October 24th, 2011

K, thoughtfully, after reading a Little Mermaid book: Did people wear underwear in the Little Mermaid movie?

K, After listening to Bill and Alex play 20 Questions in the car:
Think about a T. Rex!
A: OK. I’m thinking of an animal.
K: Is it a T. Rex?
A: Yes!
K: Think about a Stegosaurus!
A: I’m thinking of an animal.
K: Is it a Stegosaurus?
A: Yes!
K: Think about a Triceratops.
A: I’m thinking of an animal.
K: Is it a Triceratops?

Later, after Bill was pretty stumped for a while on the best 20 Questions animal ever:
B: Is it a…WORM?
A: Yes!
K: How do you know?
A: Because I thought it up!

There Are No Days Off In Unpreschool!

October 16th, 2011

Just the highlights of an extremely quiet Sunday spent at home:
At breakfast, Katya engaged in some creative doll play while the adults followed her directions to make tiny bracelets for Disney princess dolls. Then Katya and I walked the dog together. At a garage sale people were selling Min Pin puppies. We told them about the YouTube videos we’d seen of a puppy being born. We watched the puppies for a while and asked the dad and teenage daughter a lot of questions about the birth, teething, tail docking, etc. The 7 year olds showed Katya some gymnastic tricks on the couches they were selling. Katya decided she wanted to buy a chess set. When we got home, we looked up chess information on the internet and set the board up. While the grownups did grownup stuff nearby, Katya played with the chess pieces. Then she navigated YouTube, watching babies talk to each other, part of a Barbie movie in German, and then one in Portuguese. Afterwards, we read My Puppy is Born and a Halloween-ish book about creepy collective nouns. Next, There Are Monsters Everywhere by Mercer Mayer. The little boy in it takes Karate class, so Katya asked Bill to show her some “Karate tricks.” He showed her some moves, taught her a few words, and set her bouncing karate-ish off the walls for a good, long time. He held a pillow up for her to punch. We all played with the dog. Then it was time to head into the great room for dinner. Katya told me she didn’t like the collage I’d made when we had art night the night before. We talked about it, and worked out that she was upset that I had asked for her¬†input but not done what she said. Bill talked up the vitamin powers of carrots. Lots more books followed. We ended the day with yet¬†another discussion of how Katya feels that she is nocturnal, but she is quiet all night in consideration for us as we’re diurnal. Then she said that she is nocturnal AND diurnal, prompting both a discussion of whether there are animals that never sleep, and also whether she really needs to eat breakfast again right after being put to bed.

Baby’s First Protest!

October 15th, 2011

K: Why are people doing that?
A: They’re holding up signs because they’re unhappy about things and they want people to know how they feel.
K: I’m not unhappy about anything. Let’s go to the park!

Occupy Irvine, City Hall, October 15th 2011

On school, and learning

October 12th, 2011

K: I want to go to school to learn stuff.
A: What kind of stuff?
K: You know…Peking Acrobat stuff.

A week later:

K, after encountering an older boy wandering in the park with his grandparents:
What’s a vacation?
A: Well, a lot of kids go to school every weekday like Daddy goes to work every weekday. When they don’t have to go, because everyone who works there is taking the day off, it’s called a school vacation.
K: I don’t go to school.
A: That’s right. You’re lucky, because you can learn about anything you want almost any time you want, and kids at school have to do that same things together all day.
K: Look, Del Taco! Are we going to a restaurant today?
A: No, not today. So, is there anything you would like to learn more about?
K: Restaurants.
A: What would you like to learn about restaurants?
K, thoughtfully: I want to know why they are so big. And why they are bigger than people.

The liberal indoctrination is working!

October 12th, 2011

Announced over Polly Pockets about a week after we attended a birthday party at which one guest had 2 dads, prompting me to read Katya the true story of the 2 male penguins in the Central Park Zoo who fell in love and raised a chick together:

K:When 2 girls get married, that’s called summarizing, and that’s a really nice thing to do.
A: When they get married to each other like a mommy and a daddy?
K: No, like a mommy and a mommy. And then the mommy has a baby, and the other mommy has a baby, and they’re mommies together.

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