20 Questions

March 4th, 2012

Overhearing 20 questions in the bath:
K:Does your person do toothbrushing?
B: Yes.
K: Does your person do mathematics?
B: Yes

It just really clicked for her today while we waited for to get into the free day at the Bowers Museum. She kept asking, Does your person do laundry? as her first question.

Oh, it gets better!
B: Is your person alive?
K: Yes!
B: Is your person an adult?
K: Yes!
B: Is your person a man?
K: Yes! It’s Obama! (giggles hysterically)
B: Your person is our president?
K: Barack Obama! (laughs harder) (not a reflection of political views)
B: Honey, did you hear that?
A: Yeah, I didn’t know she knew that either.

Yay, unschooling.

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