Craft Store

November 11th, 2011

Katya was THRILLED to get a haunted “Magic Tree House” foam craft kit today and decorated it with foam letters without supervision.
K: It says ‘Beware!’…It says ‘Magic Tree House!’
A, later, whispering to B: BeaMERRRRR!
K: What does it say?
B: It says ‘Beamer.” I like it that way.
K: Beamer is a scary word.

There have been an unusual amount of “If you don’t get ready, we won’t be able to make any extra fun stops in our errands” type of limits set the last few days. Leading, apparently, to this exchange in front of the craft store:
K: If you don’t go inside now, I’m going to poop in my pants.
A: Oh dear! Do you have to go potty?
K: No.

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