Holiday Update

December 26th, 2008

Happy happy holidays! We had 2 nice Hanuka celebrations with Grandpa and Nicole and Bill, Christmas Eve with the Yonans, and Christmas day with Bill’s family. Katya was using the word “latke” about 2 minutes after she heard it for the first time. Yum!

Misc. updates:

K likes to pick up scissors and say, “Cut!”, sometimes while opening and closing them. If you try to put something to cut between the blades, she doesn’t like it.

Bill informs me that Katya has been putting her bath toys to bed at the end of her bath. She says “eyes” as she puts them down.

Peeking is K’s favorite verb this week. She likes to peek, always announcing, “Peeking!” Peeking through the steps at Nicole and Bill’s house…peeking through the slats of the dining room chair at Bill…peering into the kitchen cabinet…looking through a plastic tube thingy she found…

Katya’s favorite body part this week is nipples. When she is getting changed and sitting on the potty she looks in the mirror, points at her own, and says, “Nips! Nips!” She is VERY excited that Bill and Max have nipples too. Before the holidays, she wandered happily around the lingerie section at Target, tapping the middle of the cups of the bras to show Bill where the nipples would be.

“Mice! Mice! Mice! Peeking! Hiding! Gopher. Gopher. Eat!” Did you catch that? It’s K’s Story of the Week. Outside the library we saw a gopher peeking out of a hole. I’m not sure if it’s that “mouse,” or the Christmas light mice “of Mr. Brice,” but SOME mice are haunting this kid. She woke up Tuesday night crying, “Mice! Mice!”

Ernie from Sesame Street has become a strong new interest. Katya has never seen Sesame Street but we have Sesame Street washcloths. We own one book about Ernie getting lost, in which he rides an escalator many times. So, of course, when we went after Christmas shopping, Katya wanted to ride up and down and up and down, exclaiming, “Ernie!” We also discovered that you can watch some classic Sesame Street videos on their website. My favorite is the one about his dream that there are animals in his room. When we watched it Katya said, ” Ernie Ernie Ernie Ernie Ernie Ernie Ernie Monkey! Monkey! Ernie Ernie Ernie Ernie Elephant!”

Some favorite books this weeks are Bert and Ernie’s New Kitten, Peek A Who!, A Field Full of Horses by Peter Hansard,  Jazzy in the Jungle by Lucy Cousins, and A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni.

Party, Ponies, and Poop

December 17th, 2008

I can’t believe it’s been just a week since I posted.  Right after my last post we had a lovely mini birthday party for Max’s fifth. Happy birthday, buddy! Katya helped me bake pumpkin muffins. She put some of the liners in the muffin tin, and shook red sugar on some of the muffins. Here she is later that day:

Katya’s interest in horses is stronger than ever. We have 3 picture books about them out from the library now and I had to read My Pony Jack at Riding Lessons 4 or 5 times in a row a few days ago, which is the all time record for “Again!” She actually has popped off while nursing to say “Horsies!” completely out of the blue at least 4 times. We took Bill to the Nellie Gail Equestrian Center last weekend so he could meet our favorite horses. Earlier in the week she got to feed a horse named Turtle a peppermint candy. The following day we saw him pee. We’ve heard that story quite a few times since then, along with a new word: “Flalfa!” (Alfalfa)

Katya has also started exclaiming “Mice!” at random. Nellie Gail is full of gigantic houses with really amazing holiday lights, many put up professionally.  One of them has a decoration near the curb which is a life-size, automated mailbox covered with lights. It opens and closes. Inside is a duck holding a letter to Santa. Katya thinks it is the mailbox on the last page of Mr. Brice’s Mice, which has a mailbox that opens when you pull a tab. Inside is a mouse reading a letter. We park and watch it a while.

Then we got good and sick with a stomach bug. Katya was very good natured the first day or so. She threw up, Bill said, “Katya, you’ve had your first barf!” and she just said, “Barf.” No crying, no fussing. It was harder on her the day I was so sick and dehydrated I could barely nurse. We’re all still recovering.

Another big event this week was the disappearance of the last neighborhood pumpkin. It was a sad, sad day. I asked Katya if she was ready for dog walking and she said, “Pumpies!” Seeing them was literally one of the highlights of her day, and when we got to that house, there was a bunch of fake poinsettias instead. Katya said “pumpies gone” many times over the next few days.

Much to my surprise, Katya found and got excited about the stretchy bows I got when she was little but never used because she hated them. She is very proud to be wearing one for about 5-10 minutes and then she’s done.


Lots of books have been read due to the illness. Aside from the horse books, she is just wild about Finger Paints and Pudding Printsby Anne Sayre Wiseman, the Brush Your Teeth Please pop-up, What Do You Do With a Tail Like That? by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page, a board book called Hands CanSo Many Bunnies: A Bedtime ABC and Counting Book by Rick Walton and Paige Miglio, Bunny’s Busy Day by a local lady I met at the bookstore when she was trying to figure out how to get it published!, and Moo, Baa, La La La by Sandra Boynton. It is really adorable when she makes all the animal sounds for it, even the “LA LA LA!” for the three singing pigs. K has been also very excited about the Baby Einstein video about shapes which I had stashed away for exactly this kind of occasion.

Busy Little Person

December 9th, 2008

Best conversation of the week:

Bill: “Katya, please don’t drop that bowl. It’ll make a mess.” [K picked up a Pyrex bowl and was dangling it over the floor.]

Katya, with great excitement: “Mice?!”

Book favorites this week include the Knick Knack Paddy Whack pop-up by Paul O. Zelinsky and My Pony Jack by Cari Meister and Amy Young. Katya has been increasingly interested in horses so we’ve been doing a lot of stopping by a local stable on the way home.

18 Months

December 3rd, 2008

No great pictures this week. We went to the house in Costa Mesa that gets decorated for Christmas with very folk-arty animated Peanuts characters, but there were just a few pictures of K on Bill’s phone. So I give you guys this AM discovery:

Katya is getting REALLY into “her” food cabinet. She takes things out and almost always asks for them to be opened. It holds dried banana, mango, green beans, crackers, and few other things. The other morning while we were still in bed she figured out crunchy green beans by herself…mostly.

Katya’s language is growing noticeably. She went from mumbling unintelligibly to say Grandpa to “baba” to “Grandpa” in less than a week. She asks for “cah-kers” (crackers) and banana constantly. Only a week or so ago it was a big deal that she would have an answer when I asked her what she wanted to eat without giving options, and since then she has gone from sayig “beans” to “black beans.” Katya also has started saying new words from books after we’ve read them 3 times or so: “fin,” “alligator” (though not 100% clearly), etc.

Katya finally started to warm up to her playdough this week. She made some cool paintings too by using the lid of the paint tube as a stamp.

A few of Katya’s favorite books right now are Elmer by David McKee, Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes by Mem Fox, Guess What is Growing Inside This Egg by Mia Posada, and a little pop-up called Flying that she asks for by name.

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