Hunter 2 1/2 mos

February 23rd, 2013

Dear Hunter,

2 days ago you filled your own ear with pee. It didn’t bother you one bit.

Since you hit 2 mos you’ve been smiling and cooing more and more. You say “AhGOO.” You converse.

You’re so much more alert. Yesterday you noticed the lions on your swing for the first time. Dad held you in Chipotle and you just waved your arms and legs around the whole meal.

At your 2 mos (1-2 wks) appointment you weighed 11lbs 5oz with a giant cloth diaper on. You are in the 25th percentile for weight and 25th-50th for length. Your feet, however, must be 100% for length. They fill the feeties of your footies.

Dr. Pam says the white spots on your gums are “Epstein’s Pearls” not teeth but you are biting our fingers hard and drooling. We think front teeth are on the way.

Last week you started hanging out on your play mat. I always find the mirror backwards because you get excited looking at yourself.

Katya and I have been reading you Peek-A-Who! and you love the mirror in that too. Just like Katya did, you love the butterfly picture in the Black and White book.

 Hunter 2 mos 052

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