19 1/2 Months

January 15th, 2009

I finally finished K’s eyes skirt, more or less.

Heard a lot around here this week for the first time: “Do it!” (more like, “I did it” than demanding) and “Doing?” Also, narrating or ordering around toys: “Sit.”

Things K likes to say because the words feel good in her mouth: rear, tofu, bell boots, T.V., boom, Oh dear, alfalfa.

Things K says over and over because she is interested in them: Mice mice mice mice, Grandma Grandma Grandma Grandma, Ernie Ernie Ernie Ernie Ernie, and Elphy elphy elphy elphy. Also, Mommy Daddy Mommy Daddy Mommy Daddy, not really to get our attention, just sort of randomly when excited.

Thing Katya says which may be in one of the above categories, or may be in the other: Emma Emma Emma.

Katya also still makes this happy noise I love to say too: “ba joo bajoo.” Also, for a variety of things, most often, “What is this called?” a word I can best spell “zhjoom.” I love it.

We solved the Moose Mystery. Two months earlier Katya rode a reindeer on a carousel. Interest in moose, reindeer, and deer continues. We hunt for reindeer decorations on some dog walks.

This week we had a very tired night where we both were too tired to put a lot of energy into a third effort to get K down, so Katya just ran wired between Bill, watching a game on TV in the living room, and me, reading in bed, until after midnight. I finally pulled out the bedtime books and got her down around 1 am. This photo was taken around 12:30. Around midnight, Katya looked up at the moon, which had been full a few nights before that. After a good long stare, she said, “Egg.”

More Bert and Ernie books this week. They are so long! 3 paragraphs plus on the average page, and Katya stays interested. Plus, “Bobbi!” AKA The Baby Beebee Bird. Oh, and I’m Not Scared by Jonathan Allen, about a baby owl who insists that it isn’t him who is scared of the dark, it’s his toy Owly.

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