Votes For Small Women

January 27th, 2013

Katya, you are on month 3 or so of an interest in women’s suffrage. This began as a great love for a video of a history parody cover of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

“The Barbies won’t let the Polly Pockets vote. They think they’ll make too many ballots for the same person. It’s illegal. The suffragist Pollies try to talk to the Kens about it and they say, ‘No, no, you can never vote. The suffragists are trying to get more people so they can fight.'”

Hunter 2-3 wks recital floor damage 004


We’ve been reading a ton of great books like “The Taxing Case of the Cows” and “You Forgot Your Skirt, Amelia Bloomer!” Most of them are Amelia Bloomer Award winners.

It’s now morphing into a general interest in voting. There are a lot of “ballots” lying around the house.

Hunter, 8 weeks

January 27th, 2013

Dear Hunter,

Today you are 8 weeks old and snotty, poor thing. You do NOT like the snot sucker. Also your entire top layer of  your scalp is flaking of. It’s hard being a baby.

A week or so ago you got gnarly ezcema from one end of your eyebrows to the other, with more in between. Maybe it was from not washing a hat before putting it on you. It looked like the cartoonish illustrations of Frida Kahlo as a  girl or girls dressed like Frida Kahlo we’ve seen in picture books.

Week before last your dad and I both noticed a sudden weight increase. We couldn’t weight you then. But at 5 1/2 weeks your weight was 8lbs almost 15oz for gains of 9 oz 2 weeks in a row. The middle of  this week it was 9lbs 11oz. The 6-10lb diaper covers are getting tight.

So mostly you are sleeping and growing. Usually you wake up, eat, and then start getting upset about not being able to instantly fall back and stay asleep. There’s a lot of pacifier and baby carrier involved in getting you into a solid sleep. I have been getting a lot of reading done in the bedroom with you. The last couple nights by the time you fall all the away asleep I end up rolling over fully dressed and going to sleep.

Since 3 weeks or so you have been peeing in the sink on cue sometimes at diaper change. You specialize in peeing on your own foot.

Saturday at the Mr. Twister the Balloon Man show you spent a very long time staring lovingly at your dad and gently licking his nipple through his shirt. You weren’t trying to nurse. It was strange and fascinating. I think it might have been a science experiment.

When you get upset somes you hit your 2 hands together in loose fists. Then often hit yourself in the face. In the car you’ve been clawing your face. Then when we pick you up you head butt us and then cry because you hurt your nose. Did I mention that it’s hard to be a baby?




Ho ho hospital

January 4th, 2013

 Hunter eye shade with Alex

So Mr. Baby at your 2 week (plus a few days) appointment you weighed less than you did at birth. That’s the kind of thing that makes nurses and doctors freak out and gather up a big pile of formula packages. Also, your eyes…well, they’d been pretty yellow for a while. You and I sat in an examining room for 2 hours while the lab tested the maximum amount of blood they were allowed to take out of your body in one day. Turns out your bilirubin was at 19. We were eagerly expected at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital.

It wasn’t all that bad, really. You were so sleepy from the jaundice that you were pretty chill about the whole thing. I mean, you know, people kept urging me to use formula without getting a lactation consultant for me or assessing my milk supply, but I just kept smiling real big and saying that I knew breast milk is wonderful for newborns. The NICU nurse was very apologetic when she told me I could sit by your incubator but that if I fell asleep they’d have to wake me for liability reasons so they recommended I feed you at night then go sleep in my car in the parking lot for a few hours before coming back to do it again. I just kept smiling and saying I’d do whatever I needed to and lo and behold 2 hours later the charge nurse got us switched to peds when the parents can room in. They have these chairs that fold down flat.

You looked SO HANDSOME in the little facemasks. I didn’t know you had the motor control to tear something off your face but you do!

