Happy Play in March

March 26th, 2010

Fabulous Day

March 26th, 2010

Every night when I take my shower I think of good things about the day. Today had more awesome things than usual so I’m writing it down. This is one of those writing-it-so-I-don’t-forget-it-posts but you’re welcome to read too. 🙂 I don’t even think this is EVERYTHING good about our day. We are truly blessed.

  1.  This morning for the 1st time I took K’s night diaper off and it was totally pee-free.
  2. After rejecting a number of outfits I suggested, Katya asked for her “strawberry dress,” which she hadn’t been able to wear since fall so I thought she’d forgotten about it. I LOVE this outfit and we had the weather for it! I’m just finishing sorting out Katya’s dresser and the big haul of hand-me-downs from Emile’s visit last week. I’m pretty excited that we already have a pretty solid spring/summer wardrobe, even taking into account that I have to take a 2nd set of bottoms every time we go out. We just need sandals and maybe a hat and we are set.
  3. Not only did we get to go to an elementary school production of 101 Dalmationsat noon, but I got organized about it at the last minute and we read the whole Disney storybook of it this morning since she didn’t know the story. We had a lovely time and then Katya asked to leave right when Cruella was having her huge fit that leads to the puppies being kidnapped. In the parking lot she asked, “Is it done?” and I told her, “Yes, it’s done for us, because we’re going home.” I double checked and she still wanted to leave. When Bill asked her if she liked it later she said yes “except the scary part.”
  4. On the way home we stopped at Ralphs. I saw not one but two of our really awful neighbors there, which is a good thing because A/ they didn’t bother us this time and B/ we should be getting the keys to our new house Monday! Katya loved riding in the little blue car on the end of the cart. She wanted the blue one instead of the other colors so it would be like my car. In line once again it sounded like she was loudly insisting that I give her cookies but she was really asking for turkey lunch meat. I love that.
  5. Getting in and out of the car and into the house today involved NO physical struggle or whining. Or pleading. I guess it’s been hard lately or that wouldn’t be notable. I keep short books in the back of the car and read one once she’s plugged in. Katya loves this 8 sentence early reader called Clifford Goes To Story Time. In Bill’s car her favorite is Mouse Paint, followed by On the Day You Were Born. When we got home from the market Katya played in the car and pretended to drive for a few minutes. I waited a few minutes, started talking quietly about the turkey needing to go in the fridge, and lo and behold, Katya not only got out, but she walked to the door instead of insisting on being carried. I think she must be getting used to her new sleep schedule.
  6. When we got home Katya wouldn’t use the potty right away. I was SURE she was going to have an accident but she didn’t. She went more than 4 hours without using it and a whole day in underpants with no accidents for the first time ever!
  7. We played a fun game where Grandma Bear can’t stop kissing people. Katya especially liked it when I was making the bear kiss me a lot while I giggled, rolled around and said it tickled.
  8. I found a cup for all the dirty silverware to sit in in the sink so Katya could keep using the dishwasher part as a train, dinosaur, and elephant parking garage. (see previous post)
  9. As for the samples of wood flooring that recently appeared in our living room? They make both a nice frog potty platform, and also an excellent dance floor. Katya has informed us that her floor will be blue.
  10. After much agonizing what I could bring for the API spring potluck/egg hunt tomorrow, totally striking out in the healthy snacks aisle at Ralphs, I started a batch of banana mini muffins. Katya saw me and said, “I want to stand on a chair!” She helped with a lot of stirring. And eating. And, um, dusting. Of things. With flour. It brought me joy to see her discover how good it feels to stick your hands in flour! Not to mention try her first chunk of brown sugar out of the box. I LOVED that as a kid. As an added bonus, I actually managed to both pick a recipe from a reputable source, and follow it faithfully, so they are good, if a bit sweet. I run out of things to offer Katya pretty quickly so I’m excited to try more kinds of muffins for her.
  11. Marker tattoos! Sitting on a tiny doll chair, Katya asked for a seagull on the sole of one foot. Then she held the other foot out and asked me to “make it look like Finding Nemo.” “Which part?” “All of it.” So I tried, and must have been moderately successful, because Katya got off the tattoo chair. She was replaced by Big Bird, who squeakily requested a tattoo on his foot. Of what? “Big Bird.” Our house must be the place in the world with the highest incidence of folks sporting tattoos of themselves. Katya has 2 of those today too. On her ankle. Because her feet are full.
  12. We lit a candle as part of our bedtime routine for the first time tonight and loved it. Usually when Katya says she is hungry right at bedtime it derails our progress toward bed but reading by candlelight with snacks worked well. And she blew it out by herself, which is hard for her! Plus, for our last story we read The Dragon Kiteby Thomas P. Lewis, in which a little Tibetan boy travels to a monestary to see the dragon kite and not only sees it but gets to FLY in it! Naturally he decides to become a monk so he can do it some more.
  13. My kid was asleep and in bed alone by 8:30. There are 2 Easter/egg hunt books on the bedside table waiting for morning.

