Almost One and a Half!

November 28th, 2008

We had a nice Thanksgiving. We took Grandpa to an animal rescue benefit dinner where people brought their dogs! Katya and Grandpa LOVED it. Katya discovered that she liked cooked mushrooms. She also discover that she did NOT like black olives. Poor thing, I think she thought it was a grape. Speaking of which, she also now likes spicy Thai shredded papaya salad & baby corn.

We had a great visit with Jfer and little Evan today. Evan shares Katya’s interest in eyes and putting things on your head and calling them hats.

Katya’s BIG interests at this time are: Max, eyes, elephants, eggs, popcorn, pumpkins, going in the jogging stroller to see ducks and geese, painting/making other pictures, and owls. Her lesser interests include bikes, cats and dogs (especially ones that live in our neighborhood), crows, mice, frogs, sheep, the moon, airplanes, the garbage truck, dolphins, whales, bees, butterflies, spiders, fireflies, and honey. She still likes her Maisy stories but isn’t a huge fan in general. She’s mostly over the vacuum.

This week Katya has been having a lot of fun transferring Easter eggs from a carton to the colander, sometimes yelling “Boom!”

Most adorable moments of the week: Katya lying down on the floor out of exhaustion for the first time, Katya lying on the floor and saying, “Help! Help!” so someone would “smush” her for the first time, and Katya chiming in with me while I sang The Owl and the Pussycat. “The owl looked up at the…STARS above and sang to a small….’TAR…”

Hot books around here this week are the pop-up book Brush Your Teeth Please, Elephants Can Paint Too (the kiddo version of the adult book she loves, When Elephants Paint), The Soggy Saturday (in which it rains so hard the blue washes out of the sky and turns all the farm animals blue, at which point Bonnie Bumble paints them back to their original colors), I Ain’t Gonna Paint No MoreIs Your Mama a Llama?, Pumpkin Heads, and Hug by Jez Alborough. Whenever K requests I make popcorn, which has been every 1-2 days lately, we also read 2 early readers about popcorn. Popcorn Nell in The Popcorn Shop sings a song about popcorn pickles and popcorn stew that is really, really stuck in my head now.

Sheep Update

November 20th, 2008

Katya was saying “Paint baa” to me a lot yesterday. It took a lot of work to figure out what she wanted. This may actually even just be something close enough. You may recognize Sheep #1 on the left from an earlier post. It is fancier now. And the one on the right? All new and…really, I’m speechless. In a positive way, of course, but words fail me. Katya said “eyes” happily as she applied them.

17 1/2 Months

November 18th, 2008

We are all getting over miserable colds so I will keep this quick.

Sunday Katya starting to try to sing–specifically, “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” It’d just break your heart if you heard her, it’s so cute. She has done it twice in the carseat: “head, eyes…feet….toes…”

Bill and Katya have a new game called “Boom!” It started with him knocking over stacks of cups. He thought she was pouty before she laughed because it scared her, but we think she’s making sad face for the cups. Anyway, this has quickly evolved into just yelling “Boom!” at random and watching her laugh hysterically. And when I say hysterically? I mean, 3 am, punchy weird hysterically. Every couple of times she quietly says “boom” back.

It has also come to my attention that Katya, when dropping a puzzle piece or something similar in a box or bag, yells, “Hide!” I thought she was saying “Hi.” This happens multiple times a day.  Bill mentioned this on just the day that my engagement ring, and the car keys, went missing. Thank goodness it turned out to not be her. I was loading the clean, wet diapers into the dryer today and I found my very clean ring on the bottom of the washer. Apparently the star snagged on a diaper and slid off.

You know what else you need to know about her puzzles? Katya picks the hippo up out of the herbivores puzzle and runs around yelling “hippy hippy hippy.”

Katya remains very interested in painting. I busted out a few washable markers, which she also refers to as “paint.” We have this conversation daily:

K, thrusting marker towards me” “Eyes!”

Me: “You want me to draw eyes on your paper? Where?”

K, still thrusting and not pointing: “Here!”

I then offer various places and draw the eyes. Then K points at them and fusses. Then she says, “Up!” and point to the wall, asking me to hang it.

I totally do not understand this. I encourage her to draw them. I’ve tried so many things. She loves to point at these pictures and say, “Eyes!”

Book K REALLY loves this week, both of which bug me: Bananas Gorilla’s Sounds from the Busy World of Richard Scarry and Bing: Paint Day by Ted Dewan. The Bing book features a nagging sidekick which may or may not be a stuffed animal.

Sorry the spacing is weird. I’m going to go drink a lot of OJ and go to bed.

Your Weekly Katya Photo Fix

November 12th, 2008

All I have to say about this week is that we hit another toddler milestone: Katya threw the first of her posessions into the toilet. While it was flushing, of course. She also helped me cook for the first time, if incredibly minimally. She now likes to stand on a chair in the kitchen.

Toddler Art Show!

November 6th, 2008

Katya has been more and more excited about talking about art. A BIG favorite in the book department is Little Green by Keith Baker, about a boy who paints lines that mimic the flight of a hummingbird. Katya continues to be interested in MAKING pictures for about 5 seconds without some moderate coaxing/suggestions. I don’t want to be pushy, but she’s so excited about art as a concept/seeing what she made that I’ve been trying to find something she likes doing. “Pat pat paintings” (inkblots) require some coaxing in the beginning to middle but totally thrill her in the patting, unfolding, and hanging up stages.  

This was an inkblot painting that I fixed up to look like a cat. She points to the wall and says, “Cat!” at least twice a day.


Katya also LOVES watching kids make handprints in her body part video, so we tried it.

This is just an early fingerpainting that Katya put tape pieces on. I love it.


I felt a little sheepish (har har) about trying something so parent-directed, but K is so into sheep I thought we’d try one. I felt sort of dumb about it afterwards since all she wanted to do was put the eyes on. Well! It turns out that was one of the most exciting experiences for her EVER. She’s talked about it every day fro a week or 2.


Other new developments: 

We got an ear thermometer since Katya got a little fever. She is warming up to it gradually. (I know, I know, I’m ON FIRE in the pun department today!)  She likes to put it in my ear and, as she puts it, “push butt.” Also, at her sickest Katya figured out how to pout spectacularly, and now wanders around with her lower lip sticking out, seemingly for the heck of it. Of course, she could still feel lousy, poor thing. We’re keeping an eye on it.

Giraffes these days are referred to as “Up!” with great excitement. All DVDs are called “eyes,” which gets a little confusing. If you give her two choices to clarify, Katya is almost always just thrilled to repeat the second option. “Do you want to see owls or turtles?” “TURTLE!” “Do you want to see turtles or owls?” “OWL!” We spent a blissful half hour yesterday watching owls hoot on Youtube.

Katya has begun calling pop-up books “pop.”  This week I pulled out The Pop-up Mice of Mr. Brice by “Theo LeSieg” (Dr. Seuss) and she really likes it. Katya is also VERY excited about a book called Dr. Pompo’s Nose by Saxton Freymann, illustrated with photos of real pumpkins. One of them lost her nose.

Lastly, I had to share this picture. I’ve got a cute kid, and she has a lot of cute clothes, but this has got to be one of the best ever. Thanks Megan!


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