Almost 13 months

June 28th, 2008

Tooth brushing! Yes, she does get the brushy end in her mouth quite often.

Today Katya said “Mom” for the first time. I know she meant to because she looked right at me, practiced making the shape of the word without making any noise, and then said it out loud.

Also new today: kidney beans! Yummy, and much easier to pick up/less messy than black beans.

Here’s one more cute picture of Katya loving our couch’s couch:

Teddy Puff Monster

June 27th, 2008

Bean Beard

June 27th, 2008

Potty hat

June 27th, 2008

Mom is having jaw surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona on Monday, June 30th. Katya and I are flying out with her and staying 4 days. Mom will be in the hospital at least 2 weeks. She has cousins in the area, thank goodness.

Today my mother-in-law’s foot was run over by a golf cart, and we found out Grandpa’s foot is fractured from a fall. What is going on?!?!

Yesterday I was picking Mom up from the hospital, where she was having some pre-op tests done, and the wheelchair-helper lady opened the back door of my car and exclaimed, “Oh, look at the cute sleeping baby!” thereby waking up said baby.

Today, Katya’s neighbor friend Luka got bitten by an emu.

Also, today I went around the corner in the bathroom for a moment when Katya was sitting on her potty on the floor, looking at books. When I came back she was lying on the floor, wearing the potty like a hat, flailing a little bit and making some minor noises of annoyance.  I wish I could have gotten a picture but it would have been mean to leave her like that while I got the camera.

Is the moon full? Is it just me? Are things a little weird around here? Katya is a little out of sorts, and we’re not sure why.

On the mundane side, Katya started eating rice, defrosted frozen peas, and dried mango.

Developmental EXPLOSION! Oh Yeah!

June 21st, 2008

In the past 4 days, Katya has:

  1. Mastered full on crawling–which led to several days of crawling in her sleep, once off the bed
  2. Become incredibly confident about pulling herself up and cruising around the furniture from one end of the room to the other
  3. Discovered black beans. She LOVES the black beans, thank goodness. Self-feeding with pincer grasp, check!
  4. Had her first toothbrushing experience in which she BRUSHED HER OWN TEETH!
  5. Started using baby signs! After 10 months of me feeling like an idiot, panting every time I said “dog,” Katya started doing it sometimes. She’s so proud and excited.
  6. Started saying at least 1 thing that sounds like a word each day.

Also, you should know that when I swung by Grandpa’s house today it was 107 degrees there. Outside, thank goodness, but seriously. 107 degrees.

Food food food, glorious food!

June 18th, 2008

We have turned the corner with the table foods!

My baby likes to eat! Yeah! She’s trying new things! She isn’t having any bad reactions! It’s actually getting 100% digested! Katya Sophia has figured out how to chew!

Still no mushy/slimy/”baby” foods, but today Katya WAS into hard boiled egg yolk. And whites too. We’ll keep an eye out for a few days to make sure there’s no problem. Don’t be fooled by the spoon. Nobody is using a spoon to feed Miss Baby around here. She Will Not Have It.

Katya has eaten: lettuce, cooked and raw carrot–she LOVES baby carrots, cooked and raw brocolli, raw apple, orange, and lots and lots of “Teddy Puffs” cereal. It’s a lot like organic cheerios but in bear head shapes. The cereal has replaced ricecakes for now.

Oh, yes, and Baby Tylenol. We’re having a teetheaganza around here. I just thought this was so funny. Somehow Katya stood up while on the potty, and ended up sitting back down with her feet in to take the Tylenol.

Katya is also really developing motor skills like CRAZY. She’s pulling herself up a ton, cruising around the edges of the furniture, doing an official, old-school crawl instead of scooting/rolling, and LOVES to walk around with help. Naturally this has led to much finger pinching in drawers and cabinets, but so far they are all still attached.

Oh, and she’s heavy. How heavy? I don’t know. More than 23, but not more than 25, I’m sure. She’s a big chunk of baby.

Photo problem–yes, I know

June 6th, 2008

My beloved webmaster was trying to make all my thumbnails clickable and accidentally erased all my photos from 2008. I will be adding them back in gradually so I don’t go insane.

Now I am the same age as Jesus!

June 4th, 2008

Sort of. The same age he was when he was crucified, anyway. That’s so weird.

I had a wonderful birthday. Megan and I went to San Juan Capistrano. We got my favorite fruit salad at this cool Mexican place. It is jicama, cucumber, mango, orange, and watermelon with chili, lime, and salt. YUM. Then we went to the SJC library bookstore. I got a book about the history of the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota, a biography of a circus elephant, and a pop-up book about big machines. Awesome! Then we went out for Peruvian food! Plus, Megan got me a dark chocolate marzipan bar. )

Anyway, I hadn’t been able to put photos up here for a while, so here are a few more.

Katya’s first highchair experience at home. “Sweet potatoes? No thanks, mom. But you know what would really hit the spot?”

Yesterday’s slightly more successful feeding experience. Katya will not accept spoon feeding, or spoon feed herself, despite LOVING to chew on and play with spoons. I think she likes the taste of the pear sauce on the dishes she’s mouthing though.

Chair surfing!

Max inserts himself between his baby and Megan, the Interloper.

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