The Dreaded Tent Head

February 27th, 2009


I think the red eye makes this picture even better, don’t you?

Also of note in the last few days: Katya grabbed an artichoke at the organic farm market and waved it at me, yelling, “Pinecone!”

Continued Hooting

February 25th, 2009

I just remembered the other thing Katya is nuts about these days: the Mercer Mayer monster triology. We’ve been reading There’s A Nightmare in My Closet, There’s Something in My Attic, and There’s an Alligator Under  My Bed daily.

Today’s afternoon dog walk was made notable by the brother-in-law of the owner of one of Katya’s favorite things. You may remember that these particular antlered friends had tragically been moved out of sight a few weeks ago. He kindly pulled them back out so I could take some photos with my phone.


Hooting With Glee Like A Monkey

February 25th, 2009


Katya is very interested in Max’s collar since we started taking it off at bedtime so the jingle doesn’t wake her up. Ernie ends up wearing it a lot more than she does.


That’s my baby, looking at photos on Bill’s phone late at night in a blanket tent. K asks for tents almost every day. She also requests “Tower!” daily. She loves to knock towers of blocks over.

Katya is also WILD about doors these days. This week she figured out how to open the doors in Grandpa’s assisted living unit. They have low handles that aren’t knobs. Ho boy. Once she started letting herself out repeatedly into the common hallway it was time to go home. At our house Katya loves to shut herself in a bathroom or closet alone and giggle. I’ll open the door a crack and she either LOVES the peeking or gets enormous joy from pushing me out and slamming the door in my face. I don’t take it personally. 🙂

We got almost a dozen books about Grover from the library last week, and they are in heavy rotation. We all love The Monster at the End of This Book the most. We have been watching tons of Muppet bits at Favorites include the 3 that involve Ernie sticking a banana in his ear, the Arrested Development song “Pride,” Cookie Monster and Hoots the Owl singing “A Cookie is a Sometimes Food,” Telly and Rosita trying to figure out what to do when he wants to eat a mango and she wants to do the tango, and “A New Way to Walk” with Elmo and Destiny’s Child. We have a huge monitor, so she can sit on my lap and watch a video while I do email or research on the other side, or even just talk on the phone.  It’s kept me (relatively) sane with all the escrow madness this week.

We also got some new dinosaur stories from the library. Katya and I decided today that we will call the 4 foot tall Apatosaurus statue outside a neighbor’s house “Patty” from now on.

Science Museum

February 18th, 2009


“Katya, what was your favorite thing at the science museum?”

“Poop. Dinosaur poop!”



Bill says we should just take her to the Stairs Museum next time. This was her second or third favorite thing. Katya is on my lap as I type this and she just said, “Steps! Steps!”


Bill was excited about climbing in the big kaliadoscope.

Other news: Katya has been wandering around saying, “Inside, outside, inside, outside,” to herself, from a rhyme I used to always say in the car. Also, she sings the first line of “See bind mice” (Three Blind Mice) over and over.

A big favorite book this week is The Brass Ring by Nancy Tafuri. We still read a lot but not as much as we did for a while since I started putting K in a night diaper for the whole afternoon.  I’m Not Scared has become a permanent feature of bathtime. Katya often tells us the story during the day. “NOT scared! Maaaaaaaad. Owly.” When she can’t get to sleep after bath we read the Ernie and Bert book about a flashlight. It has hidden glow-in-the-dark pictures!

I just signed a good offer on the house. I’ve been so beside myself all week that I lost the kitchen sponge 3 days ago and it still hasn’t turned up. Also, I accidentally brushed my teeth with diaper cream. It didn’t taste nearly as bad as you would think. I know we have a lot of inspection/escrow/cleaning out the furniture and garage left, but I feel like the worst is over. And we’re VERY lucky.

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2009


Katya thought of all these things she loved and we made a love tree to share with you! (You can click on it to see it better.)

Adventures of Fussypants

February 11th, 2009

Things are a little crazy here. We put Mom’s house on the market yesterday. We have our first open house this weekend, but it needs carpet cleaning/regular cleaning/clearing out of misc. stuff/minor repairs in the next few days first. Thank goodness for Bill’s mom Michelle. I actually left Katya with her and walked down the street to the other house without any problems. She’s coming back Friday too! I’ve never had anyone other than Bill watch K unless I was going to be in the house. Mindblowing. Also, Grandpa’s house just went on the market, and there’s going to be an estate sale soon, so I have already made 3 trips to sort through/look for stuff and need to make 1 or 2 more.

