Funny Little Person

January 21st, 2009

Sitting in the fridge with my homey, Tofu. (Who expired in November of 2006 and had been in hiding under the meat drawer since then.)

Bill’s favorite new toddler phrase this week: “Love you.”

Lightbulb Moment: “Max. Ears. Tail. Tushy. Poop. Daddy. Mommy.” It’s all coming together now! We ALL poop–and it comes out of our TUSHIES!

New tushy policy: Katya does not have to wear diapers (or pants) in the house, as long as she stays off the bed and couch. She is increasingly resistant to getting dressed in the morning, and when you try to diaper her, often responds by getting a wild, horrified look and says, “Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!” while trying weakly to escape. Ironically, the biggest cause of the conflict is that she has to put bottoms on so we can take Max out to pee. One day we had zero wet diapers from at home awake time. Katya’s still working it out. She saw Bill pee earlier in the week, ran into the bedroom, yelled “Pee!” and peed standing up on the floor by the fall-out-of-bed cushion. Maybe the “Pee!” came after the pee. Still. Laundry ensued. 

Best toddler joke: Pretending to start to latch on to Bill’s nipple when he jokingly offered to nurse her when she was requesting “nursies” and I was busy

A few of the new words we heard this week: lovely, peeps, halter, wiggle, shark, Chupa (Scott’s cat)

Most exciting celebrity sighting: GRANDMA. It was like Christmas. She couldn’t get down for her nap beforehand knowing Grandma was coming, and afterwards she couldn’t sleep until 11:30.

Favorite letter of the alphabet: O

Favorite shape: circle. She likes to take off my bracelet and coo, “Circle!” There was even softer cooing when I put it on her wrist. She said, full of wonder, in a tiny little voice: “Kaaatya!”

Thing that the little person most often requests that I draw: Ernie

Number of times Katya surprised us this week by responding to not-very-familiar men smiling at her by bursting into hysterical tears: 2. Or was it 3? I feel like I’m blocking something out.

Favorite book: Sam’s Cookie by Barbro Lindgren, which is translated from Swedish and so has a mom in blond braids and clogs saying, “No, no, doggie. Don’t take Sam’s cookie.”

Resulting favorite phrase of the week: “Nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh” at Max

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