Toddler Still Lives

March 26th, 2010

New Things

March 19th, 2010

We’re moving into week 2 of no naps. It’s mostly good. Katya has melted down a bit–most notably running around our living room repeatedly yelling “I want to go home” and throwing herself on the ground in front of the dog saying “Max, get away from me!”– but I think it’s mostly the transition and low blood sugar from grumpily refusing food. Speaking of which, this week we learned that eating too many cashews can make you poop orange oil. You’re welcome.

We are also finishing week 1 of Katya choosing to wear underwear most of the time during the day. Suddenly an astonishing range of things sound like a small child peeing in her pants. The highlight this week was when I was changing her in the otherwise empty jaguar-themed maze at the zoo and she ran off through the maze in her underwear. It was actually kind of hard to find her.

Today was totally awesome. We have spent months talking about trying to get the Winnie the Pooh dressed in an elephant costume out of the vending machine at the bounce house and today we got it!!! Katya has been reading the little plastic egg inserts to herself: “Baboon Pooh, Cameleon Pooh, Octopus Pooh…” which of course is twice as charming since it sounds like a catalog of poop.

Having achieved Elephant Pooh, Katya wanted more vending machine “mermaids” AKA Disney Princesses. Yes, you might think she has 2 tiny Snow Whites, but they are actually twin mermaids named Tyulou and Toody, in “dancing skirts”. Disney Princesses and drinking soda were pretty much the 2 things I hoped to delay as long as possible but in this incarnation I think I can take it.

We’ve been home a little more than usual lately due to her schedule change but I have still gotten Katya out to the same places repeatedly enough lately that she is getting more adventurous. It’s fun to relax into our outings, stop being the tour guide and let her lead me around. Katya got a HUGE kick out of running back and forth in the hanging rope “vines” part of the zoo maze and also climbed up the big bounce house ladder by herself for the first time today. At the beach she’s done a lot more climbing on benches and rocks than ever before. She’s doing much better with her fear of getting knocked over by a wave.

Favorite books lately are heavy on Jan Brett titles (The First Dog, The Snow Bears) and picture book biographies, especially Mother to Tigers, Manfish, and Bottle Houses: The Creative World of Grandma Prisbley. We listen to a lot of classical music in the car, but Katya has been requesting “world music” a lot.


March 8th, 2010

B: I picked out your pajamas. Pink sock monkeys!
K: I’m taking a bath. I don’t want to wear pajamas in the bathtub.

K, flushing toilet of pee only: Bye bye poops! See you soon!

K, to the dog, who is not paying attention to her: I’m not food! Don’t eat me Max! I’m hiding!

Reading a pop-up book to herself in which most animals are folded over and pop up towards you as you turn the page:
K:A deer with floppy antlers…a bunny with floppy ears… a bear with a floppy head.

Katya is definitely in a *read it again* phase. We’ve had SO many good books out from the library that we’ve not done a lot of repeating in, well, years. Now she wants to read something 2, 3, 4, 5 times in a row. The surprise favorite this week is Bottle Houses: The Creative World of Grandma Prisbrey.

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