October 31st, 2008

Things Katya knows about Halloween:

1. “Pump!” (kins, that is)

2. Did NOT want to get off the mini train at the park! NOOOOO!

3. So many people! I hear you talking about their outfits but I can’t focus on any of them!

4. “Up!” Carry me. Too late, too many people.

5. Why should I pick things up out of that bucket? Huh? I don’t want that stuff.

6. “Lights! Tree!” I like to look at the yards at night! (The ones with no decorations, naturally.)

7. “Spide!”

8. I like “honey” bears! (Teddy Grahams) “Honey!” If it’s good enough for the Owl and the Pussycat, it’s good enough for me.

9. “Bat!” We read a great new picture book today. It’s called Bats at the Library.

17 Months!

October 29th, 2008

Toddler Deep Thought: The lid is a hat! For the bowl!!! OMG!

Katya conked out after a Halloween party. (Note the “I love my mummy” shirt.)

Bill got a “spider” painted on his face at said party and Katya LOVED it.


New skill K is excited about: whacking pillows while yelling, “Fluff! Fluff!”

New favorite pastime: Standing On Chairs. Sometimes Dancing On A Chair. Sometimes naked.

Favorite books of the week: Up! by Kristine O’Connell George, about playing with Daddy, and Simon Visits the Doctor.


October 23rd, 2008

Well! Katya has been getting up earlier (read: getting less sleep) and also, Saturday night and Sunday I ate butter! I was doing a dairy-eating experiment. She seemed OK the next day or so, no tummy troubles, but we did notice a few red spots all over her body. Hmmmm. Plus she has been fusstastic this week. Katya now does this leg-kicking, whining thing when you pick her up and she doesn’t want you to that kind of cracks me up. I’m keeping an eye on it to see if it lessens once the spots go away and the dairy is out of my system.

Other new things:

  1. Sticking her tongue out to imitate frogs in books
  2. “Me!” “Mine!” No “no” yet, thank goodness.
  3. Putting lids on/ taking them off and saying “off”
  4. Pretend play with stuffed animals, like making the cat jump on the bed. She also was running around the house with a tiny stuffed sheep yelling “Baa! Baa!”
  5. Katya cctually talked into the phone this week. It took about 10 minutes for her to warm up/work it out, but then she started yelling “Hi! Hi!” into my cell phone with a Very Serious look on her face.
  6. Oh thank goodness, Katya is finally eating fresh fruit almost regularly. She has warmed up to thin apple slices.
  7. “Geese! Geese!” at the park when Bill takes her in our new running stroller.
  8. First puppet show! We saw Puff the Magic Dragon at the library. Katya ran around a lot but was definitely interested. When the dragon and camel bobbed their heads, she bobbed hers too.
  9. Running around bare bottomed. I let her do this as an experiment a few times lately since she has been running off that way. The first time she peed herself she got mad. The second she didn’t seem to care, or at least hadn’t had a chance to yet when I came swooping in annoyed that there was pee in my closet. I’m not totally against it but this is definitely not something I am currently trying to schedule into our day.
  10. First non-repeating use of a color word! We almost always hold up 2 night diapers and ask her which one she wants, giving her the name for each color or pattern. One night this week Bill held 2 up and before he said anything Katya said, “Pink. Pink! Pink!”

Katya’s favorite books this week are an early reader called Hiccups for Elephant and an adult art book called When Elephants Paint by Komar and Melamid. We have also been relieved that Katya has been chosing to read some books  about visiting the doctor we’ve left lying around. Katya will need shots twice in the next month and it has been so long since she’s been to the doctor that it will likely be Totally Weird and New for her. I mean, it would have been, if she hadn’t been reading these books all the time.

Sorry, no decent photos this week.

Pony Ride!

October 19th, 2008

Today we took Katya to the Fall Festival at the Enviromental Nature Center in Newport. She had her first pony ride and LOVED it. She has been interested in horses lately. Katya also had an AWESOME time in the mini petting zoo. She had never seen a donkey outside of her beloved book Farm Donkey. When the ducks drank out of their bowl it gave her the giggles. There was a lot of baaing at sheep. Next we went in the butterfly house with our little neighbor friend Luka. It is the end of the season so they pretty much only had Monarchs but the kids really liked looking at them. Last we ran around on the trails. Katya was really hiking! We kept waiting for her to ask to be picked up but she kept trucking along.

