August 17th, 2008

Probably the only cute photo of me sans baby since I gave birth:

 Hmmmm…come to think of it, that’s probably the only time I’ve worn makeup since I gave birth…maybe I should do that more often…)

Katya drum drum drumming (much reading of Hands Hands Fingers Thumb here lately):

Quality time with Maisy (I LOVE this illustration of Maisy as an old lady):

Katya says “bye” and “eyes” and “up” a bajillion times a day now. She says other words too, but those 3 are nonstop. I took her to the pet store to get some stuff for Max, and after staring at the corn snakes for a full minute (while I made the obligatory hissing noises) she said “Eyes.” The iguanas? “Eyes.” The anoles? “Eyes.”

My Rockin’ Toddler

August 10th, 2008

As of the middle of the week, Katya is walking across rooms without holding on to anything! We officially have a toddler!

She JUST said what I totally consider to be her 1st sentence. It sounded like “Meh meh bvvvvvv.” NATURALLY this means “Maisy is vacuuming.”

Katya regularly works herself into a Maisy frenzy and asks that we read every Maisy book in the house at once. I have a ton more on request at the library.

New exciting foods in the last few days: wheat spaghetti (planned) and potato chips (unplanned but loved very much)

Katya is very into eyes right now. She saw a neighbor dog peeking through the rail of her balcony and said, “Eyes!” She also likes pointing to people’s noses.

14 Months

August 7th, 2008

Katya is starting to walk 2 or 3 steps without holding on to anything!

New sounds: cat meow and vacuum brrrrrr

New words: eggs, bump, keys, Maisy (often sounds like mom/mango/Max/more: “ma” or “mama”)

New annoying habit she learned from us: Yelling “Ma! Ma!” (Max) whenever she hears a dog bark

New teeth: oh, yes indeedy

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