The Joy and Drama of the ToysRUs Gift Card

December 28th, 2010

This morning Katya and I did a quick search online for things we want to buy with her ToysRUs gift card. We found a set of Ariel and 2 mermaid sisters, and determined that they were only available for in store pickup. Also I explained that we both have colds, so we are not leaving the house for a day or 2. What follows is only about half of the conversation we’ve had today about the arrival of these toys.

Several minutes later:
K: (Looking at the computer)…and next it’s arriving in Costa Mesa!

Several hours later:
K: Maybe if I wake up in the middle of the night, I’ll see the ToysRUs guys.
A: Middle of the night? Are you thinking of Santa?
K: Maybe Santa will bring it!
A: Well, he’s not due to deliver toys until a whole year from now. He only brings toys on Christmas.
K: You can call him after I go to sleep!
A: I would totally do that for you, but I don’t have Santa’s phone number.
K: 84. Santa’s phone number is 84.

Later, back in the kitchen after over an hour shopping online:
K: I made a sign for the ToysRUs guys! (Reading “ZTZEJGFOP off the fridge) It says “Ariel and Sisters, All Together!” Ariel and sisters, all together, Ariel and sisters all together…

A few minutes later:
K: It’s just a silly story. I made that silly story up.

Edit: Bill went to 2 stores which the website said had them in stock, and they didn’t really have them in stock. It turned out that we can order them online, so we are awaiting a toy delivery. The existing dolls in our household are giving each other packages at this time.

Fashion Statements

December 9th, 2010

Yes, we did leave our property with Katya wearing these outfits. (And, yes, my stairs are filthy.) Lately Katya is 100% opposed to jackets of any sort, and wants owl pants with everything.

Family Portraits

December 9th, 2010

(top to bottom, that’s Grandma, Katya, Dad as mer-handprint-spider, Mom)

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