Four and a half years old!

November 30th, 2011

Today Katya woke up and ran into the yard to see what half birthday present Squirrel Friend might have left her. (Half birthdays are a BIG DEAL to rodents because they don’t live very long.) “No way mose!” she said when she found a foam kit for making squirrel ornaments hanging from a vine next to the fence.

Then, later in the morning, she made her first totally¬†independent representational drawings. Lately they have been quick scribbles that she then says are “wind,” “Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists” and things like that. She ran over to me with the little black slate and said “Look! It’s a Deinosuchus. They lived in the¬†Jurassic under water,” She ran over, erased it, and a moment later was back. “Look! It’s a Triceratops! There’s a horn on its head. And those lines are legs.” Then, a while later, something that looks like jellyfish. “Those are donut worms. They lay their eggs in donuts when you are not eating them. Look, they’re hatching out of the donuts!”

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