Stuff On My Baby (Happy 2009!)

January 1st, 2009

Daddy’s “bear feet” slipper

Mommy’s underwear (Katya came running from the laundry room like this, yelling, “Wear! Wear!”)

Mango. She had no idea.

Katya’s favorite thing this week is Grandma Michelle. She talks about her ALL THE TIME. Sometimes it sounds like “bamma.” We hung out with Michelle twice this week, going to see our horse friends both times. Yesterday I walked out of the room and they were both saying “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh dear!” and laughing hysterically. Now it’s A Thing. Katya was telling Bill in the bathtub last night, “Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh…Grandma. Oh dear! Laugh.”

Mostly we’re just reading the same books we’ve been reading. A couple I may not have mentioned before are Tall by Jez Alborough and Carl Pops Up by Alexandra Day. Bunny books are popular as we have seen wild cottontails hopping around the stables.


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