Because Tuesday is Neighborhood Day

August 31st, 2010

I have finally figured out that I was running myself ragged and when you have a House with a Yard you don’t need to go out Every. Single. Day.

So, now, Tuesday is Neighborhood Day. We stay in our neighborhood. Unless an amazingly fabulous only-available-on-Tues thing comes up.

What on earth did we do here all day?

Give a house tour to a new neighbor.
Ask neighbors we hadn’t met yet if we can play in their tree houses and hammocks.
Watch the street get repaved.
Sniff flowers.
Decimate dandelions.
Paint stars and skulls on our nails in the front yard.
Call each other from adjoining rooms using the office and cell phones.
Watch stilt dancing and a contortionist on YouTube.
Request things we want on various internet sites.
Research and schedule cool things we want to do.
Ask Scott “What are you doing?” 6 different times while he is tiling one floor.
Small amounts of cooking and laundry.
Watch Little Einsteins because it has a painting by one of our favorite painters, Van Gogh.
Use a headphone jack as various doctor tools. (My temperature is “57 period.”)
Read I Spy Little Numbers and a true story about a little girl sent through the mail back when it travelled by train.
Play with one train car and one bridge in many different locations.
Call Bill at work.
Give and receive a number of household objects wrapped in a washcloth as birthday presents.
Ask Grandma for some of her cereal 3 times.
Carry a picnic basket around.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something. It was a really nice day.

The Mitten

August 28th, 2010

Katya got the tip of her middle finger shut in a drawer. It gave her a pretty good scratch. While she is a huge fan of bandaids on other people’s bodies and anywhere else you can think of, she is thoroughly opposed to wearing them herself. And so, The Mitten. She wore this pink mitten for 6 days straight, 24 hours a day. After 2 or 3 days I took it off while she slept and she woke up crying hysterically. After 4 days clerks in the local home improvement stores were greeting us with, “She’s still wearing the mitten?” She would NOT let us check to see how her finger was doing, and since she showed no signs of pain were didn’t push it. After 6 days I convinced her to take it off to change into the other, cleaner mitten. She looked at her hand in utter amazement and said, “My scratch went away!” We all agreed it was like magic. And then went to cut her nails and wash the dirt out of the webs of her mitten hand.

Kitty friend

August 28th, 2010

At least one of the cats next door poops in our yard. They have a lot of fleas. The men in the house do not care for them much. One of them, named Brooke (cats, not men), LOVES the ladies of the house though. She runs towards us meowing and will actually bump her body into your hand for you to pet her. Our first week here we would see her every day. Katya would joyfully exclaim, “KITTY FRIEND!”

Then one morning I let Max out in the back yard and he scared Kitty Friend into scrambling up the fence. With the dog barking furiously at her, she locked eyes with me and gave me this unmistakable look that said: How Could You Do This To Me?

We haven’t seen her very often since then.

Yesterday, we caught a glimpse of her as we pulled away in the car.

K: My kitty friend died.
A: Really?
K: She went away a hundred times.
A: Is that what it means when someone dies?
K: It means she’s hiding.

Post-Move Miscellany

August 11th, 2010

Katya had a lovely Daddy date at the Bowers Kidseum while I moved boxes around and returned wearing a Mayan headress she made herself.

When I asked her if she was a Mayan princess, or warrior, she said she was a “Mayan nothing.”¬†Just rocking the style, I guess.

Bill also reports that they spent some time sitting with her favorite kangaroo puppet, watching other kids perform in the DIY puppet theater. A mom watching beside Katya cooed to her baby, “Oh! Where did that come from?!” Katya answered, “That’s a dragon. Dragons come from China.”

This evening, as I cleared the dinner dishes, Katya was playing with a plastic giraffe on the table. I overheard her tell Bill, “It’s a mating dance!”

So, generally, in 4 days we will have been in this house a month, contruction is far from done, most storage areas are unusable so most rooms have waist-high stacks of boxes and displaced furniture, and we’re all sick, including our contractor Scott. The fridge has broken twice, the dishwasher proved to be broken and was finally replaced after 3 weeks, I just started lining the kitchen cabinets due to fear of black widows and fridge drama, there have been 2 drain clogs, and even the dryer had a minor leak. Max is happier than ever with a yard and stairs and lots of room, and the human men are still working hard. Still, we’re all tired and Katya and I are somewhat grumpy. She has been happily sleeping alone in her own bed a few weeks, and about the same time I hurt my back and gave up on carrying her/picking her up, so naturally she’s really into pretending to be a baby. Since we told her about the secret language of babies a few months ago when Sadie Jane was born, this mostly means yelling/screaming “Eng!” about 70 times a day, often out of frustration or anger. I think normally I’m pretty patient and accomodating, but when I’m really sick and the house is filled with drywall dust, not so much. Yesterday we had this conversation, which would not have happened had I not felt like I was going to barf:
K: I want star ice! ….. This ice is TOO COLD!
A: That’s how ice works. It if were warm, it would be water.
K: It’s too cold! I want another piece!
A: All the ice is that cold. It’s frozen! If it gets warmed up, it turns into water!
K: This ice is too cold! I want another piece!

On a happier note, we are making a “Dora mermaid” skirt out of an old unused flat diaper together. We meant for Katya to do washes of watered down blue and green paint on it. What a shock to find that my 14+ year old paints had dried out! Only the black and white were OK, so it’s sort of a mermaids caught in an oil slick look.

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