Birthday Party!

May 30th, 2010








Getting Ready For 3!

May 29th, 2010

Tomorrow we’re going on a strawberry picking farm tour for Katya’s birthday! We made special strawberry playdough in anticipation of her special day.


Drawing and painting::

“It’s a swordfish!”

Playing with little animals::

Biting the heads and limbs off all the animal cookies when nobody is looking::

Feeding the dog, both intentionally and unintentionally::

Going “bump bump” for morning dog walk::

Reading princess stories and a little dress up including the “princess queen” (tiara)::

Some snacky meals::

(usually containing turkey bacon, turkey lunch meat, meat loaf, some sort of burger or pasta with “spicy noodle sauce,” fish sticks, orange slices only if dry to the touch, square wheat products, cashews, chocolate chips cookies, “honey sandwiches” (with almond butter), Tofutti Cuties, carrot circles, rice cakes, freeze dried fruit, crunchy green veggies, and/or a potato product. Still no dairy or wet/pureed food.)

“Toe swimming” at the beach and “foot baths” in puddles and walking around in the pool::

And wonderful park days, and trips to the many local libraries, and listening to lots of audio books (especially Mouse Tales–3 times in one day, and it’s 40 minutes long!), and reading lots of nonprincess books too like Shamoo AKA “A Whale is not a Cow”, and doing puzzles, and sliding down her new personal (adult knee height) slide–“This is my favorite park!”, and putting stuffed animals to bed, and playing in her appliance box house, and dancing around the house, and picking “mommo” (white rose petals ) with Luka at the running around place, and asking, “Are we up so high?” on the freeway. And more. It’s good to be 2, and I expect it’ll be even better to be 3.


May 15th, 2010

“Hedgehogs are animals, but they aren’t animals…They turn into butterflies instead of caterpillars. Hedgehogs eat food, but not plants.”

Three Things I Learned Today

May 10th, 2010

1. Monster bedtime is 7 PM.
2. It’s illegal to have a pet hedgehog in California.
3. “Sometimes rhinos fall in poop. Then mommies pick them up out of the potty and wash them off. Just in case.”

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