Planning for the future

June 26th, 2011

K, painting a ladybug shape for the fair, and looking troubled: I feel like an artist.
A: You are an artist! You’re making art!
K: No, no. I feel like I’m going to be a paleotologist soon.
A: Remember the book about the place where the story of the Minotaur comes from? The man who found it drew pictures of the carvings. You can have another job where being an artist really helps you.
K: No, I want to to be a regular paleontologist.

A: What are you going to do when you’re a paleontologist?
K: if elephants are endangered thenI’m going to collect elephant bones and put them together. Then I’ll put them in a museum.

Katya is going through probably her 3rd big stuttering/stammering phase, and Wow is it hard to understand her because there’s also this almost Pig Latin element to it where she often adds “ereruh” to the end of words at the end of a phrase or sentence.

La Brea Tar Pits

June 7th, 2011

So YOU’RE the guy I’ve been excavating!

Don’t mess with me! I’m taller than a black bear!

Although…I do seem to be much smaller than a mammoth.

Whew! That museum was exhausting. I think I’m going to just hang out under this giant ground sloth for a while.

Just Turning 4: A Snapshot

June 3rd, 2011

Miss 4 is in favor of:

  1. Excavating plastic mammoth bones out of real ice
  2. Tenting the dollhouse for termites

    (With German eggcups she found in a box I was sorting through. Overheard: “Half my body is tushypants!”)
  3.  Roasting marshmallows
  4.  Making marshmallow sculptures

  5. Birthdays!
  6. The Pigeon…and other books by Mo Willems
  7.  Going to Prehistoric Pets
  8. Reading about the animals we see in Prehistoric Pets and Disney movies
  9. Checking out every “Disney” book in the library even though there are duplicates and we have checked out The Rescuers 5 times now without ever reading it
  10. Reading “surprise books” that we find at the library by closing our eyes and spinning around
  11. Reading a poem each time we get in or out of the car
  12. Water play
  13. Eating apples (peel removed)
  14. Getting new toys, especially Disney Princesses
  15. Pretty much anything to do with animals, really. Here she is at Shoestring City Ranch, where she milked a goat and got attacked by a rooster:

1. Cacao nibs: “That was bad. People should not eat that. They should cook it first.”
2.  Grocery shopping most of the time, unless it is Trader Joes, and even that is seriously uncool when she can’t get everything she wants. (I am shopping at 3 plus stores a week right now to save money for     work on our house and I have to admit I sort of feel the same way.)
3. Pajamas, including nightgowns. “I sleep in dresses now. That’s the deal.”
4. Tying the sashes of her dresses, because they are like “the little mermaid’s flowing hair.”

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