Things I Have Found In My Kitchen

February 23rd, 2010

Fresh Squeezed Juice!

February 23rd, 2010

[clattering noise]
K: I spilled juice on myself!
A: (running from other room with cloth diaper) It’s a good thing you weren’t wearing any clothes! (wiping) Do you want to help me wipe it up?
K: No! I want carrot juice that DOESN’T SPILL!

Original Recipes By Katya Sophia

February 22nd, 2010

Apple Muffins
Prepare batter for cornbread muffins. Drop whole, unpeeled apple in batter.

Orange Muffins
Prepare batter for cornbread muffins. While someone else is spooning the batter into muffin tins, drop in a whole, unpeeled orange.

Flamingo Soup
Mix 1 flamingo, brown rice, and “rocks” in a large pot of water. (Recommended “rocks”: a 50/50 mix of green and clear beach glass.)
Do not eat this! It’s dolphin soup. (Only for dolphins to eat.)

2 3/4 years old! State of the toddler report

February 17th, 2010

Catch phrases: “No thank you” “I want my mommy!” “Oh look at the — it’s so CUTE” “Hi Mommy (or Daddy or Max) I’m so happy to see you!” “It’s fooky” (spooky) “Tugga tugga too too!”

Car seat: turned forward last week! Woo hoo!

Potty: K just resumed announcing she has to go to the potty and using it. We had a good year and a half of going months without soiling a diaper. But she took a 2-3 month break as we’ve dealt with a slew of viruses. Our mild expressions of appreciation were met with, “Everybody poops.”

Favorite proteins: crunchy turkey bacon and plain cashews. New discovery: FISH STICKS

Pet peeves: handwashing (we invested in goo), requests to go to sleep, when parents chew, being sick

Favorite toy: My child is usually the one running around the park dragging a toy. You’d think it was her *special* thing, but there are about 24 of them, and she’s very good at carrying 3 at a time. She falls asleep holding little plastic animals pretty often. It has gotten to the point where she’ll grab an armful as we leave the house and explain to me which are going to “wait in the car” while we are out.

“It says, ‘Love, Max’!” (pointing to dog’s heart-shaped tag)
“It says ‘Humpback whale.” (pointing to paragraph next to picture of a whale)  
Katya has also been singing/reading familiar books to herself regularly, all of a sudden.
We have many books in heavy rotation. A few that K asks for A LOT are Katy No-Pocket, Ocean Seasons, Jake the Ballet Dog, and Uh-Oh, Gotta Go! We’ve read about 8 Magic Treehouse books in the last few months.

Writing: Katya has been “writing her name” with vertical lines. She sounds it out while she writes it.

Vocabulary development in action:
K: Can you zip the Nemo purse up?
A: I already zipped it up.
K: (voice rising) Can you zip the Nemo purse up?
A: I zipped it up already, honey. It’s closed.
K: (voice rising higher) CAN YOU ZIP THE NEMO PURSE?
A: Oh, do you want me to UNzip it? There. Is that better?
1 week later
K: Can you zip the Nemo purse un? Can you zip it undone?

Favorite TV show: Little Einsteins

Little Einstein she’d most like to have over for a playdate: All of them

How many Little Einsteins books you have to read, if you read one Little Einsteins book to Katya: All of them

Things that K sometimes loves and is sometimes scared of: airplanes, Max, ducks, squirrells (somehow especially terrifying when “chasing her” by walking away)

Most requested outings: bounce house (partially to work on the quest to get a certain kind of Dumbo figure out of a vending machine), the mall (to buy fortune cookies), the “ABC stage” park, the castle park, the stables “to show my book to Baby Suko”, the museum with instruments

Most dramatic parental development: In the last few months I finally figured out/came to terms with the fact that A) Katya will never fall to sleep easily or happily or at a convenient time if she has not had a big block of exercise outside our house, B) We are not capable of getting out the door to go do something before 4 pm UNLESS we have decided on a previous day to do something specific, and C) the unhappiness caused to my little person by schedule enforcement was at the very worst not quite equal to the unhappiness caused by late night crankiness on all fronts.  We’ve settled into a new routine of me being very explicit with everyone about our schedule constraints and spending a lot of naptime coordinating my toddler’s social calendar, which is sort of goofy. We’re in this window right now where I just try really hard to think of/schedule stuff she loves since lately if I suggest more than 1 option for a particular day she invariably changes her mind when it is too late and melts down. We go to park days with the South OC Attachment Parenting Meetup group, the La Leche League Toddler group, the APOC Homelearners, and IrvineHomeschoolers once in a blue moon. We tried a weekly Waldorf group, but it meets in the big park which features one of her favorite playgrounds…but the group does NOT go to the playground. Which did not fly with her the first time, and is unlikely to work in the future.

My favorite random kid-created activity this month: Scooping water up out of the jacuzzi in a little metal pail and dumping it in the pool

Misc. quotes:

K: Can we go to the stuffed giraffe store and see if they have a stuffed giraffe?

K: I want ice cream sandwich!
B: What flavor do you want?
A: We have a berry one all cut up. Is it ok if we finish that first?  
K: I’m doing a vanilla dance!

B: I’m on my way home! I picked up my car.
K: What do you have in your trunk?
B: I have my laptop and a firewall in a box.
K: Oooh! Did you get more FIRE?

B: Hold on, I have to fix this email server real quick.
K: You can use tape!

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