After 2 1/2 days we were free to go home and find our own lactation consultant. Nancy was lovely. She says your palate is on the high side of normal, by the way. For a week or so I’d pump milk after you nursed and your dad would give you “finger nursies” with a syringe. You liked the fast milk supply but not being woken up so much! Finally you gained a ton both with and then without supplementing so you are back on track. At 1 month you are 8 lbs 4.9 oz.

Birth and Naming Story for Hunter

January 4th, 2013

As I entered my last month of pregnancy we had to move into a hotel to get the floors fixed. After 2 1/2 weeks, on Dec 2nd I hit 38 weeks and we checked out at noon. I could barely walk due to my pelvis spreading but I was still carrying you high so I thought I’d have time to get a little more ready. I did 3 loads of laundry, chopped some veggies, and then, barely able to walk, I went to bed. Your dad woke me up when he came to bed a few minutes after 1 am. I got up to use the bathroom and a bunch of red-tinged water came out. I called the midwife. Was I having contractions? No, just crampy, so she said this doesn’t mean anything, call her when I’m in labor. I went in the office and got on the internet to wind down a little. I got a big rush of adrenaline when I thought I was going into labor. At 1:18 I wrote down the time because ?I though maybe the soreness was getting worse periodically. And 1:22. And 1:25. I appeared to be having weak contractions every 3 minutes. I called the midwife back and she said to come in.

Oh, the scrambling! I had part of a bag packed in the trunk since a few days earlier, but no clothes for me, and no food. Food! What were we going to eat? Poor BJ called to see what was keeping us.

Around 2:30 we got there. Finding me 2-3 centimeters dilated, BJ said we could go home if we wanted or, stay. If we stayed, maybe we’d go home later, if labor wasn’t progressing. We stayed. The electric tea lights were so pretty. I listened to Lisa Ackerman’s Hypnobabies CDs, and they really helped. Dad took a few naps. After a few hours of contractions, around 6:30, I woke up BJ to tell her that I was having trouble with pain management. She gave a few suggestions and told me she’s check back at 7:30. Soon later it felt like you suddenly punched through my bag of water and it was gushing all over! I was sad that I couldn’t give birth in the tub. BJ came in and gave me an IV quick to protect you against Group B Strep.

Suddenly, I felt so much pressure bearing down. You were coming so fast! Before long we could see/feel the top of your head. Nobody could believe that you had so much dark hair. None of us were born with dark hair. “Come on baby!” I told you. Your dad saw your head come out, and the amniotic fluid gushed out your mouth and nose. One more push and you were out!

My little girl was here! They placed you on my belly while your umbilical cord kept feeding you oxygen, blood and stem cells. What did we say? “We finally get to meet her” or “Our little girl” or what? “Your little girl?” BJ asked. I said, “Yes, I’m pretty sure I saw girl parts coming out.” “Let’s double check.”

Then she held you up and I will never, ever forget that moment.

My little girl was a BOY!

My Mammoth Hunter was not, after all, a Mariana Nora!

You were so sweet and alert. Your cord went all white after it stopped pulsing and your dad cut it. We cuddled and you figured out how to nurse before long.

We kept calling you Mammoth Hunter and I think the midwife and birth assistants were a little horrified. “How about Hunter?” they asked. “Nah,” I said.

In the entire last 6 years since our first pregnancy began we had never once agreed on a boy’s name. So we asked Katya, who came up with:
Tap Dance Class, Tape Dispenser Wand, Swimming Pool, Divine Flower of Rome (from a Magic Tree House book), Cheezits, Fall of Rome (my favorite), and, after being told that all flower names are considered girl’s names in this country, Stem.

 At the 11th hour, on the way to your bris a week later, we finally decided! Allow me to formally introduce Hunter North Noyes. North in honor of my grandparents Norma and Norma Darch. Hebrew name Mordechai in honor of my mother Marilyn, and what I think is your 4th and 3rd great-grandfathers Mordechai Korn (in Austria) and Mordechai Yehuda Darch (a lawyer in Lithuania). Hunter, because after months of calling you Mammoth Hunter in utero nothing else fits quite right.


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