Moose of Mystery

January 8th, 2009

This is Katya at Grandpapa Ron’s house. The girls took the birds out to show Katya, and Katya got very excited about the empty cage. Meanwhile the yellow one, Lemon, found Bill and tried to sleep hidden in a fold of his shirt.


Saturday Katya woke up  from her nap saying, “Horsies. Horsies!”  When I went in to check on her, she said, “Horsies! Up down up down up down. Horsies. Grandma!” We were actually able to make it happen. When Michelle showed up to meet us Katya got all shy and wouldn’t look at her at first. Then a minute later, Katya smiled and handed her a sweet potato french fry, one of her favorite foods. After carousel riding we went to the bookstore, where Katya picked up a book, yelled, “Grandma! Grandma!”, ran over and handed it to her, and then ran off to get another book, about 20 times. Katya has been talking about riding the carousel every day. Yesterday she started telling me about how she rode a moose on the carousel. There is no moose on the carousel, and she didn’t ride anything that looks like a moose either. It’s excitingly mysterious.

We have been watching moose on YouTube a little, so maybe that’s it. We’ve watched a little more Ernie stuff on the Sesame Street site too. It’s such a blessing to be able to show my kid footage of any kind of animal she wants, doing almost anything, constantly, 24 hours a day.

Katya’s enormous infatuation with Grandma Michelle has extended to a strong interest in Grandmas of the World and Grandmaness. She LOVES the book Where is Coco Going? by Sloane Tanen. Coco, a yellow toy chick, is using a different form of transportation on every page. On the last page she is Grandma’s kitchen, surrounded by many things of interest: Grandma, of course, sheets of cookies K calls “muffins,” a bowl of eggs, a bunch of bananas, a cat, etc. Katya’s other favorite page is the one on which Coco, holding her little dog toy, is riding a white pegasus through a cloudy sky, past a rainbow, over the ocean. “Horse!” Katya exclaimed three readings in a row. Bored to tears of hearing my same response every time, I asked her, “Tell me more about that!” Well! “Shopping.” “Really! What are they shopping for?” “Bananas.” Now she tells me that right off every time. Several days after we figured this out, Katya also let me know that the horse peels the bananas with her mouth.

What else? Katya is just amazingly generous these days. She loves to give people things. This morning I asked for a cracker and she started gently shoving more into my mouth before I could finish chewing. Bill was laughing so hard he just about fell over.

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