Katya is 1 year old!!!!!

May 31st, 2008

The Big Birthday was yesterday!

Katya’s cake of choice = rice cake!

2 days ago she said “rice cake!” Clear as a bell, but kinda like a chipmunk. Bill and I both heard it.

Not that she is talking AT ALL otherwise. A mimicry semi-fluke.

Our tini, pretty much family-only party today had a dog theme. Here is the adult cake:

Max is being punished for biting our beloved houseguest Megan by being stabbed in effigy by a fork.

The napkins said “Wipe your paws.” )

First Swim in the Pool and Shower Today!

May 18th, 2008

2 baby thumbs up!

Katya’s First Mushy Baby Food!

May 17th, 2008


Reaction: Eh, so-so.

I think Katya would like the actual piece of steamed carrot in one of those mesh feeder things more. I will get one next week. And after we do carrots for 4 days, we can try something else sweeter. She LOVES super sweet cherry Tylenol, so it’s not a big surprise that watery carrot mush didn’t excite her.

We went high chair shopping today. Oh, the decisions. Do we get the one with the tray, or the one that pulls up to the table and converts to a toddler and then kid/adult chair?

In other news, my baby waves bye-bye into the toilet when we flush.

11 and a half months

May 14th, 2008

Katya loves the clear crinkly covers of library books. I had to laugh and run for the camera when I saw her trying to eat this one that I left on the bed when she was napping. 

Here’s another thing I found Miss Baby doing for fun when I was making my lunch the other day. Shoe waving, thumb chewing, and somehow intentionally sticking your leg under the couch is part of the game.

We went back to the petting zoo with mom and had some serious bunny time. The sheep are a hit too–Katya says “baa baa” when she sees photos of sheep now.

carrot time with bunny

We were all set to start Katya on solids today, FINALLY, after many recent delays, and then last night she starting cutting a really painful tooth. She won’t even hardly let us put Tylenol in her mouth so oh well. She’s healthy and happy. We can wait.

In other new developments, we have officially reached the phase of Dropping Things To See What Happens. Katya just figured out how to bang 2 cups together to make a big noise. She also drinks from one by herself in the tub. My sweet baby also loves to offer us nibbles of whatever she has been chewing on.

Plans are afoot for the First Birthday. We’re planning just a little family lunch. Megan is flying down from the Bay Area and I’m really looking forward to it.

Folks have been asking me what to get her and it’s a hard question to answer. Of course nobody need get anything, but I wanted to provide info for anyone who was wondering.  We are really concerned about plastics–toxic hardeners, toxic softeners, the whole lead issue–and are trying to eliminate a lot of it from Miss Katya’s home environment. Also, she isn’t that interested in plain stuffed animals yet, and ones that sing or move by themselves have been known to make her to cry. Katya does like things that make sounds when she does something. She has a xylephone, a drum (really it’s Bill’s), a giant jiggle bell, and a “cow in a can,” and these are her favorite toys. She is really into books with very big flaps right now. We have “Where’s Spot?” and “Where’s Baby’s Belly Button?” Katya also seems to really like age-appropriate Maisy stuff. We have the bed book and bath book, and all 3 of us adore them.

Katya is moving into size18 month clothes. We have gotten 2 big wonderful loads of handmedowns recently (thank you Michelle and Jen & Emile!). What we seem to still need is tank tops and t-shirts, without crotch snaps, that could go with all the mostly fairly bright pastel bottoms we’ve been given. Of course anything cute that shows up will get used.

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