“I’m teaching Katy Duck to paint!”

January 16th, 2010

Katya 2 yrs 8 mos 008

“I want my little flower blanket!”

January 16th, 2010

Katya 2 yrs 8 mos 044
“I’m making you pretty.”
Katya 2 yrs 8 mos 045
Katya 2 yrs 8 mos 047
“It didn’t work.”

Quote of the day, Mouthy Edition

January 14th, 2010

A: I’m going to brush my teeth. Do you want to brush your teeth with me?
K: No thanks! I have my own.

Also, lately if K is on my lap and I’m eating, she sometimes recoils in horror and squeals, “Your mouth is too rough!” I am not yet completely sure what that means.

Quote of the day

January 10th, 2010

B, explaining what it means that Megan is visiting her cousins:
If Uncle and Andy and Aunt Noelle have a baby, that baby will be your cousin. And if Uncle Tom has a baby with someone, that baby would be your cousin.
K: I want to have a baby in my tummy!
B: When you’re big and all grown up like Mommy you can have a baby in your tummy.
K: Then I can reach things!
B: Yes, you’ll be able to reach things even better than Mommy, from the look of things. And you’ll be able to drive your own car. You can give it a name like we named our cars.
K: Octopus.
B: You want to name your car Octopus?
K: Yes.

I just have to say

January 3rd, 2010

that I love my child’s first impressions of pop culture.

Spongebob Squarepants?
Cheese man.

Jack from Jack in the Box?
Snowman with a birthday hat.

A is for Already Two and a Half B is for Boo

January 3rd, 2010

Art: Lately K has drawn with chocolate (her idea!) and painted with watery mud and dissolved Halloween candy. Plain old paint and crayons have seen much use as well. One day last month, possibly inspired by some of our favorite painting animal picture books, Art Dog and Elemenopeo, Katya told Bill that she had to sign her painting. Also new and exciting: face paint and rubber stamps. I signed Katya up for an art pen pal her age in Wisconsin. She liked getting her own mail but didn’t want to chose a picture to send back. We’ll see how that goes. I sent an old one she forgot about without making a big deal of it. The #1 art self-selected art activity for the 2 weeks leading up to Christmas has been painting her little plastic animals. Also: marker tattoos. We currently have “matching feet.”

Building bunk beds and dog houses out of blocks Suddenly much play involves putting toys to bed. Sometimes they wake up.

Curious George books (especially the hospital one) and TV show and finger puppet. We also have read our first Chapter Books starting in December. They were the junior movie novelization of Stuart Little, which Katya grabbed off the rack at the library herself, and the first Magic Treehouse book, Dinosaurs After Dark.

Dinosaur TrainTV show. We like to make the dinosaurs out of play dough and give them rides on our wood train. For that matter, we are still going to the Goat Hill Junction train rides on the third weekends of the month.

Exciting language developments Katya is slowly figuring out pronouns more and more. I am also quite charmed by her pronunciation of certain sounds at this time. She says she likes to go to the “Irvine Fectrum.” (That’s the Spectrum outdoor mall, out-of-towners.) We hear a lot of “pencils” for “pretzels” and “tambourine” for “trampoline.” Today Katya said, “I’m a brusher!” when she was holding Max’s brush. That’s a pretty exciting grammar rule generalization since I’m sure she’s never heard the word “brusher” before. It’s nice having Bill around to translate sometimes. The other night in the car I thought she said “There’s ice on the cheese!” when he replied, “Yes, there are Christmas lights on the trees.” Also, “My head fell off!” when she was talking about her hood.

Finding NemoWe always loved sea creatures but now we have entered a special Finding Nemo phase. Katya just this past month graduated to real full length movies. I do try to start this one after the sad beginning–for me, not her! 🙂 Katya’s favorite parts of the movie are the sea turtle and sea jelly parts. We have pushed through many toddler meltdowns lately by speaking whale and pulling out the National Geographic sea animal pop-up books. We also just got a membership to the Aquarium of the Pacific.  I have just discovered garden eels and am quite excited about them.

Giving Max biscuits and squeaky toys.  Sometimes she says “Give me that toy oh give me that toy” kind of  like I do. I keep a bag of rawhide bones where she can reach them and sometimes she drags it out to give him a ton at one time.

Happy and You Know It is Katya’s 3rd favorite song/rhyme to spontaneously sing to herself. #1 is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, rivaled by #2 Baa Baa Black Sheep, with a little Happy Birthday and Hickory Dickory Dock thrown in.

Ice cream sandwiches made out of doll blankets. This is also Katya’s favorite food right now.

J is for Joints Katya’s interest in doctors and body stuff has been mellow but persistent. We just returned a book called ABC Doctor (Katya recently read the title to me as “A B F!”) which includes U is for Urine Sample. I was sitting on the toilet and she presented me with a stacking cup. “Can you pee in it Mommy?” We have also enjoyed Big Bird in the book I Want to Be a Doctor and Goldilocks Has Chicken Pox. Katya was perplexed by Goldil0cks wearing socks on her hands to keep from scratching. She was holding a pair of socks yesterday and said, “These are for…my hands?”

“Katya fabric” After some browsing I asked Katya what kind of fabric she wanted to ask the fabric store lady for. She looked right at her and said, “Katya fabric.” Her #1 choice turned out to be Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric. Day one of sewing bean bags involved as much removal of beans from the bags as linear progress.  Once I offered to finish the first so she could see what they would be like, she got pretty excited about them. Now she asks me to make a different kind of toy almost every day!

Loving the “lion park” (with a lion’s head tunnel) Katya is into climbing things alone (I spot) and sliding on laps. She makes lots of friends when she goes out with Bill to the “Trader Joes park” and “Duck and Goose park.”

