A Very Quotable Kid

June 26th, 2009

Heard lately:

“Want to go outside with a blueberry!”

“I am making a lion out of toilet paper.” (The most common things made out of TP/tissues around here are actually bandaids and changing pads.)

“That’s a barn! Horsies live in barns…barn…garbanzo beans. Garbanzo beans. We eat them.”

She also handed me some Wikki Stix (rad wax-covered strings like pipe cleaners) and requested “duck bill platypus.” This is clearly a kid with a strong sense of which animals are particularly awesome.

This week Katya has been ending many sentences with “Uhm HMM.” I can’t help but wonder if that’s because that is often my response to her when I’m very sleepy. We all seem to have the swine flu (!!!!) so sleep patterns and needs have been out of whack. (Don’t worry Bron, we should all be uncontagious by the day before you get here!) I have perfected the art of setting up a Sesame Street episode in the middle of the night, settling down on the couch with Katya on my lap, and napping until the end of the show.

Katya continues to be very interested in books about apple growing/picking and eggs. Today we got to the end of one of the more wordy library nonfiction books about eggs for the first time. This is the page which mentions that human females have eggs inside them. Katya pulled her shirt up and stared at her belly in wonder quite a few times over the course of the day.

It’s Not Easy Being Two

June 17th, 2009

I feel for the kid. We have suddenly seen a severe distrust of the bathtub, the dark, her dog, the exercise ball (when it rolls), and strange men. OK, that last one isn’t new. Changing clothes/diaper changes are strangely traumatic. We’ve been going a little longer in between. I got a cute green skirt to match Katya’s dinosaur PJ tops, so we can do a 1/2 change. Katya used to know what carousel animal she wanted to ride even before she’d gotten off the previous one, and now there is so much running to one, rejecting it, again and again, that the carousel almost started without her being on her horse yet. Also, there is much waking up in the night hysterically upset about being awake. She cries, “Bounce ball! Bounce on ball!” and at 1 AM or whenever I strap her on and bounce her for a while. This too shall pass, I’m sure.

More pleasant developments include telling a stranger her name for the first time and greeting a friend, “Hi, Julia!” for the first time. She audibly ordered her own food and asked for her own books at the library for the first time too. (French fries and a flamingo story.) Katya also has really started enjoying mushrooms.

Favorite pastimes lately include swinging in our new patio swing and putting an entire pack of hairclips in my hair at once. She likes to wear them 2 at a time.


We also love playing “What’s in That Egg?” Katya has renewed an interest in eggs. We have a whole pack of Easter eggs that I stuffed with various small oviparous plastic toys, finger puppets, pictures etc.  When I told K we would see chicks hatch in an incubator at the county fair when it opens in a few weeks, she wanted to go NOW. We settled for YouTube, watching eggs hatch and an emu, chicken, and cornsnake laying eggs up close and personal. I was silently marveling at how poopy  it looked (emu eggs are black, which doesn’t help) when she started yelling, “Hard boiled eggs! Hard boiled eggs!” “You want to eat eggs?” “Yes. Yes!”

Family Birthday Week is Not Over Yet!

June 3rd, 2009

That’s Katya May 30th, me (Alex) June 2nd, and “Oh dear” Grandma Michelle on the 4th. (My Grandma Norma shared my birthday too!)

Katya’s party was definitely a toddler party. It started with  her getting nervous and hiding under my shirt for a while. All 3 kids there played and had fun, but usually not with each other. Katya requested a lemon cake with 3 candles. I added gummy penguins and she loved it but still won’t try it 3 days later. The new play kitchen on the patio was a big hit. Highlights: Great-Grandpa Norman wearing her new light blue sparkle feather boa, the book about making friends with dogs that came from a certain dog we know who bit her, the giant number 2 and paper chains our family made ahead of time.  We gave out feathers and chapstick as party favors. Another cool gift was from Uncle Andy and Aunt Noelle, an art-themed My Little Pony who came with a plastic easel which clips onto its leg. I asked Katya if it was a boy or girl and she said, “boy and girl.” We named it Little Patsy Sparkles, after the pet cat on Sesame Street named Little Murray Sparkles.


On my birthday we met up with out neighbor friends Kelly, Jace, and Julia at Disneyland for the late afternoon and evening. Katya says her favorite ride was Dumbo, her favorite dinosaur on the Disneyland Railroad was T.Rex, and her favorite animals on the Jungle Cruise were the elephants, because she didn’t know they could swim like that.  We went on each of those rides twice, plus Snow White’s Castle and It’s a Small World. It was all good, except Katya was, as she has been telling us repeatedly,  “scared of Pook-ee-oh story.” We had a nice dinner overlooking the river. A cat ran by our table, and the steamboat went by twice. We had lots of fun talking in line to families visiting from other states, too.


Katya is having a language explosion. I still have trouble understanding her sometimes, and then sometimes she sounds like a kid, not a toddler! This morning she said, “Max has fur. I like to pat him.” I’m sure I’ll remember/hear something much longer and post it soon.

Also new and exciting: Katya has finally started consistantly eating green crunchy vegetables and raw fruit. She’s eaten an entire sliced apple several times this week and is really into snow peas. Plus, she has really been powering down blueberries.

A HUGE library book favorite right now is The Birthday Box by Leslie Patricelli. [Sarah/Jen–this includes several pages about pretending to be a robot!] We’ve been acting out that and Sam’s Teddy Bear.

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