Exclamations of Excitement

July 29th, 2009

Tonight Katya kept picking up a clump of the lemon pepper pasta she was having as a snack and saying with great excitement, “I have food like this!”

Another, common, somewhat randomly timed exclamation of excitement lately, courtesy of Elmo’s World: “Happy Birthday Dorothy!”

Magic Feather Boa

July 27th, 2009

Today started pretty lousy, to tell the truth. When Bill left this morning so much had already gone poorly that running out of toilet paper just pushed me over the edge and Katya and I were having our second ever mutual cry together. Then Katya put the baby blue sparkle feather boa on the dog and said, “I am making Max a giraffe.” It was pretty good to watch him wander out of the room wearing a feather boa.

A lovely day followed. Katya woke up from her nap saying “Dumbo Dumbo Dumbo.” We made a tent out of the sheets when we changed the linens. Katya helped push the wet laundry into the dryer. We filled the cup holder in the stroller with water so she could paint the tray with a paintbrush while we walked. The kids who live at the house that still has their reindeer out for us came running out in pirate costumes to see us. We played a special toddler unclear-on-the-concept ball game in which Katya would tell me whether to kick or bounce it to her, get distracted, and then say, “Oh no oh no it’s getting away” and wait for me to chase after it. We watched a neighbor hose off his dusty houseplants. Katya walked around, balancing on the curb.  Some neighbor kids had a facepainting stand, and we had a nice chat with my formerly worst neighbor ever (due to her murderer drug dealer ex), discussing aquariums and her newborn while she and her sister sported really goofy flowers and skulls on their cheeks. Katya sang “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to herself. We made a thank you card for Bill’s second grade teacher, who just happened to be the owner of one of the houses we went to look at yesterday, and gave us an old scooter. We read Manny’s Cows. Katya asked to dance in the bathtub. And more.

This evening Katya went to bed at a dreamy 7 pm. A few hours later she woke up, got straight out of bed, grabbed the boa, and, handing it to me, told me, “Wear it.” “You are a giraffe,” she informed me. “Are you a baby?” “Yes,” I told her. “In fact, I am the exact height of a baby giraffe.”

And now we are watching Elmo play air guitar with the Goo Goo Dolls. My husband is giggling. Life is good.


July 23rd, 2009

We had a great evening at the fair. We met a goat who had just given birth and had weird afterbirth hanging out of her, saw signs for chocolate covered bacon, admired award winning squash, and visited Grandma Michelle at work. Katya asked to go back to the toy ride on tractors twice. Plus we got to pet the most enormous pair of oxen that were yoked together. We agreed that they felt like Max.

When we got home way too late Katya was crying because I wanted to go to the bathroom before putting her to bed and I said, “Hey, do you want to tell Max about the oxen?” She perked right up and called out, “Oxen! Oxen! Max! Come here! I tell you! Oxen!”

We still have 4 more tickets, and 2 more weeks, so I expect more fair goodness soon.

Misc. Kid Quotes

July 16th, 2009

We have been trying to figure out where Katya got the phrase, “This is how we/you do it.” We’ve been hearing it in the middle of explanations for a while. Well, this morning, she said, “This is how we build a tower with blocks, Dorothy.” Ah. Elmo. I like that furry red monster more and more.

We also made a Playdough fish this morning. Katya informed me that it is a lionfish. When I asked her what its name was, she said, “Rubio’s.” As in fish tacos. We do like their fish tank. It turns out that on her glove puppet with pig heads on each finger, 2 are named Katya, and 1 is named Frog.

Best kid quote of the week, from another kid at the library, crying: “I am allergic to pain!” We were there for the Pirate/Parrot storytime, but when the pirate peeked out the window at Katya, she started crying and was too scared to go in to see the birds.

Katya, at 1 am last night, in her sleep: (whimpering) “No…no…no carrot…”
(She likes carrots, and we haven’t eaten any for a while. Go figure.)

Katya: “I bumped my head!”
Alex: “Oh no! Where did you bump it?”
Katya: “ON MY HEAD!”

Visit With Bronwen

July 14th, 2009


My friend-since-preschool Bronwen just left Friday after a long week and we are so sad to see her go! I was sniffly when they left for the airport. I asked Katya for a hug. She handed me my beloved stuffy Rozalia and said, “Hug bunny. I’ll eat cookies.” Today at random she said, “Bonwen.” When we asked, Katya said, “Miss her.”


We took Bronwen to many of our favorite places: the ENC butterfly house, the Santa Ana Zoo, the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Nellie Gail Equestrian Center, the Bowers Kidseum, the dinosaur park, a concert in the park, Grandpa’s house, and Nalu’s/Powell’s Candy Shop/the fish tank at Rubio’s. We were all busy, since Bronwen has a part time job working from her computer, Katya had trouble sleeping, and I have some extra family stuff to take care of right now. But we still read a shmillion good stories together and built LOTS of towers.

Bron was very sweet about the  growth spurt excitement going on while she slept in our living room. Katya was up from about 1 AM to 4 AM several days. I read that weird sleep disturbances are normal within 6 weeks of a birthday or half birthday and that’s where we are. Katya actually grew out of 3 out of 4 of her pairs of shoes while her beloved Bronwnen was visiting!  She must be taller too because now she can turn the light switches both on and off instead of just reaching the bottom part.   The only other change I’ve noticed is a higher awareness of outdoor/ambient sound. She often asks, “What is that noise making?” I guess Katya has also been asking to pee in the potty more. She recently peed sitting on the seat of a public toilet for the first time. I think she’s better able to digest nuts now too. We haven’t tried dairy again because Katya still doesn’t want to take full baths and the pool is still being repaired so she has had more heat rash than normal. I don’t want it to have to flare up into full blown eczema before I realize she’s having a reaction. With the nuts working OK there’s less of a need for protein foods anyway.

Random quote: Katya woke up the other day and said somewhat to Bill, “Wall…ceiling…shapes[potholders on the wall]…you have people on your pants.”

Katya has also recently discovered the joy of looking for pictures in the clouds. Yesterday I asked her if the cloud behind (and above!!!) our car looked like anything. 3 full minutes later when I was in the middle of singing a song mostly to myself, a little voice in the backseat said, “Triceratops.”

The love of Dumbo continues. We found a “magic feather” that fell off a feather boa and have been holding it in our “trunks” so we can “fly.”

Toddler mystery of the week: Yesterday when we were driving past the water on PCH, Katya kept telling Michelle, “I can open the ocean!” She might be talking about the lift the flap book we had at home.

Aquarium of the Pacific

July 4th, 2009


Oh how excited we were to take Bronwen and Katya to the aquarium! Katya LOVED the boat outside, the lorikeets, and the funny little auklet that kept swimming along the side of tank next to her. Her reaction to more than half of the big fish tanks was to look quietly for 10 seconds to a few minutes and then announce calmly, “I am scared of that.”


July 1st, 2009


25 Months!

July 1st, 2009


(looking for the eggs inside her body)



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