Why You Shouldn’t Leave Shoes Next to the Highchair

July 22nd, 2008

Some of you have heard the story of these shoes. I wear them every day. They were so expensive I didn’t wear them for over a month after I bought them because I was worried they wouldn’t be perfect and I couldn’t return them worn and all that money would be wasted. I bought them using the $100 mall gift certificate I won in the library Adult Summer Reading Program last year. (Incidentally, I just got a call from the library and it turns out I won the weekly prize–Starbucks gift card!) They are from Israel. They have cork insoles like Birkenstocks. I cleaned them up. They are ok.

In other baby news, Katya climbed enthusiastically up her first flight of stairs today! Twice! It was her idea, too. She just giggled and took off crawling for the stairs at her little friend Jake’s house.

13 1/2 months

July 21st, 2008

Last Tuesday the 15th Katya took her first step without holding onto anything. Just one step and then plopped on her bum. But, you know, woo hoo!

Hmmmm. What else. Bill says Katya said “lamb” today. She is totally into freeze-dried mango and can get “mang” out sometimes. It’s hard that ”mom,” “mang(o),” and I think “more,” most often sound the same. K started looking me right in the eye and saying it so it is not babbling, at least sometimes. Then when you give her mango she says “mang” or “ma” or “mom” in a little happy voice.

There’s also A LOT of panting. We think it sometimes is just excitement or babbling, but we’re not sure. I know it at least usually means dog.  I’m pretty sure that when there aren’t any around Katya is often telling me that we previously saw dogs. Every couple of days Katya will start panting frantically and I’ll look around and see a dog I hadn’t noticed. She doesn’t pant at many pictures of dogs. She does always pant at the sled dogs in our Twinkle Twinkle Little Star book. Katya also pants when she wakes up a lot, especially if she sees Max or hears his collar jingle.

We just got back from Megan’s parents’ beach house in Morro Bay.


Today Katya had her first conked out toddler nap on something that is not a mom or a bed. I wish you could see how her eyes are partially open in this picture.

13 months!

July 5th, 2008

Katya has been VERY into pulling everything out of my wallet lately. I kept the card keys from my hotel for her, and she is quite pleased that there are now “credit cards” lying around in the living room at all times. Bill tells me that when he read her a touch and feel book she “felt” each textured part with the card key she was holding in her hand.

Yesterday Katya fed me for the first time, putting a Teddy Puff in my mouth. Yum! She also ate huge handfuls of rice at a Chinese restaurant, and saw her first little fireworks. Bill set off a bunch of fountain-type fireworks in front of his mom’s house. Katya didn’t smile for the first one, and I wondered if she was going to burst into tears on the second, but she started clapping and cooing.

I’ve been meaning to write that when we got home, Katya was happy to see Max, but she was THRILLED to see our CD collection. She laughed and cooed and waved her hands and feet around. That’s pretty much her favorite toy.

Mom is doing great, by the way.

Back From Phoenix

July 2nd, 2008

Mom is doing well. That’s all I wanted to say for now, in case anyone was worried.

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