. Pulling herself up into a sitting or standing position (holding on to our hands)
  8. Playing the djembe (drum)
  9. Story time at the library
  10. Absentmindedly undoing the velcro on her diaper
  11. Gallop! by Rufus Seder, “A Scanimation Picture Book” (the thing to buy for the little people in your life this year)

I seem to have the only baby on earth who is not interested in bubbles.

Tooth number 7 (and maybe number 8) is on its way.

Mom and Dad’s favorite new baby thing: DINOSAUR SOCKS!

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