16 1/2 months

October 15th, 2008

and we still have this one birthday party decoration up, because our baby LOVES it.

I totally need to go to bed but I don’t want to forget all this new stuff that is happening!

Katya has just gotten interested in stuffed animals in the last month, as she learns to say their names. Her favorites are the cat, elephant, ducks, and owl that usually live up on top of the bathroom cabinet.

There are a bunch of wind up toys in the video she is really into, and she loves owls, so I thought Katya would probably like a wind up barn owl I found. Noooooo. She liked it before it moved. When I wound it up and put it on the floor, she started crying, picked it up, and thrust it towards me. I’m still a little confused with the grabbing the thing that upset her reaction. I guess she wasn’t really scared, just ???

Katya is picking up funny noises like crazy. My nose was running a lot yesterday from the dry weather and by the end of the day she was putting my handkerchief up to her face and making a nose blowing sound. Katya knows almost all the sounds of all the animals in the games in Bill’s IPhone. Apparently she makes all the sounds along with the game, except when the pig “oinks,” she says, “pig.” 

Last night when I was lying in bed waiting for Bill to finish brushing his teeth I tried to count all the words Katya has used repeatedly. I got up to about 45! Today she said “house” and “clock” for the first time too, plus repeated something random like someone’s last name I think. There have been a number of words I declared as new vocabulary in the blog that we haven’t heard again. Katya said “dog” a few times a long time ago, stopped, and now says “pup.” “Bark” disappeared I think. She said “teeth” a number of times a while ago when she was teething and we were talking about them CONSTANTLY. Then she stopped, even when given the opportunity during body part books that she otherwise chimes in on. Now it is a new and exciting word again. Also of note: “Up” continues to mean up/down/open and maybe close/on/off (in the case of the refrigerator light.) Water is referred to as “ice.” An enormous number of things are expressed as “eyes”: I’m tired so my eyes are tired, look there’s an animal with eyes, I have sun in my eyes, this awful dry weather is bothering my eyes, look once we saw a cat on that patio and it had eyes, I want to watch the video with the eyes in it….which sounds like “ice,” so I am sometimes confused.

I thought at first that Katya was mistaking other things for peas but it turns out that “peas” (slightly different tone of voice from actual “peas”) actually means “please.” I also love how she requests something by saying “more,” (“mah”) even though she usually hasn’t had any yet.  The best is the times when she then immediately nods slowly and emphatically, anticipating my question of, “You want —-?”

Katya is definitely still a Friend of Maisy but the days of reading 12 Maisy books in a row are over. Given the choice of a box of books she usually picks something else, aside from Maisy, Charley, and the Wobbly Tooth, Maisy Dresses Up (“Up!”) , and Sweet Dreams Maisy. The hit today was the pop-up book The Wide-Mouthed Frog–“Mouth!”. We also have a very exciting pop-up scratch and sniff book about fruit that she is pretty into. It is ridiculously cute when my baby sniffs things. This is a new skill in the past few weeks.

Daddy Shares His Love For Richard Scarry

October 13th, 2008

Best dinner conversation moment this week, paraphrased:

“Up! Up!”

“Yes, the cup of a wine glass is held up by a leg. It’s like Lowly Worm. It stands on one leg, with one foot.”

“The leg is called a stem. Like a flower. Look! Like this.”

Exciting Diaper Failure #9

October 12th, 2008

“Owls! Owls!”

October 11th, 2008

Friday Night Family Date

October 10th, 2008

Tonight for our Friday Night Family Date we went to Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, Barnes and Noble, and Pet Smart. Katya was very excited to eat rice and beans. At the bookstore Katya was beside herself–so many books! So many new words I can say! “Horse! Horse! Horse! Pig! Cat! Book! Puppy! Cat! [Long exclamation in Martian!] Horse! Elephant! Aaaaaaah!” The way she was running around like a maniac, if you didn’t know her you’d think she couldn’t sit still for a book, period. Meanwhile we read a bajillion every day. Today’s favorites: The Owl and the Pussycat illustrated by Paul Galdone, read 3 times, and The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle, 4 times.

The best thing about my day is that after her nap Katya told me, “Potty.” For the first time! And when I took her to the potty she pooped. For a kid who does 98% of her poops in the potty Katya had a strangely high number of diaper poops this week, and she HATES getting her bottom scrubbed off after them. I told her that she could avoid it by asking for the potty. Apparently she listened. Far out.

“Eyes! Eyes!”

October 7th, 2008

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