Before our second baby was born

December 29th, 2012

Dear little one,

What can I tell you about your life before birth?


Well, you mostly moved on my left side. In the third trimester
I used to rub the soles of your feet through the top sides of my belly. You didn’t move all that much. You got the hiccups.

When we went for the 20 week? ultrasound a few funny things happened. First the office asked us to come early because of machine maintainance, they said. When we got there it turned out they wanted to train everybody on a new high resolution machine with us as the guinea pigs. First the tech did a normal ultrasound alone. Your Dad and Katya were allowed to come in after for the big photo reveal. It’s a Girl! Then 7 midwives came in to train on the machine. I remember them asking if I knew what you were. I guess I might have just said yes. We saw all your fingers and toes. It was so much more detailed than when Katya was little. Your eyes were open! They marveled at it. This is pretty rare. Everyone said you seemed so healthy.

So the serious business of naming began. I really wanted to name you after your grandma Marilyn. Your dad liked a bunch of names I hated: Mirabella (though I considered it), Mordred, Mildred…I considered Mira but I didn’t like that it meant “Look!” in Spanish. We settled on Mariana Nora. I *knew* it was your name. That’s what I called you when I rubbed your little feet.

Katya meanwhile was just starting to be aware of letters & sounds and so was VERY excited to brainstorm. First, “M….M….Emma!” Marshmallow, we called you for about a week. Then she came up with Mammoth Hunter and it stuck.


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