July, Glorious July!

July 29th, 2011

July is the month with the most free and awesome kid stuff, especially during the week, and especially if you include our almost-free fair tickets. In June, other than our vacation, we made a bunch of visits to local parks and nature centers. In July, it’s almost all about SHOWS. And seeing our sweet teacher mommy friends who are on vacation too, of course.

Here goes the Litany of Activity:
1 trip to the Great Park for air show/climbing inside airplanes, helicopters and a swat van/finding fossils
1 trip to the beach wearing a floaty vest to brave a maximum of 1 inch of water
1 trip to LA to visit Grandpapa plus Lisa & Tall Chris with their funny cats
3 pool parties
2 small firework show–legal ones at our house, “totally legal” across the street

1 bike parade
1 China-themed park day wearing “silkworms” in our hair like the princess who was the first person to smuggle the secret of silk production out of China

4 days at the fair, mainly at the ice museum, petting zoo with wallabies, art building, kid’s building with reptiles/giant animatronic bugs, Peking Acrobats show, and kiddy rides
1 mom’s group presentation on worm composting where we learned that hedgehogs eat worms & we got worms to take home
1 amazing playdate where Katya did a coherent puppet show with a friend for the first time and also beaded her first necklace by herself
1 juggler/mime show that Katya declared a fake because he did not pretend he was stuck in a box and also talked a little
1 accidentally attended children’s fashion show which sparked zero interest in modelling like Barbie
2 storytellers, one of which had a puppet polar bear that said “north-thuh,” which K has been repeating
3 live animal shows at libraries, including an armadillo, a hedgehog, and a kinkajou, which K got to touch
1 “Noise Guy” sound effect show complete with reading of his picture book about the sounds different toilets make
1 puppet show
1 show of/about ancient Mexican music in which Katya got to play a rain stick
1 family picnic on a reproduction of the moon’s surface
…and then at home:
1 poem accidentally memorized (The Boa by Douglas Florian) and then recited to 7 different people
8 people informed by Katya that she is planning to be a paleontologist
1 pack of party poppers spewing streamers which were quickly utilized as dinosaur intestines
5 family art nights:”spilled milk” inkblot paintings, salt & watercolor “fireworks,” marshmallow sculpture, ice sculpture, and bubble painting
4 family game nights spent playing Discovery Beach and Disney Princess Memory
6 cards on which Katya did some writing with a little guidance
3 kinds of plastic skeletons assembled
1 or usually much more hours a day of independent imaginative play with toys

2 or 3 days only this month spent watching TV, mostly Little Einsteins, mostly the ones to do with ancient Egypt 
1 batch of homemade animal crackers
30 almond butter and honey sandwiches
3 or 4 batches of homemade beet/cauliflower pickles that nobody will eat but Alex
12 Magic Tree House audio books listened to over and over and over again
2 big research questions requiring multiple trips to the library: How can dead bees sting? and What kinds of snakes are extinct?
1 first real bike and bike helmet
1 real kid-free date plus 1 mom’s night out plus one mom-only birthday party!!!
2 big house repairs: floor & oven

1 tired but happy family

Some day she’ll learn how to say the initial “l” sound and I’ll be sad

July 28th, 2011

K, looking at ants in a book that shows cutaway views of the ground in various places:
They’re taking care of their yarva! It’s the nursery.
Are gophers still alive?

More Career News

July 10th, 2011

“When I grow up and I’m a paleontologist, I’ll know where to find all the best fossils. I’ll cut rocks with scissors.”

On an unrelated note, I have been told several times this week that K has “a headache of housework.” And also, “Didn’t you hear me? I said I have a headache of housework!” This when we were in the middle of painting some giftwrap. Not quite sure where that came from, because while I may not always embrace household tasks with a joyful attitude, I sure don’t say anything like that.

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