Katya update, 5 3/4

March 30th, 2013

Dear Katya,

I love being your mom. I love the way you still after such a long time want to keep the sashes of your dresses untied so they are like Raspunzel’s hair. I may groan but I kind of secretly love the fact that you wipe your hands in your hair instead of on a napkin when I’m not looking. I hope when it’s persimmon season you still say “percinnamon.”

Right now you are very interested in Charlie Brown and Peanuts. I believe you called your dad a “stupid beagle”last week.

Also, Bethany Hamilton. Yesterday you gave me a Bethany Hamilton play set. It had a Barbie with the arm pulled off, the arm, blue bubble wrap for ocean, and a shark with an open mouth big enough to swallow the arm. You want to learn how to surf. Last weekend your dad took you boogie boarding for the first time and you were ecstatic.


He said his first word! He said ‘ow’!

 A What kind of animal would I be?
K: (thinking)..A possum!
A: Why?
K: Because you’re possum awesome!
A:What abot Daddy?
K: A raccoon!
A: Why a raccoon?
K: Because he’s raccoon awesome!

Overheard toy phone conversation:
I don’t know if you’re a girl or a boy, but I like you Squirrel Friend. I’m all yours. I’ll do anything you want. Except I can’t drive you to the movies. Or walk on water. I can’t do that.

3 or 4yo on swings: My name is Brianna! Do you want to be friends?
K: You sound like a Furby!
3/4yo: Thanks!

A: Do you want to go to charter school tomorrow?
K: Yes!…Is it going to be Ski Week again? (when, um, we were the only family that showed up)
A: Yes, yes in fact. This time it’s spring break.



Hunter 3 months

March 4th, 2013

Dear Hunter,

Happy 1 year of existence! To think that just a year ago you were just 2 cells AND each of them was in a different person’s body. What a crazy journey it has been. I mean, you had a tail for part of it and ate through your belly button. It just sounds crazy now.

We just gave you your first real bath, after lots of very thorough spot cleaning. I think you were completely terrified.

We weighed you Saturday and you were 12 lbs 9 oz fully dressed. 12 lbs 11.1 oz before I changed your diaper. We were at Granola Babies to buy you a new carrier. You often push your legs outwhen we put you in the Ergo.

I have decided that other than the ceiling fan yor first interest is penguins. You really, really love the penguins on our flannel sheets. I have been reading you more penguin board books.

We have a new game. I lean over close to you and say enthusiastically, “HUNTER! Can you please smack me in the face?” and you get so excited that you wave your arms around and hit me in the face.

Hunter 2 mos 010 Hunter 2 mos 011

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