I love this kid

February 23rd, 2012

1. Inexplicable ability to get face all dirty and smudged any time she’s playing outside.
2. On a similar note, awe-inspiring ability to get food on her forehead while eating.
3. Creation of the holiday of Avalon. Avalon is celebrated only at night, between Hanuka and Christmas, or whenever Katya declares it. It is much scarier than Halloween. You celebrate by throwing flowers at the ceiling fan, and also juggling them. You are NOT to say “Happy Avalon!” while you do it. Whether or not this is a gift-giving holiday is hotly debated.
4. “Twentyteen”
5. “101 Dogmations”
6. Requested fortunes for homemade fortune cookies: Matey, Freckles on your nose, Fire booty, Fire booties Picasso

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