Making a mess
K, dumping out a tin of “blue mints”: I’m making a mess!
A: You are! Does it feel good?
K: I’m making a Terrible Mess!

(I believe this distinction came out of our recent Rice Bin Conversations. You know, a littlemess is fun for everyone…whereas after 15 minutes of vacuuming up rice Mom and Dad are a little unpleasant to be around.) I started writing this so long ago she’s over recreational messing for the most part. Yay!

Ocean outings We had our first real trip to the beach in the last month or so. Katya loved chasing sea gulls. A wave knocked her down when she was standing on the edge of the sand and not looking. It knocked her on her face into the water. It was pretty traumatic but by the time I had her somewhat dried off she insisted she did NOT want to leave. We checked out some surfboards. We’ve been reading a picture book called Rhinos Who Surf, believe it or not. Some guys who had been spear fishing showed us the parts of the fish they were gutting. Just a week or so ago we had Beach Picnic Thanksgiving with Bill’s mom. It was lovely though Katya was pretty scared of the waves.

Name-calling Oh no, it’s in a good way! Katya is really into calling people by their names. I held the phone up and she held out a toy and said, “I am showing you Curious George, Kim.” A mom at the park introduced herself and a while later Katya ran up to her and said, “I found a stick, Diane!”

Pumpkin costume and carving and seeds and books. She asked us to put a candle in the smiley jack-o-lantern Bill carved and then ran away crying when we lit it and turned out the lights. I made a magnetic make-a-pumpkin-face set and K makes a new face every few days. Oh, and the pumpkin patches!
A, at pumpkin patch: Katya, what do you think of the pumpkins?
K: They’re in the yard!

Questions: “Do hippos climb mountains?” “Do dinosaurs find planets?” “What is the light made of?” “Where did this come from?” “Does Katy Duck fly?” “Do ducks have nursies?” “Do hippos hatch out of eggs?” “Does Big Bird pee?”  (Somehow I didn’t fully realize that birds don’t pee–just never thought about it– until this year and now it comes up in conversation CONSTANTLY.)

Riding on Bill’s shoulders (Big Bird, overheard talking to Katy Duck in the car seat: “No no, don’t ride on my shoulders!”)

Strawberries and spicy cashews and salt and vinegar chips and slices of apple (usually requested then rejected) and sushi (as a concept), snap peas and snow peas, straw mushrooms, spicy noodlesand french fries and edamame at Nalu’s, and for that matter,  bread, honey wheat pretzels, whole wheat crackers shaped like farm animals,  rice cakes, plain rice, whole wheat pasta, lemon pepper pasta, baby corn, raw mushrooms (preferably snagged right out of a grocery bin and shoved whole into her mouth), blackberries and blueberries while chanting Jamberry to herself, raw bell peppers, chocolate chips and chocolate chip cookies, mango both dried and freeze-dried, freeze-dried blueberries, banana, cooked broccoli, carrots, raw green beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, almonds, turkey lunch meat (sounds like “turkey yummy”), turkey bacon, turkey “burger burger,” Tofutti Cutie “ice cream” sandwiches, Altoids, gummy candies. Mostly those are for play. “Sometimes I put them in my mouth!”  That’s a good 95% of what Katya eats. Oh, and apparently she likes calamari. Add “I want more octopus!” to the list of things I certainly did not expect to hear her say this year.

The Three Little Pigs is Katya’s favorite nursery tale right now, followed by Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The variations are awesome. We have a super short pop-up version in rhyme, in which the pigs escape, and James Marshall’s looooong version in which the first 2 are eaten and the third eats the wolf. When I tell it to her in the car the pigs usually have funny names like Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail. When we knock on the door of Katya’s cardboard house and  say, “Little pig, little pig, let me in” she smiles really big and just says, “Nooooooooooo.” We have The Three Little Rigs and The Three Little Javelinas out from the library and love them. She also enjoys some of the versions on YouTube. Just like in real life (sadly) she doesn’t like videos of puppets. (She DOES love the videos of professional Beatrix Potter ballet with full body, over the head costumes–go figure.)

Unclear of the concept, but delightfully:
K: Let’s play Hide and Seek!
A: OK, do you want to hide or look for me?
K: I’m going to hide in the dog bed!
A: I guess I’ll start counting then.

Violins. We recorded an Elmo’s World on violins and now Katya asks for it a lot and gets excited when violins pop up somewhere. She says she wants one. Also, a piano. I got a Midori CD from the library and she digs it. Also, the Instrument Dinosaurs episode of Little Einstein, in which Bassosaurus Rex appears to be chasing Baby Piccolodactyl. Little Einstein has become BIG around here since I started writing this. We also have been going the the Bowers Kidseum free days. They have big low tables of instruments around the world that the kids can play. At home we do a lot of drumming and dancing around. Katya sometimes spontaneously starts dancing around on her toes.

Washing machine repairs(yes, plural) leading to lots to time in “tushypants”–Katya is becoming more aware of when she is going to pee.

Xtra surreal toddler reality
A: Look, I’m adding honey to the bowl! You know who makes honey? Bees! (I usually don’t sound so teacher-y but we have read a bee/honey book a million times and never cooked with honey before.)
K, playing with plastic hippo: Hippo makes honey.
A: Your hippo makes honey too?
K: Hippo makes honey on the wall.

Your last name?
K: No!
A: It’s No, Yes.
K: No way!
A: (Laughing hysterically)
K: I made you laugh!

Zoo trips We got a membership to the Santa Ana Zoo, too. For the last few months Katya and I have mostly stayed home during the day during the week, so we haven’t been there much. We do go out a fair amount in the evening and weekend. Katya’s favorites at the zoo are the train and the endangered animals carousel.

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