Mildly disconcerting conversations

January 21st, 2011

K: Some girls don’t like your nipple [piercing].
B: Really? You don’t like it?
K: No–yeah–but Avalon [who has never seen it] doesn’t. She thinks it’s gross.

A: Which jammies do you want?
K: Penguin jammies. Then I’ll make a fuss, and we’ll change to dinosaur jammies.
A: I’d really rather skip the fuss. So you want to end up in dinosaur jammies?
K: I want penguin jammies. Then I’ll make a fuss, and then we’ll change to dinosaur jammies.
B: How about we just get you your dinosaur jammies then?
K: No, penguin jammies. Then I’ll make a fuss, and we’ll change to dinosaur jammies.

Cinderelly Week

January 13th, 2011

A lot of things have been coming together all of a sudden. We have surrendered to Barbie and the Disney Princesses as our child has become completely enchanted with toy shopping. Thus, a string of Cinderella stories this week. Many Barbie and mermaid (and Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia) stories have been omitted, but I would like to note that a complete stranger bought a 2005 Graduation Barbie for Katya at Salvation Army midweek after hearing me tell her that it was wildly overpriced. Yay, humanity! Also, Katya is getting $3.00 spending cash a week now. Items she is considering saving for include the Barbie Puppy Swimming School Pool, Barbie’s horse, a My Little Pony Ferris Wheel and Hot Air Balloon (both of which I want very much–we use a lazy susan as a pony carousel) and Barbie’s jet.

Last Friday, at the end of a long day which involved Katya repeatedly asking to leave Playschool but then changing her mind, making a break for it out the door of the grocery store, not having enough snacks, and being told I would not buy her a toy set that includes things she already has, we had some hyperventilating in the car.  I finally figured out what she was trying to tell me between between gasps of breath. That if I get her the Cinderella set with carriage and fairy godmother, she will give her other toys “to a little girl who doesn’t have any toys.” Well, crap. I had a gift card, so I bought it.

Saturday, we had 2 identical Cinderellas singing this song to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”:
I wonder what you are,
I wonder what you are,
Twinkle twinkle little star
I know what you are.

Sunday and Monday we  read The Youngest Fairy Godmother Ever, The Egyptian Cinderella (a seemingly partially true early version from Ancient Egypt!), Cindy Ellen: A Wild Western Cinderella, The Gift of the Crocodile : a Cinderella Story from the Spice Islands, and Ella Bella Ballerina and Cinderella. Tuesday Katya decided that she wanted to return Chickerella and Bigfoot Cinderrrrrella without reading them. The illustrations were pretty freaky.

Tuesday, after many reading of Sweet Success, the handmedown Disney Cinderella story we got at Playschool on Friday, Katya made her own cake for the King’s birthday cake festival. We gathered flowers outside our house just like the mice did.

Wednesday under Katya’s direction I made one of the Barbies a dress out of some old Cinderella underpants we bought at a garage sale last weekend. (Yes, I thoroughly washed them.) The interesting thing is that Katya still perceives any Barbie clothes made out of underpants as underwear, and insists that other clothes be put over them.
Wednesday night we had a private showing of Cinderella in the storytime room of the Central library! It’s a total coincidence that they were showing it then. Katya’s first movie out of the house! She covered her eyes when the cat was trying to catch the mice. She didn’t remember any dreams but did wake up more than usual that night.

Thursday morning at the vet we read Ella’s Big Chance: A Jazz Age Cinderella. She says no to the royal guy!
Around lunchtime, Katya was playing with the dollhouse when she announced, “Cinderella is hiding the TV.”  “Really? Why?” “Because there’s a contractor working on the house.” (I guess it was only a matter of time!!!) “What is she afraid will happen?” “The contractor wants to move the TV, so she’s hiding it. She’s putting it on the steps so her stepsisters can’t come up.
Later in the afternoon, on a quest for a secondhand My Little Pony WITH WINGS, we found and purchased a Disney book about Cinderella planning her wedding. First of course I read it twice in a row in the middle of Goodwill.
At bedtime, when we were reading her bedtime story, Katya was pulling an old hieroglyphic-print tie of Bill’s back and forth through a toy tiara. “I’m sewing,” she told us. “I’m sewing because I’m Cinderella.”

And there we are. Today I have been unintentionally singing “Bippity boppity boo” to myself quite a bit, and Katya objects quite strenously.

Toy Delivery Update

January 13th, 2011

Wednesday afternoon the Brown Truck brought Ariel and her sisters and then 5 minutes later, Ariel’s tail broke off. I popped it back in. (Did I mention how we had spent hours looking at Barbie and Ariel toys online, reading the reviews? We never read the Ariel and sisters review.) About an hour later, Katya told me, “The bad review says, Ariel and her sisters fall apart all the time…..The good review says, you can bring them in the bathtub, and they don’t fall apart in the bathtub.” Much intentionally separating mermaids from tails in order to more easily dress them in tiny Cinderella’s rubbery clothes ensued.

2010 Holiday Letter

January 9th, 2011

The first quarter of this year was all bidding and escrow.
Then for a quarter more we stayed in the rental condo,
Picking out stuff while men fell through the subfloor,
Sometimes fixing our fixer but often goofing up more.

Finally in July, move-in and the fair!
We showered by candlelight and girls flipped through the air.
Katya learned to love stiltwalkers and her very own bed.
The whole drywall-dusted family started getting many colds of the head.

(Once the movers left, our fridge was no longer cold.
We lived like that for 6 weeks. It got really old!
Though with a kitchen cabinet black widow infestation,
It wasn’t too sad to have a cooking vacation.)

Next Grandma Michelle moved in with her sweet kitty Penny.
She and her apartment both have charms that are many.
With stories, snacks, and Playmobil she stops many tears,
And helped us have our first date in three and a half years!

In more Katya news, she gave up diapers and naps.
She is fascinated with mermaids after sitting in one’s lap.
She loves Barbie, Playschool, and singing songs like Mama–
But NOT slimy food, jackets, or changing out of pajamas.

”Why? Why? Why?” Katya asks, and Alex loves to respond.
To aquarium, park, museum, beach, train and orchard we have gone.
To the stables and the library, the card to max out,
Then home to arrange doll sleepovers and make sauerkraut.

As for the men of the house, they are both exercising more.
Max made some bladder stones and now rolls on the floor.
Bill has a new diesel SUV and first employee quite funky,
Plus a weekly Daddy date at TJs to find Mandy the Monkey.

We’ve kept our first cookies for Santa from Schnauzer and toy mouse,
Visited Buca di Beppo for octopus, and for decorations, the Peanuts house.
Katya lit her first Hanukkah candles and spun like a dreidel,
Then made her second graham cracker house, feeding Katsu under the table.

So here we are together at the year’s end,
With boxes still looming and construction to mend,
But with hearts that are full from our family and friends.
To all, an open invitation, and best wishes we send.

1073 Salvador Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Alex’s cell (714)469-1719 (no landline)

Aforementioned dog trick:
Piano movers lowering our new fridge off Lacey’s balcony:
Someone we don’t know’s video of the Peanut House:

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