On top of this, our kid has been wearing her fussypants almost every day. She usually rarely gets so upset she can’t tell us what she wants, and it’s been happening a lot. She keeps on getting wound up about eating ice, so maybe her teeth/throat feel funny? I wish I knew if it were a nut problem, or something else that can be eliminated, or if she is just Almost Two. Definitely, she’s frustrated about us not understanding her. I swear, the bigger her vocabulary gets, the less clear the actual words are. When she says “windmill” it sounds like “Emma,” which of course is a neighbor she also talks about. Bill just pointed out today that “pee-oh, ” which is what she calls her beloved book character Elemenopeo, also means “computer”.

Now for the photos:

Hoodie storytime with Daddy!


Monday it was pouring so Katya and I made our first blanket fort and read all our checked out Sesame Street books in it. I’d read 3 sentences, Katya would say, “Tent!” Then I’d read a few more sentences, and she’d say, “Tent!” That night our bedtime routine failed, so Bill said, “I’ll show you a real tent!” and set his big dome tent up in the living room.


We got out the flashlight and several books with glow-in-the-dark pictures. Katya actually ran around the totally dark house by herself with the flashlight. I was THRILLED to get my little shadow puppets book out and try them.



Onto this morning, when a slightly sleep-deprived little person popped off the potty, went running into the kitchen bare-tushied, and started eating Max’s food out of the bowl. Breakfast of champions! It’s not like she was starving, either. My new healthy eating program is to put Katya on the potty when she wakes up and bring her protein food to munch on while she’s there. She’s eaten a hardboiled egg or two.


Mom’s compromise: diaper and freeze dried mango.


As far as media goes we are moving past the all-encompassing Ernie love. The new hierarchy of Sesame Street coolness: Ernie, Bert, Grover, Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster. The hot item this week is the 2 Grover books we have, my childhood copy of Grover and the Everything In the Whole Wide World Museum, and A Visit to the Sesame Street Museum. She also LOVES a pop-up called The Bedtime Bear. I love that it has, among other things, “a wombat in a bath hat,” and “an owl in a towel.” Favorite online videos: the 3 Bert and Ernie skits about holding a banana up to your ear. Favorite song from the Waldorf-y CD I’ve been playing all week: She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain.

An Eventful Week For a Small Person

February 5th, 2009


One of the best diaper failures EVER!


I love how yellow that picture is. There have been several meals this week during which Katya only wanted to eat large quantities of baby corn. “Baby! Baby!” Along with dried rambutan, that makes 2 things my baby likes to eat that I don’t.

Katya also went WILD for peanuts this week. She whips herself into a “Peanut peanut peanut!” frenzy. Yes, they’re supposed to be a choking hazard, but I give her a half at a time when she’s sitting and she’s fine. Well, mostly. She doesn’t seem to be digesting them well. And she has a mystery rash. Sadly, we will have to put those aside for a while. I was really excited about another protein source because she is not eating beans as much as she was before, though she went wild over garbanzo beans one day at lunch and asked for thirds.


The fancy beeswax crayons I ordered came and are a hit with everyone. Especially Max. You can see his toothmarks in the light green if you click on the photo. It’s always that one he goes after, too. This has happened four times in a row: Katya scribbles a picture with lots of colors, and just when I think she’s going to draw one all by herself, she tells me, “Ernie! Ernie!”


Carousel cowgirl.

Today Katya went down the big slide for the first time.

This week Katya started looking at me, staring at my lips, and saying, “Something…” Apparently I have food on my face pretty frequently and finally SOMEBODY is telling me! Yay! That’s love.

In the last week or 2 Katya has decided she likes holding our hands. We have never forced her to, including for being in the street, so it’s pretty cool that she just decided to start. She grabbed one of my fingers the other night, said “Mommy mommy,” and pulled me from one end of the house and back a few times.

Katya and I have enlarged our sing-along repetoire to include “Three Blind Mice,” “Miss Mary Mack” (the “elphy” song), and every song I can think of having to do with rain. I think we have been singing more lately partially because it is dark so early and she can’t look at books on our way home from things.

Favorite books include: Ernie’s Big Mess (“Mess! Mess! Mess!”), Carousel by Brian Wildsmith (which is kind of odd),Up and Down on the Merry-Go-Round, Ernie and the Twiddlebugs, Max’s Breakfast by Rosemary Wells, and anything about dinosaurs. Katya surprised me yesterday by picking up her book about spiders, which we haven’t read in 3 months or more, and reading it to Ernie: “‘Mazing.” (turns page) “Silk.”

Overheard around midnight last night

February 1st, 2009

(drawer sliding, clinking)

Bill: “What do you need those spoons for?”

Katya: “RUNNING!”

(rapid pitter patter of small feet, accompanied by more clinking noise)

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