Outhouse Lincoln

March 16th, 2012

K: I want to listen to the Abraham Lincoln audiobook!
A: OK. I’d like to listen to just one this morning so we can talk about our project and run the sewing machine. Is that the one you want the most?
K: Abraham Lincoln! Outhouse Lincoln. I call him Outhouse Lincoln because he and a lot of other presidents had to poop in their yards.

Space Preparedness

March 15th, 2012

K: Where can we go where there’s zero gravity so I can practice floating in space?
A: Um….well, we probably can’t go for a long time, but there are places where they have a trampoline room with a giant fan in the floor that blows so hard that it makes you hover in the air.
K: standing perfectly still: Like this? Hover, hover, hover…
A: Exactly like that. With hovering.


March 11th, 2012

K: What’s the difference between turtles and runners?
A: I don’t know. What?
K, laughing: They’re both in PUDDLES!


March 9th, 2012

A: Which apple do you want?
K: The one with the really long wick! I always want the wick for apples.
A: Me too!
K: Can you take it off for me? I’m going to make a tiny Barbie fairy wand.

20 Questions

March 4th, 2012

Overhearing 20 questions in the bath:
K:Does your person do toothbrushing?
B: Yes.
K: Does your person do mathematics?
B: Yes

It just really clicked for her today while we waited for to get into the free day at the Bowers Museum. She kept asking, Does your person do laundry? as her first question.

Oh, it gets better!
B: Is your person alive?
K: Yes!
B: Is your person an adult?
K: Yes!
B: Is your person a man?
K: Yes! It’s Obama! (giggles hysterically)
B: Your person is our president?
K: Barack Obama! (laughs harder) (not a reflection of political views)
B: Honey, did you hear that?
A: Yeah, I didn’t know she knew that either.

Yay, unschooling.

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