February 27th, 2011

Katya is doing so much imaginative play. She runs around with her little Disney Princess dolls and Barbies talking and whispering to herself. She gets excited and runs in circles while doing it sometimes. I’m so sad that I usually can’t follow what she’s saying while I’m doing chores nearby, because I know it’s got to be good.

Today Bill was sitting by her on the couch when she dropped a couch cushion on the floor and said to herself, “Pillowland. It’s a far away land.” He asked some questions. Apparently in Pillowland the entire ground is covered with soft pillows. If kids get tired they can just lie right down and rest.

My Favorite Video of Katya This Year

February 18th, 2011


At the end she is looking for the My Little Pony Hair Salon (actual product) that she has called Little Lighthouse Ball for months, except for the one day that she put the Disney princess stickers on it and it became the Princess Museum. The name came from Grandma Michelle’s work, Lil’ Lighthouse Preschool.

Misc. conversation

February 16th, 2011

A: Do you want some apple or orange?
K: No.
A: How about a banana?
K: No. I don’t like bananas.
A: Really? That’s news to me.
K: It’s not news to me.

K: Barbie needs her underskirt, because it’s made out of privacy.

K: Cinderella grew up in Costa Mesa.
A: Oh, just like Daddy.
K: I grew up in Costa Mesa too.

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