Hunter, 8 weeks

January 27th, 2013

Dear Hunter,

Today you are 8 weeks old and snotty, poor thing. You do NOT like the snot sucker. Also your entire top layer of  your scalp is flaking of. It’s hard being a baby.

A week or so ago you got gnarly ezcema from one end of your eyebrows to the other, with more in between. Maybe it was from not washing a hat before putting it on you. It looked like the cartoonish illustrations of Frida Kahlo as a  girl or girls dressed like Frida Kahlo we’ve seen in picture books.

Week before last your dad and I both noticed a sudden weight increase. We couldn’t weight you then. But at 5 1/2 weeks your weight was 8lbs almost 15oz for gains of 9 oz 2 weeks in a row. The middle of  this week it was 9lbs 11oz. The 6-10lb diaper covers are getting tight.

So mostly you are sleeping and growing. Usually you wake up, eat, and then start getting upset about not being able to instantly fall back and stay asleep. There’s a lot of pacifier and baby carrier involved in getting you into a solid sleep. I have been getting a lot of reading done in the bedroom with you. The last couple nights by the time you fall all the away asleep I end up rolling over fully dressed and going to sleep.

Since 3 weeks or so you have been peeing in the sink on cue sometimes at diaper change. You specialize in peeing on your own foot.

Saturday at the Mr. Twister the Balloon Man show you spent a very long time staring lovingly at your dad and gently licking his nipple through his shirt. You weren’t trying to nurse. It was strange and fascinating. I think it might have been a science experiment.

When you get upset somes you hit your 2 hands together in loose fists. Then often hit yourself in the face. In the car you’ve been clawing your face. Then when we pick you up you head butt us and then cry because you hurt your nose. Did I mention that it’s hard to be a baby?




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