April 24th, 2010

“It says, ‘No buying circles!'”

Spontaneous Beach Stop

April 24th, 2010

Sewing Projects

April 24th, 2010

I am just thrilled to pieces that my daughter has asked me repeatedly to teach her how to sew. I thought I’d have to wait longer for projects like this! Of course, she is still two. There has been more than one occasion on which I’ve discovered Katya unspooling a lot of thread while announcing, “I’m sewing!”

Our bean bag bunny project from Family Fun magazine. Katya mostly did materials selection, bean stuffing, and pulling of the needle after I already made the stitch.


Photo question

April 21st, 2010

Hey regular reader friends & family,
How is the walrus photo? Too big? Too small? Just right but takes a lot longer to load on your computer? Please comment. Thanks!

Sea World

April 21st, 2010

Sweet Thought Processes

April 21st, 2010

A, reading a book with Easter eggs hidden in the pictures:
Wow! That one on the car is big enough for you to fit in! Do you think you would like to hatch out of an egg?
K: Yes! I would like a gummy Katya.
A: You want to get a gummy Katya?
K: Yes! I want to eat gummy Katyas! Can we get gummy Katyas?
A: Um…I haven’t seen them at the candy store, but I bet someone makes gummy little girls.

K: I want bum cake! (unintelligible) bum cake!
A: You want…BUM CAKE?
K, dancing: Yes yes yes! I want bum cake!
A: Honey, I’m sorry, but I have no idea what bum cake is. Can you tell me more about it so I can figure it out?
K: When you poop, you wipe your bum!
A: Uhhhh….[looking around kitchen for anything cake-like] do you want angel food cake?
A: What does that have to do with your bum?
K: It’s called angel food cake!

That was quite a head scratcher. 8 hours later I realized that while she had never heard of angel food cake before we got it at the farm this weeked, Katya must have heard Bill talk about how much he likes Angel Soft toilet paper quite a few times.

Celebrating Spring

April 7th, 2010

The week before Easter, at the API egg hunt:
A: Katya, do you see any eggs?
K, pointing to a bunch: Mmmmmmmmmmm.
A: Now you pick them up and put them in your basket!
K: No! You do it! (runs off into sand box and fills Easter basket with sand)
 (click on this to see some awesome shoes)

The following Monday Lisa from our Wednesday park group was sweet enough to invite us to her family seder. We made a chocolate/dried fruit/matzah confection to bring. Katya mostly played toys in the other room. She did manage to wander over and drink a cup of salt water. And eat some matzah. The kid has gone matzah crazy. She likes to share it with the dog. Anyway, the other 2 toddlers and baby were at the table a little more, and it was a hoot. We wore plague masks. After the hunt for the affikomen there was an even more epic search for one of the other parents’ car keys, which eventually showed up in the fireplace. On our way out, I was in the middle of changing Katya into her PJS when I lost the top. After a few minutes I realized it was on her, shoved down into her pants.

The following Friday, Good Friday, we went to a huge free Easter celebration put on by a local megachurch. I didn’t bring my camera but here is a picture of Katya with the face painting she got there as well as a good deal of the sugar that was on its way into the banana muffins for Sturla family Easter.

(One of these days I am going to think to put an apron on her BEFORE she looks like this but I’m not sure anything short of a hazmat suit would do the job.)

Next up: egg dying! The blueberries and onion skins made great dye! The coffee, dandilions, and wine, not as much.

Also: dog decorating.
This week Max has also worn a green bath mat, which Katya swears makes him look just like a Stegosaurus, quite a bit of sugar, and a noodle draped over his tail.

Drawing igloos with chalk eggs.

Easter brunch at our house for just the 3 of us was nearly cancelled when the kitchen filled with toxic fumes. Apparently someone left part of a balloon animal in the oven. I rallied and put a pan on the stove for eggs, only to be greeted moments later by the smell of burning paper. I guess some foil stars were stuck in there somehow? Out comes the fruit plate with my new specialty, “bunanas.” Katya had freeze-dried bananas in her Easter eggs and left the slimy bunanas to the adults.

Later, Grandma Michelle hid extra big eggs for Katya so she could put fortune cookies in them! Previously Katya would take a bite out of any kind of marshmallow and then pull it out with a total look of disgust, but she enjoyed the Peeps. A day or 2 later I found the last 2 on the couch with just their tiny faces bitten off.
A day after that, I found this:

Giraffe Honey

April 2nd, 2010

K: Giraffe is getting giraffe honey! Giraffe is getting giraffe honey!
A: Cool! What does giraffe honey taste like?
K: It tastes like peanuts.

A, reading probably our 5th version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears: She liked Baby Bear’s chair so much that she rocked and rocked and rocked until it broke into…
K: Submarines!

This week in the world of library books we learned that javelinas are NOT pigs, but baby javelinas are called piglings. Not piglets, piglings. I love that. Katya is in love with a book called The Hummingbird’s Gift about little Mexican animals and figures woven from straw. This morning she asked us to read “Don’t Poke the Jellyfish” which is really a nonfiction book called just Jellyfish.

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