I Am Not Familiar With These Finger Vitamins

March 27th, 2011

Playing with her baby health “doctor kit,” Katya stuck the snot sucker up her nose.

A: You know, that’s one of only a few things I want to see you put in your nose. Did you ever hear the story of how Aunt Bronwen stuck food in her nose and had to go the doctor to have it pulled out?
K: No.
A: She was your age, and she was singing, “Corn in nose, corn in nose,” and her mommy Laura thought she was just telling a story. Then they figured out she had shoved corn so far up her nose that they needed a doctor to pull it out.
B: You can put your finger in your nose. Or the snot sucker.
A: Or that nose spray we use when you’re sick sometimes.
K: Once I got a finger vitamin stuck in my nose.
A: You got WHAT stuck in your nose?
K: Finger vitamins.

The Lincoln Family

March 20th, 2011

Katya started getting an allowance shortly before the various president-related holidays. So there were related projects floating around the web right when she got a little interested in the presidents that were sitting around on her very own money. We read George Washington’s Teeth and Wooden Teeth and Jellybeans, both of which I own, the second having 2 pages about each president. Katya was pretty interested, so I checked out Abe’s Fish, Abe Lincoln Loved Animals, Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers, The Joke’s On George, and my absolute favorite, Wilky, the White House Cockroach. Beards made their way around the house. We played a few rounds of a game where you put a bunch of coins in a bag, and then you try to guess which one you are pulling out. And then, with Duck For President, I could see her interest waning, so I dropped it.

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